Allmed Medical Products Co. Ltd. of Shenzhen at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Allmed Medical Products Co. Ltd.

19F, Block A, Tianxia Taurus Plaza, No. 8 Taoyuan Rd., Nanshan District, 518055 Shenzhen
Telephone +86 755 88299300
Fax +86 755 88299325

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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 6): stand F55

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 6

Our range of products

Product categories

Our products

Product category: Bandage materials, Dressings for wounds

Woven Gauze Swabs

Allmed gauze swabs are made of 100%cotton, constructed from USP, BP, EP and JP type gauze with high absorbency and low lint. With a wide range of specifications in size, ply and thread count, they are ideal for wound dressings and general wound care.

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Product category: Bandage materials, Dressings for wounds

Fluffy Bandages / Sponges

Allmed fluffy bandages/sponges, stretch and conform to a variety of patient needs and is ideal for those wound care situations where extra cushioning, protection and absorption are needed. Superior softness and absorbency makes the fluffy bandage an excellent primary wound dressing.

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Product category: Bandage materials, Dressings for wounds

Elastic Bandage - Conforming bandage

This kind of bandage gently secures to any body contour without restricting movement while also accommodating an increase or decrease in swelling. The uniquely constructed weave and finished edges help eliminate unraveling and lint. It's a patient- safe dressing that renders a neat application each time. Ideal for secondary dressing applications.

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Product category: Bandage materials, Dressings for wounds

X-Ray Gauze Swabs

X-ray detectable gauze swabs are made of 100% cotton. The X-ray threads are zigzag or straightly heat sealed or woven into the gauze with barium sulfate content of more than 55% as required. With folded edges to prevent unraveling and eliminate loose threads, they are reliable in the applications of operating rooms.

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Product category: Bandage materials, Dressings for wounds

Adhesive Bandages

We offer a wide range of adhesive bandages providing gentle initial adhesion and long lasting holding force, ideal for daily usage in various conditions. Products are breathable, skin-friendly and latex free.
  1. different shapes and sizes
    - long strip
    - round
    - butterfly
    - knuckle
    - fingertip
  2. different backing materials
    - fine stretch fabric / heavy-duty fabric (waterproof),
    - comfort nonwoven (for sensitive skin)
    - plastic ( PE/PU, perforated)
    - cartoon pictures
  3. both hot melt and acrylic adhesive
  4. specialty products
    - antibac bandage
    - hydrogel bandage
    - metal-detectable bandage

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About us

Company details

Allmed Medical Products Co., Limited (Allmed Medical), founded in 1997, is mainly dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of medical dressings and other disposable medical supplies, with a focus on medical and health activities. Our products are exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, the Middle East, and other international markets or regions.

The company upholds the business philosophy of maintaining integrity in business, diligence and frugality in governance and a professional and devoted work ethic. Under the leadership of the founding team (and with 20 years of joint efforts and diligent work by the staff) it has become one of China’s most valuable enterprises in the medical dressing industry.

Since its foundation, Allmed Medical has targeted the international market and complied with international management standards and requirements. After 20 years of developmental practice and exploration, it has laid a good management foundation. The company is certified by ISO9001 and ISO13485 quality systems and has cultivated a large number of excellent management talent and technical backbone personnel.

With a strong sense of mission and responsibility, investors and management of Allmed Medical have formed a unique corporate culture that helps to improve corporate staff members’ sense of identity and cohesion.

Investors and management of Allmed Medical are aware that in order to maintain sustained, rapid and healthy development, Allmed must always grasp the pulse of the market changes and the laws of economical operation. It should also have the courage to explore and make reforms in order to create a business model and management system that meets development needs. In this way, the enterprise can remain healthy, efficient, reproducible and sustainable development.

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