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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Electrical and electronic components
  • 02.26  Application specific integrated circuits

Our products

Product category: Application specific integrated circuits

P-BGA Substrate

The Plastic-BGA substrates are mainly used for memory, controller, chipsets, and on-vehicles applications .They are characterized in the RIGID substrates with the base material containing glass cloth and also supplied by strip form.
To meet customer's needs of smaller and higher density as substrates for Mobile devices, SHINKO can supply a multilayer Build-up substrate by applying “Finer pattern using a Semi-additives process” and “Stacked via."

Moreover, to meet the demand of thinner, SHINKO has developed the coreless package (IVH3). with an unmatched thinner structure.
These superlative coreless substrates are achieved by removing the core layer.

Also, SHINKO will continue to focus on the development of the next generation substrates. These substrates will exhibit features that enable even higher-density, more compact and thinner package size required by future markets.

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Product category: Application specific integrated circuits

System in Package

In the semiconductor industry, the latest technology is to integrate multiple chip functions on to one chip to create a System on a Chip (SoC). While this technology has already been commercialized, the integrating of chips with different functions (e.g., silicon and GaAs) is difficult. There are also other challenges such as long lead times and rising costs of development.
One of the possible technology solutions to these problems is the System in Package (SiP) . The SiP integrates multiple chips in one package and allows the product to function as a whole system. This helps in the miniaturization and sophistication of such devices. It is also possible to integrate semiconductors with different processes in the same package. Along with the semiconductor SiPs, there are function modules such as GPS modules with soldered passive parts. SHINKO is involved with the manufacture of these GPS modules.
Aside from the usual wire-bonding connections between the chip and the interposer, we have developed and are already mass-producing Flip Chip (FC) connections. FC technology allows further miniaturization of products with higher speeds. FC technology will be used in a large number of products in the future.

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Product category: Application specific integrated circuits

Glass-to-Metal Seals

A glass-to-metal seal, is characterized by its hermeticity and superior electrical characteristics. It is used widely in areas such as laser diodes and sensors for in-car use, where reliability is an important factor.
At SHINKO, we offer not just the industry standard for laser diodes for optical pickups, the ø5.6mm-type, but also caps with stems or window-glass, depending on the needs of customers.
As we react flexibly to diversifying customer needs, we are able to carry out all the integrated production processes (from product design, mold design, stamping, to plating), based on a thorough quality management regime.

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Product category: Application specific integrated circuits

Under development - Wireless Sensor Module

The Wireless Sensor Module (WSM) has been developed to perform as a build-in small sensor module for IoT(Internet of Things) edge device. SHINKO has developed modules for medical wearable device to the IoT market. This WSM module can send vital sign which measured by on board sensor in real time to the PC and smart phone.

  • All in one module - Sensing device, CPU, RF-IC, Battery and Antenna
  • Bare die assembly technology for thin and small form factor
  • 3D fine structure by Package on Package technology (PoP type)
  • Flexible tape substrate for human body friendly medical device (Flexible type)
  • Antenna Matching Circuit Design
  • Vital signs
  • Body motion, Position (Acceleration)
  • Temperature etc.
Application area
  • Medical Care
  • Health Care, Nursing Care, Preventive Care

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Product category: Application specific integrated circuits

Build-up Substrate

Related to the recent performance improvement of electronic devices using Build-up Substrates produced by the Direct Laser & Lamination (DLL®) Process, have seen increases in demand due to achieving the dual benefits of higher-speed and higher-density. We, SHINKO, achieved these requirements by providing Build-up Substrates that have the outstanding features of fine line patterning through the use of a semi additive process, multi-layer structure, excellent electric characteristics and design flexibility through the use of stacked via structures.

Also IC design and technology has accelerated the use of high-density and high-speed packages. These packages have strong requirements for high-density, good electrical performance and a thinner structure.
Therefore, SHINKO developed the coreless package(DLL3®) which has an unmatched thinner structure coupled with good electrical performance and high design flexibility. This superlative coreless package was achieved by removing the core layer which held back electrical performance and design flexibility.

Also, SHINKO will continue to focus on the development of the next generation packages. These packages will exhibit features that enable even higher-speed, higher-density, more compact and thinner package size required by future markets.

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About us

Company details

SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. has developed a global business as a company that provides total solutions in semiconductor post-processing. According to the needs of the times, SHINKO has developed and advanced a wide range of elemental technologies for semiconductor packaging.

In support of a more convenient, reliable, and safer life for people around the world are diverse types of products that include computers, smartphones, and automotive equipment.
Moreover, the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and other technological advances have begun to change the structure of the economy and society. They have the potential to create innovation on a different order of magnitude from before.

Going forward, SHINKO will continue to contribute to our customers’ businesses through active product development and continuous efforts to innovate manufacturing. These efforts are based on our interconnection technology that connects IC chips and substrates while keeping a firm eye on the direction of our customers’ markets and technologies need for these markets.

By embracing innovative changes, through practice of the “SHINKO Way,” which sets out guidelines for action for the Shinko Group, we are committed to pursuing progress without limits. In this way, we can remain a company that is trusted by all stakeholders while continually boosting our corporate value and contributing to the sound development of society.

Moving forward, we look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Noriyuki Toyoki 
Chairman, President and Representative Director

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