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HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH

Bleicherufer 25, 19053 Schwerin
Telephone +49 385 52190300
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  • 04  Filter
  • 04.08  Filters, filtration media

Filters, filtration media

  • 04  Filter
  • 04.18  Filters, suction

Filters, suction

  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
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  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.01  Laboratory equipment
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  • 10  Equipment and technologies for laboratories and manufacturing
  • 10.02  Manufacturing equipment
  • 10.02.13  Fluid dispensers and fillers

Fluid dispensers and fillers

Our products

Product category: Pumps, metering, Pumps, micro

Micro metering pumps of the low pressure pump series

The pumps of the low pressure pump series are used in analytical instrumentation for precise dosage tasks at low pressures and for low viscosities. They are particularly suited for lowest volumes of non-lubricating liquids. Using DC mini motors, the pumps have small dimensions and low power consumption so that they can be easily integrated into OEM applications. The pumps are suitable for metering and dosing de-ionized water, watery solutions, solvents as well as low-viscosity oils and lubricants.

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Product category: Filters, filtration media, Filters, suction

Filter series of HNPM

HNP Mikrosysteme always recommends the use of a filter with a pore size or mesh width of 10 µm to protect the micro annular gear pump. Straight inline filters and inline T-filters as well as inlet filters made of various materials with different filter surfaces are offered. Our filters can be ordered separately as single product.

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Product category: Pump systems, Micro fluidics, Micro dispensing

µDispense - Compact and smart dosing system in analytical instrumentation

The Micro Dispense Module µDispense realizes the precise dosing and metering of liquids in the microliter to milliliter range. The system is characterized in a modular design with connectible fluid in- and outlet, optional actuators and sensors for measuring flow rates.

The central element is a micro annular gear pump, a robust and highly precise device with an extremely long service life and low pulsation. The pump allows dispensing the smallest liquid amounts on the one hand and rinsing with high flow rates on the other.

The ARM Cortex M3 processor provides the necessary system intelligence for integrating sensors and pump into a closed loop control, monitoring the process-accurate dispense and enabling communication and programming. It can be addressed with the same programming commands than a syringe pump.

The , whose size corresponds to the half-height syringe pumps format, guarantees process reliable liquid handling both in new analytical devices as well as when replacing syringe pumps in existing systems and reduces the maintenance and service expenditures.

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Product category: Pumps, metering, Micro fluidics, Micro dispensing

Five series of micro metering pumps

Five different series provide a wide range of applications
The micro annular gear pump product range consists of five different series of mzr®-pumps for dosing and metering small amounts of low to high viscous liquids. With different equipment, dosing volumes starting at 0.25 µl, flow rates ranging from 1 µl/h to 1.1 l/min as well as pressures from 0 to a maximum of 150 bar are possible. The range of the liquid viscosity extends from 0.3 to 1,000,000 mPas. Operation in an explosion-proof area is also possible. Special features are distinguished by low pulsation, low shear stress, low dead volume, long service life, low weight and a compact structure as well as wear and corrosion resistant materials.

A detailed overview of performance data includes the flow rate range and minimal dosage, the differential pressure as well as the viscosity range for individual pumps can be found at our website.

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Product category: Pumps, metering, Pumps, micro

Dosing pumps of the modular pump series

The modular micro annular gear pumps are suitable for use with light corrosive liquids. When equipped with oxide ceramic bearing components, the pump bodies as well as the rotors can be combined from different materials dependent on the liquid to be conveyed. The rotors are available in a zirconia based ceramic and, alternately in nickel-based tungsten carbide. Alloy C22, stainless steel 316 L, aluminium and PEEK™ form the different options for the wetted pump housing. The pump covers applications from analytical instrumentation to chemistry.

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About us

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precise pumps - smart solutions. HNP Mikrosysteme develops, manufactures and markets pumps worldwide which does small amounts of liquids fast and accurately. Beside several applications at plant engineering, chemical processing and pharmaceutical industry, mzr®-pumps are used in the field of life science and analytical instrumentation.

Furthermore, HNP Mikrosysteme offers the development of OEM pumps, comprehensive application-specific consulting and technical support. Five series guarantee a minimum dosage amount of 0.25 µl, a flow rate from 1 µl/h to 1152 ml/min and a pressure up to 150 bar.

These pumps are characterized by low pulse delivery, minimal dead volume, long service life, small dimensions, powerful materials and ease of maintenance. Due to chemical resistant materials used for mzr®-pumps, a chemical sterilisation is possible.

Every metering application brings new challenges. We are looking forward to meet you thoroughly discuss your application.

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