Swarovski Optik KG Swarotec of Absam at COMPAMED 2017 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Swarovski Optik KG Swarotec

Daniel-Swarovski-Str. 70, 6067 Absam

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ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 13  Services
  • 13.01  Design, Research and Development Services
  • 13.01.14  Optical engineering services

Our products

Product category: Optical engineering services

High-resolution Imaging Systems

Our Expertise
  • High-contrast imaging as a prerequisite for accurate detail identification, signal acquisition and image processing
  • Finely tuned, integrated illumination for well-defined process or analytical results
  • Adaptive systems for a flexible use through rapid zoom or focus adjustments

Our Methods
  • Optical design based on refractive and diffractive simulation. Stochastic analysis to safeguard error budgets.
  • Fine-tuning of optical adjustment on special jigs with integrated wave front measuring and MTF.
  • Low-noise contrast values deploying beam paths that are virtually free from interfering ghosts or spurious reflections. Simulation and design of traps for diffused light. Use of highly absorbing surfaces.
  • Optimized for specific wavelengths. Achromatic corrections for broadband applications in VIS and NIR.
Typical Applications:
  • Machine vision (i.e. telecentric lens)
  • Medical and ophthalmological devices
  • Long-range optical instruments
  • Automated production systems with optical process control

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Product category: Optical engineering services

Display projection modules

Our Expertise
  • digital information superimposed in the viewing channel
  • High visual comfort for relaxed observation, operation and monitoring
  • Efficient power management and optimum light performance for long battery life
Our Methods
  • Optical, electronical and mechanical integration of various displays (LCD, LCOS, reticles, OLED)
  • Fine-tuning of brightness, focal position, parallax and zoom of digital image channel on visual viewing channel
  • Matching the optical designs to the physiology of the eye and ergonomic requirements
  • Highly efficient mirror projection via dielectric thin films with steep filter edges
  • Electronic integration of sensor system (MEMS, GPS, etc.), wireless communications (Bluetooth LE) and power supply
Typical Applications
  • Superimposed data and status information
  • Measuring or marking of objects in the field of view
  • projection of virtual objects (near eye displays, augmented reality)

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Product category: Optical engineering services

Harsh Operating Conditions

Our Expertise
  • Reliability and stability of optical and electronic performance
  • Longevity even under extremely variable ambient conditions 
  • Constant, error free functionality, ease of use and operation
Our Methods
  • Thorough design and testing of the electronic systems for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Rigid mounting technology for durable precision of optical adjustment
  • Resistant mechanical and optical surfaces (scratch and impact resistant, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, UV resistant)
  • Protection of the optics from condensate by using non-outgassing materials and additives, as well as sealing methods with inert gas filling.
  • Comprehensive environmental testing regarding temperature, humidity, salt, dust, vibrations, and shocks
Typical Applications
  • Use at construction sites and in mining
  • Production plants with vibrations and heat sources
  • Devices for outdoor use
  • Assemblies treatable by autoclave

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Product category: Optical engineering services

Laser measuring modules

Our Expertise
  • Precise beam shaping and guidance for close-range applications (few centimeters) and for long-range applications (up to 2000 meters)
  • Laser measuring channel integrated in viewing or camera channel
  • Safe for eyes according to laser class 1
Our Methods
  • Design of emitting channel, fine-tuning of collimation to characteristics of laser diode or fiber
  • Design of receiving channel, optimized efficiency for receiving diode (APD, QPD) or camera
  • High signal-to-noise ratio by suppressing stray light or interchannel crosstalk
  • Thin film coatings with defined polarization for specific wavelengths (e.g. 532, 1064 or 1550 nm)
Typical Applications
  • LiDAR and 3D laser scanning
  • Range finding and speed-meters
  • Laser optical machine alignment
  • Laser based process control

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Product category: Optical engineering services

Lightweight and Compact Design

Our Expertise
Units optimized for weight by seamless integration of high-precision optics, lightweight mechanics and high frequency electronics
High functionality available in a very confined space
Highest precision by purposefully exploiting existing limits

Our Methods
  • Individual optomechanical layout – reduced to the specific challenges
  • Compact, optical design with aspheric lenses, high-index glasses and plastics, intelligent folding and combination of beam paths
  • Safe going to the limits based on experience and testing: Optimized shape of all components, high-strength light metal alloys (Mg, Al), innovative joining technology
  • Intelligent power management with algorithms and sensor systems for minimized battery size (e.g. automatic shutdown)
Typical Applications
  • Portable, easy to carry devices
  • Measuring devices on UAV* and other flying objects
  • Dynamically moved, optical installations in production plants
  • Highly integrated measuring systems for in-line process control and quality assurance
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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About us

Company details

SWAROTEC, a division of SWAROVSKI OPTIK, produces customer specific industrial applications in the field of optics.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK is a global leader of renowned heritage based in Austria. Since 1949 long-range optic devices of highest quality are produced in Absam, Tyrol, setting new standards for nature observation and hunting. 

Our Technologies:
  • High-resolution Imaging Systems
  • Display projection modules
  • Harsh Operating Conditions
Your Advantages with SWAROTEC:
  • Responsive and personal support
  • Comprehensive problem solving
  • Demanding quality

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