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Tomocube, Inc.

2F, KHE Bdg, 48, Yuseong-daero, 1184beon-gil, Yuseong-gu, 34109 Daejeon
Korea, Republic
Telephone +82 42 8621100
Fax +82 42 8630108

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MEDICA Start-up Park - Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

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  • 06  Information and communication technology
  • 06.05  Medical information systems / software

Medical information systems / software

Our products

Product category: Medical information systems / software


Revolutionary holotomographic (3D holographic) microscopy opens new era for label-free live cell imaging
Cellular analysis plays a crucial role in a wide variety of research and diagnostic activities in the life science. However, the information available to researchers and clinicians is limited by current microscopy techniques. An innovative new tool – Holotomographic microscopy – can overcome many of these limitations and open new vistas for researchers and clinicians to understand, diagnose and treat human diseases.

Holotomographic Microscopy – New era of microscopy Tomocube’s holotomography series utilize optical diffraction tomography (ODT), which enables users to quantitatively and noninvasively investigate biological cells and thin tissues. ODT reconstructs the 3D refractive index (RI) distributions of live cells and by doing so, provides structural and chemical information about the cell including dry mass, morphology, and dynamics of the cellular membrane.

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Product category: Medical information systems / software


HT-2 : Holotomographic microscopy with 3D fluorescence imaging capability
Research and diagnosis in the life sciences depends on the information that can be found using cellular analysis. However, current microscopy techniques limit the quantity and quality of information available to researchers and clinicians

The HT-2, a microscope that displays both 3D holograms and 3D fluorescence imaging, is able to overcome these limitations through use of new and existing technology. Its abilities can enable researchers and clinicians to break into new frontiers of understanding, diagnosing, and treating disease.
HT-2 is the world’s first microscopy combining both holotomography and 3D fluorescence imaging in one unit.

The HT-2 is an update to our HT-1 microscope. The HT-1 microscope uses holotomographic technology to measure the 3D and 4D refractive indexes using a dynamic micromirror device (DMD) to add unprecedented stability and precision to the performance of the microscope. These innovations allow for quantitative, label free imaging of cells. The HT-2 has all the capabilities of the HT-1, but combines the holotomographic imaging capabilities of the original version with the added ability to perform fluorescence microscopy.

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Product category: Medical information systems / software


TomoStudio™, easy to use interface of HT series.
TomoStudio™ works conjunctively with our HT models, to visualized and analyze RI tomograms.
With TomoStudio™, an user can color code the image according to refractive index and identify various types of quantitative data.

TomoStudio™ provides
  • Work flow interface
    User interface allows uninterrupted workflow from using the microscope to analyzing the data.
  • Data backup
    Raw data can be stored in the computer for further analysis.
  • Fast image acquisition
    HT-1 captures Holotomographic images every 0.4second (2.5 f/s) and 2D holographic images every 0.007second (150 f/s).
  • Data analysis
    Data can be processed quantitatively and real-time. User can also perform various quantitative imaging analysis.
  • Holographic staining
    Digital color coding controller
    (Transfer function) is a graphical user interface to stain the sample digitally based on refractive index information.
  • Dynamic image processing
    Data processing does not interfere with the image acquisition process. Selective data processing is possible any time.
  • Motorized Stage function
    Mark and find : It enables to locate mutiple cells through the navigator. Rapid finding specific cells of interest is crucial experiments.

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About us

Company details

Tomocube’s is dedicated to delivering products that can enhance biological and medical research via novel optical solutions that can assist Tomocube in understanding, diagnosing, and treating human diseases.
Current optical microscopes only provide users with a 2D view of their sample. To get a 3D view, users must use expensive and invasive electron or confocal microscopes, which require extensive pre-preparation of samples and are not amenable to dynamic samples such as live cells. Our platform enables researchers to measure nanoscale, real-time, dynamic images of individual living cells without the need for sample preparation.

Our product, the HT-1, measures 3D refractive index tomograms of live cells and tissues, which will enable researchers and clinicians to:
(1) non-invasively observe label-free 3D dynamics of live cells and tissues (2) retrieve unique cell properties including cell volume, shapes of sub-cellular organelles, cytoplasmic density, surface area, and deformability and (3) quantitatively study cell pathophysiology and efficacy of drugs.

HT-1 uses states-of-the-art digital holographic techniques, quantitative phase imaging techniques and 3D reconstruction & cell analysis algorithms in order to display high-resolution 3D refractive index tomograms of cells.

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