Medibrane Ltd of Rosh Haayin at COMPAMED 2017 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Medibrane Ltd

Hamelacha 23, 4809173 Rosh Haayin

This company is co-exhibitor of
Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute

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COMPAMED 2017 hall map (Hall 8b): stand L33

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COMPAMED 2017 fairground map: Hall 8b

Our products

Product category: Coating

Covers for Self expandable stents

The spray coating technique utilizes ultrasonic nozzles, providing the ability to control the properties of the coating, which makes it easy to adapt it to applications that require thin uniform coating.

Advantages over other techniques:

  • Easy shaping of sprayed patterns, resulting in precise coating applications
  • Highly uniform surfaces are required particularly for cardiovascular devices, whereas rough, uneven surfaces can cause turbulation and thrombosis
  • Solvents are highly sensitive to dipping, and spray coating used instead
  • Highly controllable spray produces reliable, consistent results
  • Coating wall thickness: 10-100 microns
  • Coating Tolerance: ± 3 microns

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Product category: Coating

Covers for Embolic protection devices

Medibrane manufactures customized embolic protection devices (EPDs), including distal occlusion devices and filters, utilizing innovative materials with shape-memory properties, and baring an umbrella-like design.

These devices are intended for use in carotid stenting procedures, in order to capture and remove debris consisting of tissue or foreign material dislodged in blood vessels during interventional procedures, which can causes blockages of blood flow, resulting in severe complications.

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Product category: Coating

Covers for Vascular occlusion devices

Medibrane manufactures customized vascular occlusion devices and plugs which are used for blocking blood vessels, for example, for treating aneurysms and hemorrhage, reducing blood flow to tumors, and other conditions.

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Product category: Coating

Bio-absorbable implants, stents and covers

Medibrane has invested heavily in cutting-edge equipment and an advanced lab facility which specializes in the manufacture of bio-absorbable polymeric implants.

Medibrane manufactures customized bio-absorbable stents and stent covers, including both the base structure designed in a geometry according to the functionality it fills, as well as the covers which prevent tissue growth in the stent or blocks the blood flow. The base structure and the cover each comprise different polymeric materials with mechanical properties.

The advantage of using bio-absorbable polymers is that patients are spared the unnecessary discomfort and expense involved in invasive follow-up procedures for removing the stent.

After the stent has been implanted in the body, the polymer degradation process of these bio-absorbable stents can monitored by utilizing various technologies to assessing the absorption rate. This is done by comparing tissue to pre-implantation values, measuring dimensional changes, and quantifying compositional changes over time.

The customer provides us with the required geometry of the stent’s shape, and we produce the stent and coating accordingly. We have the capability to produce long shapes suitable for peripheral applications and tortuous anatomy, such as intertwined veins, which require highly-flexible structures with high radial strength.

We offer a variety of both braided stents and laser-cut stents, applied for non-vascular applications, and tailored to each specific indication, accommodating such criteria as degradation time, radial strength and wall thickness.

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About us

Company details

Medibrane Ltd. is a designer, developer and manufacturer of customized polymeric surgical implants, implantable device coatings, encapsulation coatings, and bio-absorbable implants – intended for a diverse range of MIS in such fields as neurology, cardiovascular, cardiology, and urology, as well as for gastroenterology, biliary and respiratory devices.

Medibrane has invested considerable resources in establishing an extensive biomaterial knowledge center, where we learn about new available materials and manufacturing techniques, and keep up to date with advancements in biomaterial science. Leveraging this vast, accrued knowhow of biomaterials, we have compiled a portfolio of biomaterial SOPs for various device geometries, which we utilize for enhancing device manufacturing procedures. Our knowledge center has enabled us to reduce the amount of time required for development, converting design concepts into qualitative, cutting-edge implantable devices, delivering them to market either as finished products, or as integrated components in other implantable structures.

Medibrane has established a proven track record of quality-assured, FDA-compliant manufacturing procedures, while partnering with leading material manufacturers for the customization of materials for each specific application.

Medibrane’s customers range from world leading medical device companies, to early-stage start-ups, offering end-to-end solutions, from concept design to development and volume manufacturing through finished packaged devices, enabling the supply of next generation products to hospitals, clinicians and their patients.

Medibrane, having invested in an ISO 13485-certified lab facility with cutting-edge equipment, continues to invest heavily in R&D, to ensure the development of the most advanced technologies for surgical applications.

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