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  • 05.11  Incontinence and stoma aids

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Product category: Incontinence and stoma aids


Med-Cover Barrier Cream used to protect against irritations and redness that may occur at the pressure points on the hospitalized patients and patients using adult diaper.
Med-Cover Barrier Cream prevents the formation of dermatitis which can be caused by incontinence on the skin.
Med-Cover Barrier Cream helps prevent irritations that can occur when positioning in hospitalized patients.
Med-Cover Barrier Cream prevents maceration which may occur at the edge of the wound, which prevents growth of the wound and contributes to wound healing.
Moisturizes the skin.
Med-Cover Barrier Cream does not prevent adhesion of the patch and the wound cover.
Allows to easily leave flaster from skin.
Med-Cover Barrier Cream is resistant to body fluids.
Med-Cover Barrier Cream is in concentrated cream form.

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Product category: Incontinence and stoma aids

MED-COVER Barrier Cream Cloth

One of the biggest risks in the inpatient cleaning is contamination. Patients with traditional cleaning methods, the environment is extremely high risk of infection. In addition to the risk of infection, the materials used, damage to the natural skin barrier layer, drying the skin over time.

MED-COVER Barrier Cream Cloths creating the barrier layer of the skin with a special formulation also allows the daily cleaning needs. The clinical trials prove that the skin in moist conditions can better protects the integrity. Because there is elasticity capability. Regular products eliminates elasticity capabilities make drying the skin, creating cracks in the skin then leads to disintegration.

MED-COVER Barrier Cream Cloths with 3% Dimethicone in product content helps to protect the skin from external factors by creating a barrier layer, aloe vera , Vitamins E, chamomile extract and pro vitamin b5 allows the skin to be more healthy. It also helps to recover the water lost from the skin with Phospholipid the content.

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Product category: Incontinence and stoma aids

MED-COVER Barrier Cream Perineal Wipe

Especially in patients using patients diaper after a diaper change,
as a result of cleansing of highly basic products such as soap and water of the perineal area, acid layer in the region (protective barrier layer) can be deformed.
Deforming the acid layer to form a dry skin with it.
Dry skin, creates cracks and fissures with an extremely favorable environment for the creation of urinary infection ruins in the area.

MED-COVER PerinealWipe takes up the role of degraded natural barrier layer with 3% Dimethicone in the content.This layer provides the breathability and block transmission of liquid.

Specially prepared for perineal region, the product will not damage the area with a soft tissue.The clearance in the region of urine and stool, as well as skin damage is seen to return to the natural structure with supporting components.

Phospholipid to moisturize dry skin, offers a comfortable cleaning and maintenance facilities with special ingredients such as chamomillia extract and Vitamin E for the skin has lost its elasticity.

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Product category: Incontinence and stoma aids

MED-COVER Wash Gloves- Wash Mitt

Med-Cover Wash Gloves provides comfortable and safely care opportunities for bedridden and intensive care patients.
Thanks to the special formulation containing 3% Dimethicone cleans the skin, softens and create a barrier layer.
The content of vitamin E and provitamin B5 nourishes the skin.
Phospholipid with the special formulation helps to recover the damaged cells, which lose water.
Easy to use with the structure of the Washgloves form.

Products made from soft tissue with three-dimensional special fabric applied without irritating the skin.
The product helps the patient feel better after cleaning with a pleasant smell.

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About us

Company details

Medoffice Health Industry Inc continuing to work for more quality products with automatic machine trails, fully equipped microbiology laboratory in modern production facility.
We have more than sixty dealers in Turkey,we also export to more than ten countries abroad.
Our purpose is produce to preventive patient care products since our establishment
We are search to new ways for prevent the infection,develop to patient care and decrease to damage on body.Cause of this,our R&D department is constantly on the move in order to help develop health services and to offer new solutions.
Medoffice's slogan is to increase the protection power through innovation and benefit the thousands of people we touch day to day.
We are working to improve the healthcare industry and we strive to improve ourselves so we are positively effecting quality care for individuals and communities around the world.
We never forget that our efforts directly affected the lives of others.We are investing in patient care today and this will result in a healthier tomorrow. We can create a together healthier future.
MedOffice working based all scientific developments for provide more comfortable, convenient and safe times to patients.

Aware of the sensitivity of the sectors in a transparent understanding of business principles and with zero defects are moving our way.

Our products are in line with global quality standards of the medical equipment industry are manufactured according to ISO 13485 procedures.

With the guidance of our experience in the industry and operating personnel are used both in an effort to produce the best product for people who are glad.

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