SUZHOU ANTAI AIR TECH CO., LTD of Suzhou at MEDICA 2017 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


No.2 Weixin Road SIP Suzhou Jiangsu, 215122 Suzhou
China, People’s Republic
Telephone +86 512 65319409

This company is co-exhibitor of
US & Canadian Hospitality Group Inc.

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MEDICA 2017 hall map (Hall 16): stand C30

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MEDICA 2017 fairground map: Hall 16

Our products

Product category: Laboratory equipment

Series VS Neoteric Clean Bench

1. Compact air supply in the front and open uniform air exhaust with large area.

2. Integrative stainless steel worktable with curving side in the front.

3. One touch velocity control device&digital display.

4. Mutual exclusive light and sterilizing system.

5. Digital display, human touch.

6. Satisfy the safety requirement of medical device.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

Series BSC-IIA2 Bio. Safety Cabinet

1. Accord with the regulation of Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet in YY0569 in Chinese SFDA or in American NSF/ANSI49.

2. HEPA and ULPA with NO LEAKING(Patent Number: ZL200820109130.9)in air supply and exhaust system, ensure the cleanliness of ISO Class 5(Class 100) or ISO Class 4(Class 10).

3. Negative pressure and double layers chamber with SUS work area.

4. The view screen of gradient of 10 make it comfortable to operate.

5. Demountable circular-arc shelf can alleviate working tiredness and make it easy to transport.

6. Non-obstructive air return mode in the front suction channel(Patent No. ZL200520140353.8).

7. Touchable control panel and LCD, flow indicator and warning.

8. Photo electric alarm for sliding door and light.

9. Interlocked light and sterilizing.

10. Anti-splash safety spare socket and junction valve.

11. Intelligent auto-supply system ensures the change of air volume less than 10% when the resistance of filter in creases 50% and enhance safety.

12. Leak detection in cabinet, no leakage at 500Pa.

13. Leak detection in HEPA/ULPA, leaking ratio is <=0.01%(scanned),<=0.005%(not scanned).

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Product category: Laboratory equipment


Air  Shower is supporting equipment for clean room and workshop. It can remove the dust adhering of the operator/gIntelligent man-machine dialogue interface makes operation chain, such as real-time monitoring state oods and block the unclean air into the working area as an air lock.

Air Shower can be divided into two kinds for different purpose,AS for operator and AS for goods. It has various modes of showering from single-side,double-side or top. It is also equipped with various kinds of doors in manual,in auto or shutter etc.

There are five patents and Know-How in our products,such as PULSE JET SHOWERING.AIR REVOLVING SHOWERING and VERY THIN HIGH-SPEED FAN etc.They have brought a revolution to Air Shower. It can be widely used in electronics,precision instrument,food,pharmacy and scientific research fields.

1. Special ultrathin blowing tube housing and fan, match with rotatable embedded stainless steel nozzle, greatly increased the space utilization and blowing tube effect. 

2. Built-in many sets of operating procedures, can be convenient and flexible call. Intelligent man-machine dialogue interface makes operation chain, such as real-time monitoring state.

3. Standard of the modular design, make field assembly faster and more convenient maintenance.

4. But according to user needs and site condition transformation function and form.  

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

Fan Filter Unit(hereafter called FFU)is air clean equipment with fan built-in

Fan Filter Unit(hereafter called FFU)is air clean equipment with fan built-in,which is usually put on the modular T-Grid.It has extensive application in electronics and biological industries that require air clean environment.

1. It adopts AT fan with low noise and high efficiency which AIRTECH JAPAN especially designed for FFU.It has the feature of energy-saving with low carbon,no mintenance, high reliability and long life.

2. Optimized capacity and distributaries guided whirl tube reduce the overall height and enhance the uniformity of air blow-out.

3. Large suitable interval of air velocity and volume(see the specification graph)can satisfy the requirements of different types of clean environment.It is also suitable for use where high air velocity is required for Class A Area of biology and pharmacy.

4. It adopts low resistivity filter that can provide 75-120Pa excess pressure outside the product under rated airflow,which meets the need of high resistivity of return air in the clean room.

5. Multi-optional and flexible layout

* Filter:

Standard configuration:HEPA (filter efficiency>=99.995%@0.3 μm )

Optional:ULPA ( filter efficiency>=99.995%@0.1-0.2 μm )


Standard configuration:AC Fan

Optional: EC/DCBL Fan

*Material of case:

Standard configuration: AI-Zn coated steel sheet

Optional: SUS304 or SUS430

*Optional configuration: pre-filter,fault alarm,single stand outlet(with plug)

*Control mode of FFU is optional:

Single control:Standard configuration:terminal block or two speed controller

Optional: three/five speed controller or variable speed controller

Group control monitor: optional:master-slave control system(128 sets of FFU are under control)

Optional: computer monitoring system(7905 sets of FFU are under control at most)

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

ACP-894A Air Partition Booth

It is also called clean bed with horizontal laminar flow.It can realize physical isolation,which is especially used for low immunity patients with blood diseases, burning, respiratory disease and radiation and chemo-therapy.The clean bed assembled by ACP is used as germfree equipment in hospital,which can decrease the incidence rate of petients infection.

Germfree and Partition Space

1. It adopts ultra-thin air partition with ATJ's technology as variable volume air supply system(Patent No. 200530171807.3).

2. It adopts HEPA filter with large size and high performance.

3. Filter efficiency ≥99.99% @≥0.3μm.

4. Germfree and partition space is ensured.

Safe and Reliable Support Facilitiles

1. Strictly designed according with international advanced safety standard for electric equipment.

2. Multiple safety precautions

Ultra-quiet Design and Humanizing Combination

1. Flexible vertical air supply ensures comfort.

2. Low noise with not higher than 38dB while running.

3. Affilizted support and transparent and healthy curtain make it easy to use and change.

Multiple Usages

1. Slight positive or negative pressure clean type in the isolated area is optional to satisfy special requirements to isolation of different disease treatments (explain on ordering).

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About us

Company details

SUZHOU ANTAI AIRTECH CO.,LTD(SAT) is a joint venture organized by JIANGSU SUZHOU PURIFICATION EQUIPMENT(GROUP) INCORPORATION(SPEG) and AIRTECH JAPAN,LTD(ATJ).Continuing as the leader in product technology,it's the combination of scientific research,development,production and sales with independent research institute and laborites, which makes SAT the best clean air solution.

SAT, backed by well-trained and experienced employees,continuously introduces the latest technology from Japan as well as the whole world.Its products as Clean Bench,Biological Safety Cabinet,Air Shwoer,Clean Booth,Clean Air-supply Ceiling and Air Filter Units are widely usedin semiconductor, LCD, medical, pharmacy, food, agriculture, aerospace, auto manufacturing, precision instrument and scientific researchfields and enjoy high reputation at home and abroad. SAT also participated in the working out of national and industrial standard of Clean Bench, Bio. Safety Cabinet,Air Shower and FFU.

SAT has imported from America and Japan etc.,the CNC sheet metal machine,the system of testing for large flow cleanliness,the national unique lab of germ and microorganism and test technology validated by foreign specialists.Its high precise equipment and rigorous quality guarantee ensure the quality of the products confrim with international brand.

As the unique provincial NEW and HIGH TECH enterprise in the industry, SAT has won ISO9001-2008 Certificate, Class III Production Enterprise License of Medical Instrument,Class II&III Registration Certification for Medical Device,TÜV CE, NSF/ANSI49 Certificate Financial Credit Title of "AAA Enterprise" as well as more than 20 national patents. The products have won the National Silver Medal Prize, Ministerial Prize of Science and Technology Progress, National Prize of Excellent New Product and Provincial Prize of Prestigious Product,which is the highest in selas and market share in China.

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