EMTEL Sliwa sp.k. of Zabrze at MEDICA 2018 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

EMTEL Sliwa sp.k.

Mickiewicza 66, 41-807 Zabrze
Telephone +48 32 2719013
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.04  Therapy and physical medicine
  • 01.04.03  Emergency cardiac therapy equipment
  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.06  Intense medicine / anesthesiology / respiration
  • 01.06.03  Patient monitoring systems

Our products

Product category: Patient monitoring systems

FX 3000MD - Modular patient monitor

High quality modular patient monitor designed to be used in all hospital wards.

FX 3000MD is mainly intended for intensive care units, cardiology, as well as for operating rooms, where the highest accuracy and reliability of measurements are required. Its modular design enables the flexible configuration of monitored parameters, due to the use of easily transferable modules. The monitor display can be selected depending on the size of the room in which it will be installed and user requirements. There are three options available: 15", 17" or 19".  Due to the high quality touch screen and advanced software with an intuitive interface, a user is able to gain confidence in operating patient monitors in a very short time.

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Product category: Patient monitoring systems

FX 3000P - Portable patient monitor

Multi-functional portable patient monitor with a 12.1” diagonal display.

The possibility of fixing the device on a wall mount, a technical rail or a mobile trolley makes it easier to place the patient monitor in the location selected by the user in the hospital department. Due to its small size, weight and durable internal batteries, the monitor is perfect to work as a portable device inside a hospital building. The monitor can be operated by an intuitive touch screen. The number and type of measurement modules are adapted to the needs of the end user. The FX 3000P portable patient monitor is used in hospital emergency wards, internal and neonatal units.

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Product category: Patient monitoring systems

FX 3000 - Compact patient monitor

Compact patient monitor which enables monitoring and supervision of patient’s vital signs.

The measurement modules of the FX 3000 patient monitor can be configured according to the requirements of the end user. Due to wide range of parameters, the device can supervise adults, children and neonates. Large and intuitive touch screen, which comes in three variations: diagonal 15”, 17” or 19”, makes the use of the monitor simple and comfortable. It can be also operated by a rotary knob. The FX 3000 compact patient monitor is mainly used in internal and neurology departments, as well as pediatric and neonatal units or in private clinics.

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Product category: Patient monitoring systems

EM-01 Telemetry module

Portable device for patient ECG monitoring.

EM-01 ECG telemetry module, which analyzes and transmits the ECG signal in the real time. It was designed as a part of the FX 3000 patient monitors system. It is intended for patients who do not have to be constantly present at the patient’s bed but require the supervision of the medical staff. EM-01 module can be used for monitoring of adults and children mainly in cardiology units, but also in other hospital departments.

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Product category: Patient monitoring systems

FX 3000C - Central monitoring station

Central monitoring system allows collecting information from all patient monitors connected to the network together with FX 3000C.

Quick access to each patient monitor from a central station makes the work of the medical staff easier and more effective. The system facilitates the communication between patient monitors and central station, remote changing of patient monitors’ settings. An intuitive software, operation via keyboard and mouse or touch screen make the use of the central station extremely simple. The central station enables print-outs from each patient monitor and reviewing large, full disclosure archives.

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Product category: Emergency cardiac therapy equipment

DefiMax Plus - Advanced clinical defibrillator

Multifunctional and advanced biphasic defibrillator.

DefiMax Plus enables monitoring of patient’s vital signs, such as: ECG, pulse oximetry (SpO2), arterial pressure measured by non-invasive (NIBP) and invasive (IBP) methods, temperature, respiration and end tidal carbon dioxide (etCO2). The energy impulse is precisely adjusted to patient’s physical parameters, thanks to the analysis of the impedance during the impulse delivery. The use of this technology allows to minimize an injury of the heart muscle, relating to the delivery of too high defibrillation energy comparing to the energy chosen by a user. The device can perform defibrillation in a manual, synchronous (cardioversion) or automatic (AED) modes. A transcutaneous pacemaker allows work in asynchronous or synchronous modes.

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Product category: Emergency cardiac therapy equipment

DefiMax biphasic - Clinical biphasic defibrillator

Clinical defibrillator designed for a professional use.

The basic configuration of the device allows a manual defibrillation, cardioversion and ECG measurement. It can be also equipped with additional modules: pulse oximetry (SpO2), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) and with an option of transcutaneous pacemaker and AED mode. The large, 6.5-inch high-brightness colour screen provides legible information about defibrillation and stimulation, as well as about measured patient’s parameters. Due to a wide range of available defibrillation energies (from 1 to 300 J) and integrated accessories, the defibrillator can be used for pediatric and adult patients.

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Product category: Emergency cardiac therapy equipment

DefiMax Mobile - Portable defibrillator

High quality portable defibrillator intended to use in hospitals and in a medical transportation.

Manual defibrillation, a cardioversion mode and an ECG module are available in every defibrillator. AED mode is an optional feature. Biphasic defibrillation impulse and a wide range of available energies ensure safety and efficiency for adult and pediatric patients. The defibrillator is equipped with a 5.7” colour display for presenting vital signs of a patient like ECG, pulse oximetry SpO2 (option), non-invasive blood pressure NIBP (option). DefiMax mobile stores information about the defibrillations and monitoring in a form of events, waveforms and trends.

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Product category: Emergency cardiac therapy equipment

DefiMax AED - Automatic External Defibrillator

Intuitive and easy to use semi-automatic defibrillator.

Defibrillator AED dedicated to be used in public access areas, such as shopping malls, sports facilities, workplaces, airports, railways stations, etc., fully compliant with directions of the European Resuscitation Council regarding the use of automated defibrillators. Thanks to the clear voice messages and graphic instructions, as well as built-in metronome, even a person without a medical training is able to resuscitate a victim with a sudden cardiac arrest until an arrival of paramedics. Easiness of use, intuitive interface and biphasic, advanced technology ensure the highest reliability of the device.

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About us

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Company Profile
EMTEL, established in 1992, is a leading manufacturer of patient monitors and resuscitation devices in Poland and Europe.

With over 25-year experience in the medical market, our company has won the trust of clinics, district's, city's hospitals and Ambulance Service Stations. Our medical devices (4th generation of patient monitors and 3rd generation of defibrillators) are successfully used in Poland and other countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

EMTEL products have gained recognition at the largest medical fair trades, such as Arab Health in Dubai and Medica in Dusseldorf.

Modular, compact, portable patient monitors and intensive care systems are able to communicate in an interactive network with a Central station.

The features which distinguish our products are their large, LCD touch screens (19") and legible, user-friendly interfaces, developed on the basis of long-term co-operation with hospital staff.

Clinical defibrillators with cardioversion allow for monitoring ECG, arrhythmia, arterial pressure and SpO2. The defibrillators fulfill requirements of the European Resuscitation Council.

The patient monitors and defibrillators are designed to work with adults, children and newborns. The world-class quality of our products is guaranteed by our subcontractors such as: Suntech Medical, Nellcor/Medtronic, Respironics and PhaseIn.

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Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology