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X-ray devices and accessories

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories


The bone densitometer Density is a planar scanner, consisting of a fixed table and a "U" arm, which moves along the longitudinal direction, from the foot to the patient's head (X axis).
On the arm is mounted an assembly generator - RX detector, mechanically aligned so that the collimated beam of x-ray centers perfectly the detector.
Generator and detector shift simultaneously along the transverse direction (Y-axis), by means of a transmission belt and gears.
In this way an X-Y scanning in a specific region of interest of the patient is realized.
During the movement along the Y axis, one or more lines of an X-ray attenuated image are acquired, while the translation along the X axis only serves the purpose of positioning to the next line.
The electronics consists of three subsystems: an X-ray generator, a detector and a control unit. The latter implements the acquisition of the signals coming from the detector, the control of movement (engines, keyboard, limit switch), the emission control rays, the emergency stop and the communication with the workstation.

Thank to its new layout, to the new x-ray source and to the advanced processor used, the scan speed is reduced down to 80s for fast exam and 120s for standard setup (AP spine). A whole body scan may take down to about 6 minutes.

On the workstation, typically a commercial Windows PC, is installed the software, which is the only interface between operator and machine excluding a keyboard for the movement of the arm (mounted on the machine), the button for the 'emergency stop and the power switch.

The software has been specifically designed to be easy to use, developed from the operator's point of view, which are provided a set of automated tools that make it simple and quick operations.
Special attention was paid to the design of the machine, which presents innovative features such as the one-piece solid aluminum frame and the suspended arm to the table. The mechanical design has considered not only the aesthetic appearance, being absolutely original, but also the optimization of a series of constructive aspects of the machine, such as ease of installation and maintenance (cost reduction), essentiality, noise and vibration, weight and stability, etc. The open space underneath the table permits to easily access any part of the machine for maintenance and for cleanings, improving the sanitation of the room where the unit is installed.

The design of the densitometer Density model taking into account all these aspects is in the process of 3 international patents.

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About us

Company details

Eurotec srl is an Italian company specialized in designing and manufacturing devices and electro-medical radiological equipment. Pyramid, since ancient times, is a means for the climb to the sky. The three pyramids are therefore the perfect symbol of a society inspired by a burning desire to always aim for high, in search of perfection, without losing its stability and effectiveness.

Established in 1988 was immediately dealt successfully with the design and production of x-ray generators (monoblocks) for “C-arms” extending then in 1990 the production of monoblocks also for mobiles.

The decades of experience in radiology previously acquired by the founding partners has allowed the company to grow rapidly and reach in a few years to design and manufacture not only x-ray generators but also complete electrical equipment.

In 1992/93 Eurotec realizes mobiles model Basic and Compact. The latter, following a specific request from PHILIPS, was designed with the arm carrying the monoblock that was able to be rotated sideways by 90 ° + 90 °.

In 1998 is developed the mobile for operating room with “C-arm” model RADIUS and in the same year Eurotec srl sells its activities in the emerging holding I.M.D. spa by purchasing 50% of the shares.

All these equipment, produced in thousands of pieces first by Eurotec srl and then by I.M.D. spa, are still produced according to the original design in I.M.D. CHINA factories after the successful sale by I.M.D. spa to G.M.M. spa in 2008.

In 2014 Eurotec srl decided to sell all I.M.D. spa shares in its control in order to start independently the design and production activities, as a result also of many proposals for collaboration that came from different companies. Eurotec srl starts therefore the development of two new models for mobiles, a new “C-arm” and a new device for bone densitometer with DEXA technique.

After a careful analysis of the prospects and future demands of the market and considering the low competition for these devices, in 2016 Eurotec srl realizes the bone densitometer low-cost model Density with DEXA technique.

Simultaneously to the production of the bone densitometer model Density in 2017 Eurotec srl will continue to work to the development and evolution of this model and, if the market will require it, Eurotec srl will finalize the designs for new models of mobiles and “C-arm” to start the production of these devices too.

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