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Pharma Express SARL

50 Avenue Victor Hugo, 93300 Aubervilliers
Telephone +33 622 644927

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Product category: Medical Apps and App Stores

Pharma Express

The promise of efficiency and rapidity when it comes to delivering a patient (in less than 60 minutes and 24/7) makes us the drug delivery leader in France. We are able to deliver prescription drugs thanks to a secured process (via the app Ordo Express) through which the doctor can directly send the prescription to the pharmacy. Pharma Express' aim really is to facilitate the access to health, preserving the role of counsellor of the pharmacist.

As Pharma Express is a source of revenue growth for pharmacies, allowing them to increase their sales volume, their are our principal client. In exchange of the set up of their website, of the application and the delivery logistic, pharmacies are charged a monthly fee. They have the option to choose between three different plans. Either Click & Collect for €49/month, Ordo Express for €99/month (which includes only the prescription drug deliveries) or Pharma Express for €149/month (which gathers all the services from click&collect to express deliveries).
Pharmacies are also charged a fixed fee after a certain volume of sales (calculated in number of orders not sales value). Once a pharmacy reaches €1000 of sales monthly, it is charged an additional €150 per month.
Moreover Pharma Express has a margin on delivery fees. This margin ranges from €0.5 to €1 depending on the type of delivery. 

Since we have been working with pharmacists, we realised that more than 5 million French are victims of medical desert. Consequently, we are working on a new product called OctoPharm, it is a medical device combining professional measurement instruments, screens and communications system. It allows the physician to conduct general or specialist medical consultations remotely. We are going to install these medical devices in pharmacies located in areas of medical desert. 

The business plan shows profitability within the next two years. Coming from a net income in 2018 of -1 028 331 to - 683 358 in 2019, Pharma Express would finally reach a positive net income in 2020 of 798 024. 

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About us

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Founded in 2016, Pharma Express is a mobile application that provides a 24/7 delivery service of parapharmacy, prescription and OtC drugs in less than an hour. The application provides an easy access to drugs for patients unable to get to a pharmacy (pregnant women, elder, ill or isolated persons for exemple). Available in the biggest French cities, Pharma Express plays the role of an intermediary between patients and pharmacies, therefore tightening their link. Regarding the pharmacy, Pharma Express offers a digital tool tailored to its need and a new source of revenue growth.

For two years now the application has been live and patients are since then able to be delivered all over France thanks to Pharma Express. We are already working with 500 pharmacies and medical professionals notably thanks to our partnership with SOS Médecins and Qare.

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