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14/5, Mathura Road, Near Mewla Maharajpur Metro Station, 121003 Faridabad, Haryana
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Meenakshi Vijay

International Manager

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.10  Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

Our products

Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

ClearTubo Extention line

Newtech Extention line is used to connect medical instruments. Fully transparent body made of medical grade biocompatible polycarbonate tubing reduces the risk of kinking. It is used with threeway stopcock, comes with a choice of either Male to Male or Male to Female (luer lock Connectors).

Available sizes are
  • Male to Female 10cm, 15cm, 25cm, 35cm, 50cm, 100cm, 150cm, 200cm and 300cm.
  • Male to Male 10cm, 15cm, 25cm, 35cm, 50cm, 100cm, 150cm, 200cm and 300cm.

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Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

Central Venous Catheter Kit

Central Venous Catheter carefully & geometrically designed soft and conical tip of catheter ensures safe and easy insertion offering good tissue and blood tolerance thus reduces the risk of blood clotting & intra vascular pain. Exceptionally bio-compatible PU material which by property is stiff & non-kinking at room temperature but softens at body temperature thus ensures correct placement of catheter. Soft & flexible tip of guide wire with excellent stiffness offers good torque which helps in easy insertion and prevents vessel perforation. Clear and transparent radio-opaque material of lumen with definite marking and color coding ensures accurate positioning and minimum vessel damage.

Single Lumen :
14G, 16G, 18G, 20G & 22G

Double Lumen:
4Fr, 5Fr, 7Fr, 8Fr, 8.5Fr,

Triple Lumen
4.5Fr, 5.5Fr, 7Fr, 

Length : 5cm, 8cm, 13cm, 16cm, 20cm 25cm & 30cm.

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Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

ClearKit PTCA Kit

PTCA Kit is a complete customized package of medical equipment required for the purpose of angioplasty (cardiological process). It is made up of high-quality medical grade material. The standard PTCA Kit mainly contains high pressure tubing (50 cm), IV set (vented & non-vented), blunt needle, haemostatic Y connector, pressure monitoring line (50 & 100 cm), torque devices, control syringes, manifold 3 ports.

  • Ensures safe and convenient usage
  • Highly demanded by surgeons and physicians worldwide
  • Durable quality
  • PTCA Kit is used for Angioplasty Procedure

Our standard PTCA Kit consists of:
  • Hemostatic Y connector Screw Type.
  • 3 port Manifold.
  • Control Syringe.
  • Pressure Monitoring line 50cm &100cm.
  • Torque Device.
  • Blunt Needle.
  • High Pressure Tubing 50cm.
  • IV Set Non Vented.
  • IV Set Vented.

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Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

ClearWire Guidewire

A thin, usually flexible wire that can be inserted into a confined or tortuous space to act as a guide for subsequent insertion of a stiffer or bulkier instrument.
Guidewires facilitate the delivery of a wide variety of catheters, stents and other interventional devices in a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures. Like:
Angioplasty, Coronary and Peripheral.
Interventional Radiology.

Choice of Guidewire
Vessel angulation, tortuosity (Tortuosity is a property of curve being tortuous), bifurcation (Division), CTO
Lesion Characteristics
Location: ostiam, bifurcation, distal
Device Strategy
Size and length of stent
Adjunctive technology eg rotate ability.

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Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

ClearSheath Introducer Sheath

ClearSheath has a Kink resistive property which helps the patient to sit up with placing and prosthetic device.Better coated shaft, long continuous and smooth taper, to provide better insertion with lesser force applied.We offer excellent sheath over dilator which helps to prevent the blood loss. Additional 3ml hypodermic needle and syringe in the kit.

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Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

ClearLine PTCA Balloon

A PTCA balloon catheter is a type of “soft” catheter with an inflatable “balloon” at its tip which is used during a balloon angioplasty procedure to enlarge a narrow opening or passage of the heart’s vessels.
The deflated balloon catheter is positioned, then inflated to perform the necessary procedure, and deflated again in order to be removed.

Features –

Compliance: Compliant, semi compliant and non compliant balloon.
Nominal Pressure, Rated bust pressure & average bust pressure.
Single and double marker.
Type of balloon
Crossing Profiles
Lesion Entry Profiles
Length: Normal Length, Short Length and Long Length
Dog Bone Effect

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Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

ClearHunter Aspiration Catheter

It features a large aspiration lumen to facilitate quick aspiration of emboli and thrombi (unit of thrombus) from vessels of the arterial system.
The catheter is stainless steel wire braided and comprised of three distinct stiffness to resist kinking and to navigate tortuous anatomy.
The tapered tip and hydrophilic coating allow for smooth catheter transition and ease of use.

Features –

Better Tip design :Clear Hunter has better optimized tip design in compare to leading brands. It’s Smooth tip design increases the deliverability.
Excellent and unique Hydrophilic coating Better hydrophilic coating on the surface of catheter Better Optimal traceability due to this unique coating.
Innovative Shaft Excellent Pushablity which Improves the working experience of the operator.
Kink Resistance specially designed for aspiration catheter Help to perform the case better.
Better Rapid exchange length 25 cm Rapid Exchange length Improve
Larger Aspiration Lumen This facilitate quick aspiration.
Vackloc (Merit patented) Syringe Larger 60 ml aspiration syringe in compare of leading brands 30 ml Larger syringe help to extract more clotting In one run.
Additional Waste basin: We provide waste basin none of leading brand is providing this in Kit. This help the clinician doing aspiration smoother.
Price factor: Better than various brands available with reliable quality Cost efficient for Hospital and end user (Patient)

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About us

Company details

About Us
Rather than the tagline these words are our base for growth & innovation. Winning the trust, is all that we are striving for. Innovation, quality production and timely delivery is our focus. We assure to carry on the same quality and delivery in the years to come, which has become our USP. Together, we can find the solutions to different requirements all over the globe for better tomorrow. This website stands as your complete guide to support your buying decisions & purchasing processes. It is also a way to show, our intense involvement with our product. The company is growing at a fast pace as more & more clients are accepting us. Looking forward for more of acceptance and a better world by meeting the demands/requirement of all national & international clients.

Our mission
To be renowned leader in alleviating pain and to build healthier lives through manufacturing and distributing high quality vascular access devices and accessories

Our vision
To lead the globe with single minded devotion to restore health and expand life with dignity, enthusiasm and burning desire through maintaining fundamental values. To reconstruct and reform the human euphoria by research & development, manufacturing and distributing medical devices serving cardiology, nephrology and general surgical disposables.

Our strategies
Our core strength lies in our employees who are our ever-lasting solution & uncountable assets. They're our competitive advantage which drives us to a new era of development, growth and productivity. We inspire and empower them with encouragement and make them feel that they are an integral part of our company's mission

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