RHEOSOL Wachendorff-Chemie GmbH of Troisdorf at MEDICA 2018 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

RHEOSOL Wachendorff-Chemie GmbH

Langbaurghstr. 15, 53842 Troisdorf
Telephone +49 2241 39230
Fax +49 2241 392390

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Jan Wachendorff

Management Board

Henny Beurskens

International Sales

Martin Rzewnicki


Ricky Flach

ELISCHA® business development medical

Our range of products

Our products

Product category: Surface disinfectants

01 Desinfektion

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

02 Component System

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Component System

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

03 OEM

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

04 Medical Care

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Medical Care

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

05 Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept

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Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

RHEOSEPT® disinfection

Hand & skin | Surfaces | Instruments | Laundry | Decontamination | Bed pan | Food processing industry


During the lifetime of the Hungarianborn physician Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis (1818-1865), hygiene was deemed a waste of time - even though he could prove at the time that the use of hand disinfectants clearly reduced mortality in maternity wards.

Today, the connections between infections and disinfection are well known. Nevertheless, studies still show the poor and often incorrect use of disinfectants. Part of the medical staff still refuse to use certain disinfectants.

The reasons brought forward are manifold; because even today, many people consider disinfection an annoying waste of time. Many products on the market are perceived by users as a hazard to their health, too cumbersome to use, smelly and stressful.

Unfortunately, in the quest for ever more effective disinfectants, the question of the users has been left by the wayside. The compliance with hygienic measures depends on the extent to which the employee understands the measures and therefore per-manently applies them. Factors such as dermatological compatibility, odour or harmful ingredients decide whether odour actually applies a disinfectant or not.

We understood this connection and actively support the development of disinfectants, which users like to use, do not threaten them or negatively affect their work. Our hand disinfectants are purely alcoholic, free of allergens, absolutely pleasant to the skin and dermatologically tested! Furthermore, our hand disinfectants do not dry out the skin and have a gentle effect on the skin through their „Auto Lipid Replenishing Effect“.

Our ready to use surface disinfectant regularly pass dermatological tests with „excellent“ results. The actual use of disinfectants could be significantly improved by our newly developed disinfectant wipes. We adapt our products to the needs of the medical staff and strive for a new level of biocompatibility when using disinfectants.

The sustainable protection of patients and staff is our primary concern. In this, we follow the principle of maximum effect against pathogens while protecting people and the environment.

The efficacy of our products has been clearly established by extensive studies. In addition to testing according to national and international standards, we also examine our products and processes under field conditions.

Through consistent support and user training, we ensure a successful and effective use of our products. Our focus is on the user as this is the key to good hygienic practice. Even the best disinfectants are only really good if they are actually used.

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Product category: Surface disinfectants

Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept® OHC p.b. ELISCHA®

Intensive Care | Oral-surgical Procedures


The Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept ® provides a product system based on bioscience for oral cleansing, germ reduction and wound care for patients in intensive care and oral-surgical procedures. The Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept® provides a permanently applicable, cost-effective product assortment for these patients. The follow products of the Expert Solution Oral Hygiene Concept® are manufactured by Wachendorff Chemie GmbH, are subject to the Medical Devices Directive and a development by ELISCHA® business development medical at the bioscience, medical and dental location Witten on the campus of the private University of Witten/Herdecke.

REF41002 Jack Pro® Starter SET
REF41004 Jack Pro® 24-36-48 h SET
REF41005 Jack Pro® 24-36-48 h BOX
REF40020 Jack Pro® Gel plus Dosierflasche (Dosing bottle) 100 ml
REF40030 Jack Pro® Liquid plus Dosierflasche (Dosing bottle) 250 ml
REF40023 Jack Pro® Gel plus Therapiebeutel (Therapy bag) 300 ml
REF40033 Jack Pro® Liquid plus Therapiebeutel (Therapy bag) 300 ml

The products are usable in the 3-step-system “Oral cleansing, germ reduction and wound care” and provide a variety of possibilities for diversification with product solutions introduced on the market such as Intensive medical care, Wound management and modern wound care, Infection and hygiene management, Tracheotomy and laryngectomy, Dental hygiene and prophylaxis, Oncological care, Diabetic care and Palliative medicine.

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About us

Company details

Wachendorff-Chemie GmbH was founded by Marianne and Winand Wachendorff in 1970 as single-member company. In 1989 the single-member company was merged into the present-day GmbH (limited company). In the second generation lead by Jan Wachendorff is Wachendorff-Chemie GmbH a modern medium- sized company with manifold solutions at the highest quality stage. The company is certified and produces in accordance with different quality standards such as e.g. GMP, educates and appears on various domestic and foreign trade fairs.
Wachendorff-Chemie GmbH has made its mark under its brand name RHEOSOL®in the hygiene area. This not only concerns chemical-technical products but also a various range of services.
Wachendorff-Chemie GmbH is both brand manufacturer and complete supplier in the field of hygiene as well as a reliable original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Products are developed and produced in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. The company is certified in accordance with DIN EN 13485 in consideration of Medical Devices Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC. Focuses of the development are innovative, ecologically and economically reasonable products and solutions. In the manufacturing liquid, aqueous or alcoholic compounds, emulsions and dispersions as well as pastes, gels, granules and crèmes are produced. These are filled up in bottles, canisters, drums, cans, cartridges and buckets and are labelled accordingly.
Beside the own brands Wachendorff-Chemie GmbH is a well-known contract manufacturer of various OEM-products of miscellaneous brands.

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Company data

Sales volume

1-9 Mio US $

Export content

max. 25%

Number of employees




Area of business

Commodities and Consumer Good for Surgeries and Hospitals

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