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Riocath Global, a.s.

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Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

Our products

Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

Genitourinary tract

In this area we are developing a range of medical devices for urinary bladder catheterization. Among the biggest advantages of our catheters should be the gentle, almost painless application as well as absence of microtraumatization of the urethra’s epithelium and carrying of the microbes inhabiting mainly the entrance of the urethra deeper inside.

Simple catheter designed for single discharge of urine from the bladder for two basic indication areas:
  1. disposable emptying after surgery under general anaesthesia
  2. intermittent catheterization, for example, in paraplegics capable of the self-catheterization

Male Urinary Catheter with a Tool for Insertion
Simple catheter accompanied by a device to allow self-catheterization with only a limited upper limb movement disorder (impaired fine motor skills).

Male Urinary Catheter Permanent
Enabling fixation of catheter in the bladder by a bulbous shape created by prolongation of coaxial   in its terminal portion, replacing the balloon.

Female Urinary Catheter Simple / Single Use
Similar use as in the case of simple catheter for men with modification of length corresponding to female anatomy

Female Urinary Catheter with a Tool  for Insertion
Similar use as in the case of simple catheter for men with modification of length corresponding to female anatomy

Female Urinary Catheter Permanent
Similar use as in the case of simple catheter for men with modification of length corresponding to female anatomy

Epicystostomy Catheter
Catheter design based on the Riocath® principle for permanent use to prevent the introduction of secondary infections, equipped with onion shape terminal end replacing the fixation balloon or other similar features.

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Product category: Catheters / urinary catheters and accessories

Respiratory tract

Intubation tubes and probes enable gentle penetration into the respiratory tract without damaging the epithelium lining. Due to the deployment they are not only more comfortable for patients who suffer from irritation of the airway surface, but also for operating staff - because of unpacking the inner wall outside, an intubation tube or a probe finds the way itself.

The introduction of acute airway for use in acute emergencies, it is necessary to ensure a patent airway - can handle even a layman on the opposite of a standard tube design (which allows the addition of this product into the first-aid kits).

Endotracheal Intubation Tube
Besides being friendly when loading and unloading enables gentle fixation and sealing the trachea by an onion shape extension to prevent aspiration.

The suction probe
The principle of unpacking minimizes the risk of injury to the lining of the airways by repeated excursions during suction, and while attempting to capture of the highest possible amount of the unwanted content.

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About us

Company details

For the beginning of the long journey to the invention of the unique principle of Riocath® catheters, we have to return many decades back.

It all started with an accident in popular rock climbing area called Great America close to Beroun, Czech Republic, on Christmas Eve of 1976. Back then an eighteen-year-old student of a technical high school climbed the rocks together with his friends, amateur climbers.
Just a short moment changed everything in his life for the coming months and years. The torn part of the rock and a fall of more than twenty feet into the abyss sent this young man to the operating theatre to fight for his life. Using the latest machinery, he had to be hoisted from the abandoned mine by the professional rescuers and transported to specialized hospital.

The consequences of the fall were devastating. Dislocated fracture of the left humerus, open fracture of the right femur, serial fracture of the ribs, fracture of the inferior bone, a series of fractures in the face, and traumatic wounds wherever it can be imagined. Injuries were complicated, an infection was contracted into the femur, one arm had to be rebroken, other injuries were corrected by multi-hour surgeries.

This young student was at the third grade of technical high school. He was lucky as the school decided to provide a special study plan to let him study and even graduate from the hospital bed. Health complications, which have continued for many years, have not prevented a fresh full-time disability pensioner from applying for medicine. Although he was not successful for the first time, his decision to heal could not change anything. Despite the excellent results at the entrance examinations, he was finally accepted at the third time. His faith paid off. He became a Doctor of Medicine.

His unique combination of technical and medical training along with professional experience laid the foundation for the future invention of the unique RIOCATH® principle. He experienced catheterization countless times and perceived its unhealthy painful consequences. In particular, he wondered how to improve this treatment for both patients and physicians.
So the student who fell from the rock just before his eighteenth birthday and later patented a special mechanism of medical products decades later, is MUDr. Miroslav Svoboda, inventor of Reverse Inside-Out Catheter.

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