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SYnAbs S.A.

48 rue Auguste Piccard, 6041 Gosselies
Telephone +32 71 374880

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Julien Isoard

Business & Marketing Director



Our products

Product category: Immuno assay testing

Custom generation of rat monoclonal antibodies

High affinity and extreme specificity monoclonal antibodies from rat species to target hormones, polysaccharides, post-translational modifications on DNA, RNA mutations, peptides, small molecules, poor immunogenic compounds, carbohydrates, lipids, small molecules, chemical compounds...

Applications such diverse as food testing (aflatoxin,...), drug abuse, auto-immune diseases (diabetes, arthritis...), infectious diseases (virus, antibiotic-resistant bacteria,...), cancer targets, hormone measurement, exosomes... 

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Custom generation of guinea pig monoclonal antibodies

High affinity and extreme specificity monoclonal antibodies from guinea pig species to target hormones, polysaccharides, post-translational modifications on DNA, RNA mutations, peptides, small molecules...

Applications such diverse as food testing (aflatoxin,...), drug abuse, auto-immune diseases (diabetes, arthritis...), infectious diseases (virus, antibiotic-resistant bacteria,...), cancer targets, hormone measurement, exosomes...

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

MYstik™, plug&play mouse isotyping kit

SYnAbs Mouse Immunoglobulin Easy Isotyping Kit or a.k.a. "MYstik™" provides a rapid and easy method (DOT technology) to characterize mouse monoclonal antibody isotypes in cell culture supernatants or purified antibodies preparations. This Plug&Play kit includes ready-to-use reagents necessary to analyze 24 samples in less than 1h30. Buffer solutions are color-coded to simplify pipetting steps.

The method is based upon robust EIA enzyme immunoassay technique:  SYnAbs unique rat anti-mouse monoclonals are highly specific to each of the common light and heavy chains of mouse species and can discriminate between IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3, IgM, IgA, IgE, kappa chain and lambda chain. Samples are placed on the strip without any predilution. If desired isotype mAb is present, it will bind to rat mAb by affinity. Note that only specific mAb and none the irrelevant molecules will bind. That counts for the specificity of the test. The second mAb is then added, this one conjugated with the enzyme. A colorgenic enzyme substrate is added. The interaction between the substrate and the captured enzyme generates visible color or dot.

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Immunoaffinity chromatography column

Immunoaffinity chromatography a.k.a. IAC is a type of chromatography in which the stationary phase is composed with an antibody. This technique represents a special sub category of affinity chromatography in which a biological agent is used for its strong and specific binding capacities to a target compound.

SYnAbs routinely used immunoaffinity columns for the purification of its mouse and rats off-the-shelf monoclonal antibodies and has decided to offer to its customers the possibility to bind SYnAbs mAbs or your custom mAbs to the resin of your choice. You can esaily purifiy mycotoxins antigens, but also rat or mouse antibodies,...

You'd like to purify mouse monoclonal antibodies? Why not choose and pick up one of our LOU products?
You'd prefer to purify rat monoclonal antibodies? You should definitely choose our MARK tools!

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Secondary Monoclonal Antibody products

SynAbs is offering a vast catalog, including more than 1,000 monoclonal antibody references, with a specialization in secondary monoclonal antibodies targeting multiple repertoires:

  • anti-mouse  secondary monoclonal antibodies,
  • anti-rat secondary monoclonal antibodies,
  • anti-human monoclonal antibodies
  • anti-rabbit monoclonal antibodies 
  • anti-species monoclonal antibodies: anti-pig, anti-horse, anti-chicken, anti-baboon, anti-bullock, anti-dog, and anti-rabbit mAbs

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Molecular biology services

  • Plasmid production
  • Preparation of RNA
  • Preparation of genomic DNA
  • Vector construction
  • Expression and purification of recombinant proteins
  • Sequencing of monoclonal antibodies
  • In vitro transcription
  • PCR and real time PCR
Our molecular biology services are ideal if you wish to:
- To obtain quickly plasmid DNA in any quantity ?
- To make a customised vector ?
- To obtain a transcript or a protein where you don’t have the gene ?
- To purify a protein expressed fromyour own or a customised vector ?

During recent years, plasmid purification has become a major activity of RD-Biotech.
We have amplified or created over 600 plasmids per annum giving us unrivaled expertise in producing plasmids for applications in research or preclinical studies.
Whether you need 1 mg of DNA for an R & D project or 500 mg of high quality endotoxin free DNA for in vivo or a sensitive in vitro applications, we can fulfill your requirements.

RD-Biotech is able to provide 
- A 10 mg quantity in 3 days or 100 mg in 6 days!
- An endotoxin level guaranteed below 0.1 EU / µg DNA
- Large capacity to produce guaranteed quantities from milligrams to several hundreds od milligrams. 
- Uniform batches of 90% supercoiled DNA
- We also offer Pre-and Post-production controls
- Selection of the right clone to be amplified, after restriction pattern analysis, 
- Banking of your plasmid or clone for subsequent use
- Other services on request available are:

* Bacterial transformation using a strain of choice (Application and DNA dependant)
* DNA adjusted to a specific concentration
* Filtered DNA
* Aliquoting
* Determination of bacterial endotoxins (LAL / Limulus Amebocyte Lysate assay)
* Sterility tests

  1. Transfection of mammalian cells
  2. in vivo experiments (injection into animals)
  3. Preclinical programs
  4. Toxicology Studies
  5.  Applications in Research & Development

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Cell Culture services: transient transfection, CHO, HEK, stable cell lines

RD-Biotech has laboratories dedicated to the production of eukaryotic cells capable of providing small pilot batches to large-scale amplifications that meet the needs of its customers:

- Production of supernatant batches from a few milliliters to several hundred liters 
- Provision of a few million to several billion cells per batch

The production platform offers cell amplification of many cell types, in specialized units (dedicated laboratories, clean rooms under a controlled atmosphere...)

RD-Biotech provides the cells in the desired format, depending on the intended applications:

- Frozen Vials
- Culture plates (96 wells, 24 wells, 12 wells, 6 wells...)
- Boxes of culture flasks of any volume
- Alternative solutions available on request

RD-Biotech provides an appropriate safe express delivery system along accompanied by a production and quality control report which includes:

- A test for mycoplasma
- A test of cell viability
- Stability Control

RD-Biotech expert researchers have developed cell culture systems for most experimental models: 

  • Amplification of cell lines
We have a strong experience in expanding adherent or suspension mammalian cell cultures using standard lines (eg CHO, HEK, HeLa, Cos etc) or lines provided by the customer
Amplification of cells according to a procedure provided by the customer or optimized by RD- Biotech.

  • Production of CACO-2 cells
Expansion of these cells is performed under perfectly controlled and monitored conditions in specialised media.
Cells are supplied in 96-well plates on specific substrates, for applications in pharmacology.

  • Production of primary cells (skin cells, adipocytes, keratinocytes etc...)
Adaptation of culture conditions with respect to passage number for each specific cell type.
Close culture monitoring and cell supplied in the desired format.

  • Production of blood cells (from peripheral blood, cord blood, etc...)
Isolation of cells from blood samples: PBMCs (peripheral blood mononuclear cells), monocytes, lymphocytes, CBMC (Cord blood mononuclear cells)…
Cell sorting and preparation of specific cell subtypes (eg CD4+, CD34+, etc...)

  • Production of cells for applications in virology
This service includes the establishment of Working and Master cell banks stored in liquid nitrogen under controlled conditions!

- Mycoplasma test upon arrival of cells
- Monitored amplification of cells
- Preservation and storage in 1 to 5 ml cryovials (1 to 5 million cells each)
- Quality control after thawing

RD-Biotech offers a personalized service to define the best strategy for expression of recombinant proteins or recombinant monoclonal antibodies in a host cell of choice:

- A feasibility study to determine the best expression system and to define the optimal conditions for the expression of your recombinant protein.
- Choice of the host cell line: eg HEK293, CHO...
- Various transfection protocols available such as lipofection, electroporation, etc…
- Optimization and control of vectors: plus the in-house capability for vector construction 
- Adaptation to complex projects with a need for expression of different entities.

RD-Biotech has developed a platform to produce recombinant antibodies or proteins in a fortnight using transient transfection in microgram to milligram quantities.

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Development and validation of immuno-assays

ELISA, Western-blotting, Flow Cytometry etc.

RD-Biotech lends its expertise and immunoassay platform to the development of a series of Immunological detection methods: 

-We develop analytical methods according to the customer's specifications. 
-Analysis of samples by methods approved by the customer. 

For various applications:
-Animal and human in vitro diagnosis 
-Quality control 
-Clinical Studies

-ELISA: Method development
RD-Biotech produces ELISA based protocols based on customer specification. 
RD-Biotech carries out an initial feasibility study to determine optimal parameters for the study such as: antibody choice, selection of raw materials, development and optimisation of each step (e.g coating micro-plates, staining, etc…) 

-TEST 1: Simple indirect sandwich test: using extracted or purified protein coated wells stained using a polyclonal rabbit antibody, or a commercial peroxidase coupled antibody appropriate to the species under test.
-TEST 2: Immuno-competition assay: wells coated with specific antibody, incubated and then stained with a mixture of peroxidase-labeled protein and unlabeled purified protein.
-TEST-3: Indirect or direct double sandwich test (depending on the availability of specific antibody): wells are coated with the antibody followed by incubation with either a second antibody or the purified protein. Staining can be either direct if the second antibody is conjugated or indirectly with a third species specific conjugated antibody.
Different parameters are measured for optimizing each strategy (eg. coating of micro-wells, sample incubation times and staining).
Data processing: All absorbance measurements are analyzed by BPL and saved as Excel files; Results are also recorded in a bench notebook and copies are available to the customer upon request. 

After this initial stage, RD-Biotech can identify the best methodology to use, specifying optimal operating conditions. The report provides a set of dose performance curves done under various conditions (eg.test sample volume, number and duration of incubation, enzyme conjugate) and exact details of all protocols performed.

The customer can then decide whether to initiate the transferable development phase of the robust ELISA technique we have developed.

- RD-Biotech: Analytical Services for ELISA, Western-blotting, flow cytometry, …
RD-Biotech samples analysis is performed using commercial kits or with a customer-validated protocol. A raw data report is then sent to the customer.

Types of analysis:

- Titration of immune responses by ELISA
- Immune response caracterization by ELISA or by a Western-blotting (multi-track system, multiscreen)
- Determination of cytokine profiles from different types of samples (plasma, culture supernatant, biological fluid, etc…) by ELISA 
- Cell sorting by flow cytometry

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Custom manufacturing services for recombinant antigens, antibodies and proteins

SYnAbs and RD Biotech have developed a one-stop-offer for custom bioproduction up to 300L scale for recombinant antigens, recombinant proteins and antibodies of any format (fragments, VHH, bispecific...) through E.Coli, wheat-germ, CHO, HEK, and hybridoma cell lines expression system including Up-Stream Processing (roller-bottle, CELLines, bioreactors...), Down-Stream Processing (protein A, G, IAC,...), aliquoting, freeze-drying activities amongst other activities.

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Company news




Oct 1, 2018

SYnAbs enters in Italy!

SynAbs is proud to announce a strategic deal with successful company DBA Italia which already distributes significant references in the field of monoclonal antibodies and will consequently extend its catalog with unique mAbs references from SYnAbs. Under the terms of the agreement, DBA Italia will have access to the unique portfolio of rats and guinea pigs mAbs to address Italian territory needs in R&D and IVD fields.


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Aug 28, 2018

Jul 27, 2018

SYnAbs enters Chinese market!

SynAbs is proud to announce strategic deal with successful company Dakewe Biotech Co. Dakewe already distributes major references in the field of monoclonal antibodies and will consequently extends its catalogue with unique mAbs references from SynAbs. Under the terms of the agreement, Dakewe will have access to unique portfolio of rats and guinea pigs mAbs to address China territories needs in R&D and IVD fields.

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Jan 24, 2018

SynAbs inks agreement with SKLM as new distributor for its unique catalogue of monoclonal antibodies in Morocco

SynAbs is proud to announce strategic deal with successful company SKLM. SKLM already distributes major references in the field of monoclonal antibodies and will consequently extends its catalogue with unique mAbs references from SynAbs. Under the terms of the agreement, SKLM will have access to unique portfolio of rats and guinea pigs mAbs to address Morocco territories needs in R&D and IVD fields.

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Jan 17, 2018

SynAbs inks agreement with Theranostica as new distributor for its unique catalogue of monoclonal antibodies in Israël

SynAbs is proud to announce strategic deal with successful company Theranostica. Theranostica already distributes major references in the field of monoclonal antibodies and will consequently extends its catalogue with unique mAbs references from SynAbs. Under the terms of the agreement, Theranostica will have access to unique portfolio of rats and guinea pigs mAbs to address Israël territories needs in R&D and IVD fields.


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Dec 14, 2017

SYnAbs/RD Biotech unique expertise in CAR-T cells

Numbers speak for themselves : 83% of the 63 evaluable children who received tisagenlecleucel in phase 2 trial had complete elimination of malignant cells in just 3 months, while no other therapeutic option are available.

For those of you living on the moon for the last 5 years, this is the « miracle cure » of cancer : CAR-T adoptive cell therapy. The approval of Novartis’ Kymriah made headlines in August this year as the first gene-edited cell therapy for cancer to be approved by FDA. Probably the first of a long series.

RD-Biotech/SynAbs/Diaclone association has recently entered the field by providing a unique one-stop-shop solution for biotech players developing the mentioned approach.

RD Biotech starts with the expression of recombinant cancer antigen in order to specifically generate the adequate mouse monoclonal antibody against it. Thanks to molecular platform, the sequencing of VH and VL regions of this last structure allows us to create an extracellular single-chain variable fragment (scFv), first component of Chimeric antigen receptors, or CARs.

 Following the collection of a patient's T cells by leukapheresis, the cells are genetically engineered by RD-Biotech through inactivated lentivirus particles containing the coding sequence for the CAR. In fact, lentivirus are used for the transfection of activated T cells, introducing the complete pattern of CAR : scFv derived from an antibody, joined to a spacer peptide and a transmembrane domain, which is further linked to the intracellular T cell signaling domains of the T cell receptor : CAR T cells have just been born right before our eyes !

To ensure that the CAR-T cell is well activated, Diaclone launches its specific interferon gamma ELISpot test assay attesting that the CAR-T combines the specificity of an antibody for CD proteins, with the cytotoxic and memory functions of T cells.

Since we’re speaking of a mouse ScFv, the use of the rat as a host animal allows better immunization and thereby greater diversity of monoclonal antibodies against regions that would not be immunogenic if the mouse was used. Drawing on its expertise in secondary monoclonal antibodies, SynAbs is now part of cell therapy game by generating rat monoclonal antibodies against mouse CAR-T.

Thanks to this new available tool, our partners are now able to select specific transfected CAR-T populations on flow cytometry platform !

 Regarding therapeutic applications, RD-Biotech will then loop the loop, offering to its worldwide customers its expertise to humanize the generated ScFv, providing a better tolerance of the CAR-T for human body meanwhile maintaining the high functionality provided by the rat immune repertoire !

The best of both worlds for better antibodies tools in cell therapy!

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Nov 27, 2017

SYnAbs, from UCL benches to Singapore

November 24, 2017 12:00 AM,

Guy Dellicour, L’echo

The innovative products of the young start-up will be distributed in Singapore, booming biotechnology hub in Asia. Two years after its creation, SynAbs has already doubled its turnover and already achieved financial balance. 

For scientists, Gosselies is not known only for its airport but especially for its many innovative companies in biotechnology. Among these, SynAbs has specialized itself in the manufacturing, for its customers, of custom monoclonal antibodies, or on the basis of a catalog of more than 1,000 references. It is the only private company of this type in Belgium and the world market is shared between 300 actors.

Put its bet on the guinea pig species

Antibodies are widely used as diagnostic tools for allergies, for pregnancy tests, in diabetes screening or in development for Parkinson's or Alzheimer's diseases. They are also increasingly used as therapeutic solutions, especially in immunotherapy.

Traditional antibody production techniques for R&D and In Vitro Diagnostic applications have been increased to more than 70% by the mouse. However, this platform does not always make it possible to obtain an effective product against certain toxins, which remain imperceptible by the immune system of these animals.

To overcome these intrinsic limitations, SynAbs has developed a unique technique for producing antibodies from rats and guinea pigs, genetically further distant from humans. Unlike insulin in mice, rats and rabbits, which is identical to human insulin, guinea pig insulin is unique.

A billion-dollar market

The potential for the development of an antibody against the different glycemic hormones involved in diabetes (a huge market) is even higher. "This animal is finally an optimum in terms of cost-effectiveness and space utilization," says Didier Argentin, "Our expertise in monoclonal antibodies to rats and guinea pigs is almost unique in the world. We have worked on this during more than an entire year', he confesses with delight.

The market for monoclonal antibodies in R&D and IVD is estimated as $ 1 billion.

"Our goal is to capture half of the rabbit monoclonal antibody market, with an annual turnover of around €50 million, which will require new organization and financial means." 

SynAbs can certainly count for its future development on its French shareholder Biotech Investissement (which holds a 75% stake) as well as other public and private financial investors.

The company currently employs 7 senior scientific collaborators and is expected to exceed a turnover of 700,000 euros in 2017 (doubled in 2 years), of whose more than 50% is generated on the international scene.

In association with Coris Bioconcept, SynAbs has just won the Walloon project dedicated to the specific detection of bacteria resistance to antibiotics, with more than 1.5 million euros. Its presence abroad has also recently been strengthened by the signing of a distribution agreement in Singapore, the Asian biotechnology hub. Growth is just beginning.

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About us

Company details

To overtake the limitations of poorly immunogenic antigens, SYnAbs has developed the only proprietary rat and guinea pig cell lines, to generate extreme specificity and higher affinity mAbs. We're proud to offer:

- your custom monoclonal antibodies against difficult and poor immunogenic antigens (interleukin, glucagon, antibiotics, toxins, peptides, steroids, small molecules, polysaccharides, hormones, DNA post-translational modifications, RNA mutations, carbohydrates, lipids, cell receptors...) thanks to our singular antigenic repertoire access, with a multi-species approach (mouse, rat and guinea pig).

Applications such diverse as food testing (mycotoxin e.g. aflatoxin, patulin...), immunology testing, drug of abuse, auto-immune diseases (diabetes, arthritis...), infectious diseases (virus, antibiotic-resistant bacteria,...), cancer targets, hormone measurement, exosomes...

- a vast catalog of off-the-shelf tools like secondary antibodies, immuno-affinity columns, MYstik mouse isotyping kit...

- an integrated service offer from the antigen synthesis, its coupling, parallel immunization, the generation of stable clones, the production manner of several grams of mAbs and immunoaffinity assays development (ELISA sandwich,...).

To be counted among its partners Dianova, Immunodiagnostic Systems, Unisensor, Coris Bioconcept, Artialis, VolitionRx, Sanbio, CNRS, Thermo Fisher, Sheffield University, Bio-Rad, Sapphire, Bio-X Diagnostics, ARP, Dakewe, SKLM...

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1-9 Mio US $

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