NEOFECT Co. Ltd. of Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do at MEDICA 2018 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


40 West Hall, 152, Jukjeon-ro, Suji-gu, 16890 Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Korea, Republic
Telephone +82 31 8898521
Fax +82 31 80054121

This company is co-exhibitor of
Korea Medical Devices Industrial Coop. Association (KMDICA)

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MEDICA 2018 hall map (Hall 16): stand A75

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MEDICA 2018 fairground map: Hall 16

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.03  Occupational therapy equipment

Our products

Product category: Occupational therapy equipment

RAPAEL Smart Kids for children

Sensor Technology that Captures Patient’s Movementand Quantifies data
The 9-axis movement & position sensor consists of 3 acceleration channels,
3 angular rate channels and 3 magnetic field channels that measures wrist movements.
The sensor communicates with a computer system
that accurately computes the amount of individual movements.

Ergonomic Design for Patient’s Experience
RAPAEL Smart Kids is lightweight and can be worn effortlessly. It allows various joint movements with ease. The elastomer material is easy to clean and maintain.

Regularly Rehab-Exercise Game Update
RAPAEL Smart Kids offers a variety of motion-task training related to play activities,
learning exercises, and activities of daily life.
These activities take into consideration clinical effectiveness as well as fun elements for kids.
Rehabilitation exercises are designed for physical therapy and cognition therapy.

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Product category: Occupational therapy equipment

RAPAEL Smart Board for an upper limb rehabilitation training

RAPAEL Smart Board is a medical device that is accessible to any patient experiencing limitation to functional movements due to
damage in their shoulder or elbow joints to improve the functional arm reaching ability.

There are two purposes of the games available with RAPAEL Smart Board: enhancing the active joint movement range
and control ability. With RAPAEL Smart Board, patients can carry out interesting and sustainable rehabilitation through various training games. There are various training contents designed for the improvement of active joint movement range and control
ability. Also, RAPAEL Smart Board automatically adjusts the game difficulty in accordance with the user’s current status,
which allows personalized training.

Evaluation and Results
When performing rehabilitation, an objective evaluation is as important as the training itself. RAPAEL Smart Board offers a data-based evaluation program, based on brain science, rehabilitation science, and clinical research. With the periodic use of Smart Board’s evaluation program, the user can get the information on recovery, through an accurate evaluation of the current status of the patient.
There are three objectives for the evaluation and results : free exploration, point-to-point reaching, and shape drawing.

Individual Evaluation Results Table
When the evaluation is complete, the result screen shows the tracking data and quantitative evaluation indices in terms of each of the three tasks. Each evaluation shows the standard score of 100-point scale, and the standard score is calculated from each subsection score.
The free exploration result shows the area proportion, reached distance, and time taken scores; the point-to-point reaching result shows the reaching error, reaching time, and smoothness scores; and the shape drawing result shows the trace similarity, circular completeness, and time taken scores. Each evaluation result can be used to establish a training plan by analyzing the lacking factors of the patient’s exercise.
Through the periodic and regular evaluation, the medical staff and the patient can check the progress and improvement of the motor abilities followed by the training visualized in graphs.

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Product category: Occupational therapy equipment


RAPAEL SMART PEGBOARD provides visual and auditory feedback to motivate users through gamified training  as they rehabilitate.

Digital Training Program
Provides results oriented digital rehabilitation training for upper limb, visual/spatial and cognitive abilities.

Visual Feedback
Equipped with high intensity LEDs. Provides visual cues for placement of pegs.

Auditory Feedback
Provides a multi-sensory experience through voice and sound effects to prompt the patient through training.

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About us

Company details

We will build hope for healthier lives as we provide opportunities
of rehabilitation through technological innovation to anyone.

Right Things the Right Way
Conscience, Judgment, Courage
In good conscience, Neofectians can make the right judgment on whether he or she is behaving morally. Also, Neofectians need to have the courage to refuse anything that goes against the right judgment.

Disruptive Innovation for Goodness
Change, Equality, Hope
Neofectians create a fun environment for rehabilitation. Our products can be used regardless of the financial condition and geographical accessibility of patients. The excellent effects of the products boosts confidence and courage within our patients.

One Team of Diverse People
Understanding, Respect, Synergy
Neofectians are made up of people with a wide variety of knowledge, experience, and culture to make products that are non-existent in the world. We are a team in which we bring out the synergy as we understand and respect one another’s differences.

Striving for Excellence
Expertise, Passion, Motivation
Neofectians have passion for making innovational products.
We are continuously motivated to yield better results, never truly
satisfied with the present, as we take on new challenges.

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