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Shukla Medical, Inc.

3800, Sheen Drive, 33709 Saint Petersburg, FL
Telephone +1 727 6262770
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Our products

Product category: Other surgical instruments and products

Xtract-All® Nail (Winquist IV) Universal IM Nail Extraction System

Designed to remove all types of IM nails, the Winquist system includes multiple attachment options, as well as a C-frame & mallet for maximum force & surgeon control.

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Product category: Other surgical instruments and products

Xtract-All® Hip Universal Hip Stem Extraction System

A universal extraction system designed for the removal of virtually all hip implants. Includes a femoral head extractor, hip stem extractor, C-frame, & mallet. Optional accessory system
available for modular stems.

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Product category: Other surgical instruments and products

Xtract-All® Knee Universal Knee Implant Extraction System

The Xtract-All® Knee system includes extractors for tibial & femoral implants, as well as a versatile osteotome system designed to achieve minimal bone loss during implant removal. Includes slotted mallet & C-frame for controlled force.

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Product category: Other surgical instruments and products

Xtract-All® Spine Universal Spinal Implant Removal System

The Xtract-All® Spine system contains over 130 drivers, compatible with standard & proprietary spinal implants. Dedicated systems for cervical & thoracolumbar implant removal.

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Product category: Other surgical instruments and products

Xtract-All® Screw Universal Broken & Stripped Screw Extraction System

Designed to remove damaged screws with minimal bone loss. The system includes extractor tips ranging from 2mm-7mm for both broken & stripped screws. Larger extractor tips (8mm-11mm) are available on request.

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Product category: Other surgical instruments and products

Xtract-All® Maxi

Comprehensive system of large screwdrivers designed to simplify insertion or extraction of virtually any large bone screw with standard configuration.

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Product category: Other surgical instruments and products

Xtract-All® Mini Universal Small Screw Extraction System

Comprehensive system of small screwdrivers designed to simplify insertion or extraction of virtually any small bone screw with standard configuration. Ideal for craniomaxillofacial cases. Includes drivers for broken & stripped screws.

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Company news




Sep 15, 2018

Product Launch: Upgraded Xtract-All® Spine

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, September 2018 — Shukla Medical is launching the upgraded Xtract-All® Spine Universal Implant Removal System this September to the worldwide orthopedics market.



The Xtract-All® Spine is engineered to be a truly universal revision solution for spine surgeries. “The system includes over 130 drivers, with more than 40 implant-specific drivers,” states Nitin Chawla, Product Manager for Shukla Medical. Dedicated cases for both cervical and thoracolumbar revisions are available separately and can be purchased together for complete Xtract-All® Spine revision capabilities. There are 56 extractors included in the cervical case and 76 extractors in the TL case. Together, more than 40 proprietary implant configurations are covered in addition to standard hex, torx, & cruciform drivers.



Innovative helicopter sockets are available in the instrumentation case. The robust sockets allow difficult screw constructs to be removed while still attached to the spinal rod. After cutting the rod in-situ on either side of the assembled screw, the surgeon uses a helicopter socket to apply reverse torsion to the entire configuration until the screw backs out of the bone. The case also holds tools for several revision methods, from sophisticated ratcheting handles to a series of extensions, wrenches, a power adapter, rod grippers, & pliers.



Orthopedic surgeons should know that the Xtract-All Spine system is the MOST comprehensive spinal implant removal system on the market. Period. With a low barrier of entry to the spine implant market, there are new implants with new compatibility needs constantly emerging. Our goal was to create a system that could be continually updated, with open slots for additional removal tips, for those who have purchased the system and want to add compatibility for a specific proprietary system. The Xtract-All Spine is a ‘living system’ that is constantly updated with additional removal tips as they become known to us.

Nitin Chawla, Product Manager, Shukla Medical


With the purchase of the Xtract-All® Spine system, each hospital gains access to Shukla Medical’s X-Ray Search Engine™ Implant Compatibility Identification Database. Compatibility identification is easy with the X-Ray Search Engine™, where users enter keywords for any given implant to find a list of all compatible Xtract-All® tools and related surgical techniques, x-rays, and videos. The X-Ray Search Engine™ also works for intramedullary nail implant systems.





Shukla Medical is an orthopedic instrument manufacturer dedicated to pioneering truly universal orthopedic implant removal solutions from head to toe. In 1998, aerospace manufacturer S.S. White Technologies acquired the Snap-On Winquist IM Nail set. S.S. White rebranded the medical devision in 2007 to create Shukla Medical. Today, Shukla Medical offers comprehensive orthopedic revision tools, including the Xtract-All® Mini for craniomaxillofacial screw removals and the Xtract-All® Screw system for broken & stripped screw removal. Shukla Medical operates out of St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.



Call 888-4-SHUKLA or email for more information about the Xtract-All® Spine and other Xtract-All® systems from Shukla Medical.

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Shukla Medical® is a universal implant removal company. Our objective is to simplify revision surgery by offering uniquely designed tools and techniques that target the removal of knee implants, hip stems, IM nails, spinal hardware and broken and stripped screws. For more information on the Xtract-All®, call 888-4-SHUKLA (888-474-8552) or visit

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  • Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • Commodities and Consumer Good for Surgeries and Hospitals