YANGA S.r.l. of Crevacuore at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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YANGA S.r.l.

Via Monte Orfano 21, 13864 Crevacuore
Telephone +39 015 768256
Fax +39 015 768910

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 5): stand J14

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 5

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.02  Bandages in physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology

Our products

Product category: Bandages in physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology


REDIGRIP® tubular elasticated bandage is designed to provide the ideal pressure and support over the area to which it is to be applied.

REDIGRIP® compared to traditional bandaging offer the following advantages:

• Easy to apply and re-apply.
• Provides constant even pressure and support.
• Tubular construction allows complete freedom of movement and eliminates the need for pins or tapes. • Unlike traditional bandage REDIGRIP® remains securely in position ensuring lasting effective support.
• REDIGRIP® can be washed and sterilized.
• Fast and easy to apply REDIGRIP® saves time and reduces bandaging costs making it an economical alternative to crepe and elastic bandages.
• 10 m rolls reduce wastage by allowing you to cut only the length required.

REDIGRIP® may be used in all cases where radial support is required:

Control of joint effusions, general support of soft tissue injuries, arm fixation and rib cage injuries.
Aids rehabilitation and reduces risk of swelling following removal of POP.

Prophylactic treatment of deep vein thrombosis during surgery.

Contusions, distortions, dislocations, treatment of soft tissue injuries, joint support and protection.

Abdominal support post-partum.

Pressure treatment of burn scarring and prevention of contractures.

In the injection compression treatment of varicose veins.

Treatment of varicose veins, prevention and control of edema.

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Product category: Bandages in physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology


REDIGO® is ideal in the prevention of the so-called "Economic Class Syndrome", or deep vein thrombosis on long haul flights and trips that require a person to remain seated for long time (car, train, airplane…).
REDIGO® is a seamless elasto-compressive tubular bandage that provides homogeneouspressure and constant support. In more serious cases, large blood clots can form and make a healty person collapse or even lead to death without them showing any specific symptom.
Blood clots are formed mainly during the first hours of flight with the risk to grow and become more dangerous over time. Those most at risk are pregnant women, women taking contraceptives or hormone treatments as well as people with specific circulatory problems, although cases have been reported in subjects perfectly healthy and not under drug treatment.During all types of travel (airplane, car, train, etc.), drinking plenty of water and wearing the compressive tubular bandages - that help ensure a proper leg compression facilitating the deep circulation - the risk of venous thrombosis can be reduced by 3-4% to 0.2-0.3%

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Product category: Bandages in physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology


REDIGAUZ® tubular bandage represents an extremely practical and reliable method of fixing wound dressing.
Tubular bandages replace the need for traditionally used flat gauze bandages which must be wrapped around the part to be covered and permit full freedom of movement.

REDIGAUZ® bandages have an unbroken surface, and therefore do not become loose; wounds or sensitive areas of skin remain protected.

REDIGAUZ® is highly versatile, being suitable also for traction bandages, as a skin shield under plaster of Paris bandages, or as a covering material for splints and cotton wool padding.

REDIGAUZ® is manufactured from bleached cotton, natural cotton, synthetic and polypropylene.
Redigauz is water repellent and can be autoclaved to provide sterile dressings.

REDIGAUZ® is available in cotton 100%, synthetic 100%, Polypropylene 100%.

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Product category: Bandages in physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology


Ready to use dressing. Easily applied to any finger.REDIFINGER® offers protection while allowing complete movement. 50 pieces per box. Unique size. Single use. 100% cotton.

Class I medical device.

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Product category: Bandages in physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology


REDIRIB® is a seamless ribbed tubular bandage. The ribbed knit construction makes it a heavier material than the Plain Stockinette. This also provides increased protection/recovery properties; it is intended for use as a skin covering before the application of plaster of Paris and other splinting materials. It also may be used as a protective covering under surgical appliances. The knitted construction allows air to circulate over the skin and its structure is soft and comfortable for patients.

REDIRIB® is available in cotton 100%, synthetic 100%, Polypropylene 100%.

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Product category: Bandages in physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology


Elastic cloth covering, comprised of two rolled bandage rings protects dressings, wrappings and stitches on fingers.

• No need for tape, scissors or applicators.
• Stays firmly in place.
• Comfortable to wear.
• Ideal for holding dressings in place.
• Protects fingers and toes.
• Latex free.
• Natural colour.

Ideal for ulcers, burns, corns on fingers.

25 pcs bag.

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Product category: Bandages in physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology


Single use finger bandage, useful to mobilize and immobilize finger and finger joints.
Ideal skin protection during a joint disease, and to attend fractures in a conservative way:

• Long finger fractures.
• Proximal phalanx fractures.
• Regulation of finger deformation.
• Distortion / Sprain.
• To mobilize instead of immobilize after operation (fractures or other trauma).
• Conservative treatment of mallet-finger injuries.

It can also be sterilized by steam, ETOX or Gamma Rays.
Availble in natural and flesh colour in 10 cm and 1 m lenghts.

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Product category: Bandages in physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology


Universal bandage for support, protection and fixation.
4 meters roll of special poliurethane foam of particular density and shape covered with a cotton stockinette.
The packaging wich contains Velcro straps, enables a complete range of personalized bandagings for several uses. Available in 4 sizes.

• Short term cervical collar. •Decubitus prophilaxis and treatment.• Fixation during transport on stretchers. • Support and help for wheelchair patients.

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About us

Company details

YANGA has been established in 1974, as a manufacturer of tubular bandages for:

• CLINICS (physiotherapy, rehabilitation, orthopaedic, physiatric)
A strong R&D activity, supported by advanced technology, has brought during the last years to a production of bandages very close to the necessities of the users.

With the traditional bandages, YANGA also manufactures and sells some particular products for particular purpose, i.e.:


As a leader in the manufacture of Tubular Bandages, the quality policy of YANGA is to ensure patients receive the maximum benefit from all YANGA products by continuous products improvement and an active Research and Development program. At the moment we are developing new drug releasing bandages.

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