Datrend Systems Inc. of Richmond, BC at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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Datrend Systems Inc.

130 - 4020 Viking Way, V6V 2L4 Richmond, BC
Telephone +1 604 291-7747
Fax +1 604 294-2355

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 11): stand J45

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 11

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.09  Hospital equipment, care equipment
  • 01.09.15  Other equipment for hospital and care

Other equipment for hospital and care

Our products

Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

Infutest 2000 RSM - Remote Sensor Module

  • Quickly and easily add two additional channels to Infutest 2000
  • Automatically assigns Channels C and D
  • No software to upgrade
  • No configuration – Simply plug and go
The Flexibility You Need
Use Infutest 2000 RSM with your Infutest 2000 when you need it and store it when you don’t. Simply plug in the Infutest 2000 RSM to add two channels to Infutest 2000 E Series. Infutest 2000 RSM gives you more options.

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Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

Infutest 2000 - Dual-Channel Infusion Device Analyzer

  • Test all types – dual-rate, pulsatile flow, and PCA infusion pumps
  • Analyze up to four channels simultaneously
  • Unique “Synchro-Start” function – optimize IV Pump and Analyzer accuracy
The Best Solution for Infusion Device Inspection
Simultaneously inspect up to four single channel IV pumps or four independent channels of a multi-channel device in just seconds with our Infutest 2000 and optional RSM. Better than 1% accuracy on all pumps, including Baxter Colleague and Alaris® Signature.

Conduct the full range of flow, pressure, volume and interval tests on practically any fluid delivery system including single rate, dual rate, and patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) devices. These tests are performed following easy-to-use manual or auto sequence formats using the front panel keypad and graphical display.

Work Smarter
Interface Infutest 2000E to our vPad series of Electrical Safety Analyzers*, ES601Plus Automated Safety Analyzer or other test systems such as a medTester 5000C with IVPUMP auto sequence option.

Add Infutest RSM for immediate upgrade to a four-channel analyzer. No need to send your Infutest in for a factory upgrade.

*vPad-ES/ES2/Rugged/Rugged 2

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Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

Infutest Solo - Single Channel Infusion Device Analyzer

  • Lightweight – Battery-Operated
  • Auto-Test Function
  • Cost Effective
Highly Accurate and Cost-Effective Single-Channel Analyzer
Infutest Solo meets the needs of customers who desire a highly accurate infusion device analyzer capable of a measuring infusion device output flow patterns, including pulsatile flows, but can manage their work load with a cost-effective single-channel analyzer.

Memory Storage for up to 120 Tests
The Infutest Solo has internal memory storage for up to 120 test records. You can further expand testing capabilities by connecting the Infutest Solo to vPad* or ES601 Plus Electrical Safety Analyzers by running full auto sequences.

Store and Transfer Data Easily
When not connected to the ES601 Plus, it’s still easy to get information about the device under test into Solo. Just use the front panel keypad to enter or connect an external barcode reader to scan the control number of the pump you are testing. Store the test results on all of the pumps you process, then transfer the test data to the Infutest Solo PC Utility Software at your convenience via USB or RS-232. It’s that easy!

*vPad-ES/ES2/Rugged/Rugged 2

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Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

venTest - A compact, portable and easy-to-use device for testing ventilators and anaesthetic delivery systems of virtually any type

  • Its compact design makes it suitable for testing Ventilators and Anaesthetic systems of virtually any type
  • Equipped with an internal rechargeable battery, enabling mobile operation without a mains connection
  • On-board Graphical Display enables the generation of Pressure and Flow waveforms without the need of a laptop
  • Optional multi-gas analyzer
  • User-defined test procedures and associated report forms can be stored and retrieved from the removable SD card or USB external memory
Accuracy and Portability
venTest is designed to accurately test the performance of Ventilators and Anaesthetic systems.

Data analysis and waveforms are generated on-board and displayed on its 7″ touch screen display – no need to carry around a laptop.

With a small footprint and internal rechargeable battery, venTest is a very portable Ventilator Test System.

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Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

vPad-Rugged 2

  • Designed for the Field Service Engineering Community
  • Built-in Crush Proof case
  • Easy-to-read graphics and reports
  • Wireless Interface to Corporate CMMS System
  • Automated and Manual Electrical Safety Testing per IEC 62353, AAMI/ANSI ES-1, NFPA-99 2012 and IEC 60601
  • Available in Black, Orange, Green, Silver, Tan, and Lime
vPad‐Rugged 2 is much more than an Electrical Safety Analyzer ‐ it’s the heart of managing your Preventative Maintenance.

Using one of our CMMS Interface Apps, work orders can be downloaded at the start of the day. Automated Preventive Maintenance routines ensure that PMs are consistently carried out per OEM requirements. Completed PM records are uploaded to your CMMS to automate closure of open work orders.

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Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

vPad-ES 2 - A New Era in Test Device User Interfacing

The vPad series of electrical safety testing devices combines an Android tablet (wired or wireless) with a measurement platform to create a revolutionary test system. The measurement platform provides the normal assortment of electrical measurements (voltage, current and resistance) of the commonly used medical Electrical Safety Standards.
Unprecedented usability and scalability.
vPad‐ES 2 is the desktop version of the vPad-Rugged 2, both systems having the same feature set. It has been designed for users that do not normally need to move from location to location but still require a high level of automation and CMMS connectivity.

With a large 10.1″ (1920 x 1200) color display, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth connectivity, USB, 32GB memory and much more, the Android tablet provides unprecedented usability and scalability for a test instrument.

  • Use the many benefits of Android tablet technology to optimize safety analysis
  • Save time, save money, save manpower!
  • Automate test sequences
  • Eliminate human error
  • Easy-to-read graphics and reports

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Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

vPad-Mini™ - Manual Electrical Safety Analyzer

vPad-Mini™ enables Clinical and Field Service Engineers to quickly perform basic electrical safety checks on all types of medical equipment, ranging from beds to patient monitors with applied parts.
vPad-Mini™ is a small, manually-operated electrical safety analyzer providing an entry-level feature set.

Although simple and easy to use, vPad-Mini™ is nonetheless capable of performing many of the tests specified in electrical safety standards such as AAMI-ES1, NFPA 99, IEC 60601, IEC 62353 and IEC 61010.

Providing a watertight rugged plastic case and a user interface based on a 5″ Android smartphone, vPad-Mini™ is based on the existing vPad Rugged product. Although significantly smaller than vPad Rugged, vPad-Mini™ provides the same 20 ampere rating and measurement accuracy.

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Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

ES601 Plus - Automated Electrical Safety Analyzer

  • Comply with any Safety test standard worldwide
  • Save time, save money, save manpower!
  • Automate test sequences
  • Eliminate human error
A New Generation of System Connectivity
The large, graphical touchscreen display provides excellent visibility with a full QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad for data input for unprecedented ease of use.

ES601PC Companion Software
Unleash the full potential of your ES601Plus with our ES601pc Companion Software. Simply install ES601pc and you’re ready to customize your ES601Plus to handle all your automated testing. ES601pc comes standard with your safety analyzer and allows you to view and print test reports and to customize all aspects of test automation, including safety, ECG, tester and PM checklist procedures.

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Product category: Certification and testing of medical devices, quality assurance

Phase 3 - Defibrillator / Pacer Analyzer

  • Test all available defibrillators, including monophasic, biphasic, and pulse biphasic waveforms
  • Test AED’s and pacers
  • 32 Autosequences – Save time, save money, save manpower
  • Lightweight – battery operated
Test Pulsed Multiphasic Defibrillators
Phase 3 is the first Defibrillator/Pacer Analyzer specifically designed to test Pulsed Multiphasic defibrillators. Test Monophasic, Biphasic and Pulsed Multiphasic Defibrillators, AEDs and Transcutaneous Pacers with 1% accuracy on either line or battery power. Battery provides up to 24 hours or continuous operation and detachable paddle plate provides easy hands-free testing.

Testing Capabilities
USB Communication capability allows real-time waveform capture and efficient data transfer to your PC. Capture high-resolution signal data to a PC running Phase3pc software. Store up to 80 test records and up to 10 defibrillator discharge waveforms as Wave Records.

Use Phase 3pc companion software to create and edit autosequences, download and store test data and wave graphics to your PC. Phase3pc companion software is included as a standard accessory.

Add our exclusive VLM (Variable Load Module) to test in accordance with AAMI DF-80 and IEC 60601-2-4.

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About us

Company details

State-of-the-art Biomedical Test Instrumentation

Datrend Systems Inc. is a Canadian based biomedical engineering company focused on developing and manufacturing leading edge biomedical instruments and solutions for hospitals, clinics, third party service organizations and medical device manufacturers.

Utilizing the latest technology, we develop comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Solutions to help our customers save time and money whilst meeting stringent regulatory requirements.

Datrend subscribes to the regulatory standards of CSA, UL, and the EU. Products are designed and manufactured following the quality system principles of ISO9001:1994 and FDA QSR/cGMP. Additionally, Datrend’s Quality System is registered to ISO13485:2016 by Intertek.

Since our launch in 1991, we have expanded to serve the global market with innovative products.

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