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Injection molding

  • 01  Manufacturing of components
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  • 01  Manufacturing of components
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Plastics processing full service

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Product design, product development

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Oct 9, 2019

Bringing smart solutions to Compamed 2019

Helmbrechts – Smart solutions for medical technology are front and center for the appearance of Raumedic at this year’s Compamed. Among other things, the company will present the prototype of a new tubing system for artificial respiration at its booth 8A/F28 from November 18 through 21.

Intelligent tubing system for artificial respiration

At the heart of this innovation is a two-piece plastic connector that joins the heated tubing with the respiratory mask. The reusable electronic base features a visual alarm function that activates as soon as the respiratory gas exceeds a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. An integrated microcontroller also monitors the connected respiratory tubing so that it doesn’t exceed the prescribed usage duration of a maximum of seven days. The blue blinking LED light allows the clinic’s care staff to promptly determine from a distance that the disposable material needs to be replaced.

A digital calling card in the second component of the connector will store production-specific information in the future. “We are still working on the exact design of the disposable component, and of course we want to focus on the needs of the users as we do so,” says innovation manager Dr. Thomas Ruhland, who holds the reins of this development project at Raumedic.

Medical silicone components – not just for ophthalmology

Proof that silicone offers many advantages for medical applications due to its material properties can be found in several product examples from the medical technology company. At the Raumedic booth, visitors will be able to see tubing, syringe plungers and sealing elements made from silicone as well as silicone solutions for ophthalmology. Among its products for eye care, the company produces silicone sleeves, injectors for inserting intraocular lenses and tubing sets for laser-assisted cataract operations.

PVC-free plastic solutions on the rise

Against the backdrop that many manufacturers of medical devices are increasingly seeking out PVC alternatives, Raumedic has developed a range of PVC-free plastic solutions. For instance, a new coextruded tubing made from EVA and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), and a TPE drip chamber are ideally suited for gravity infusion kits, as Dr. Ralf Ziembinski, Head of the Tubing Business Unit, explains. “This development can be used for the administration of parenteral nutrition or medication, as well as for transfusions,” he points out.

Tube sets for transplant medicine

Using the liver transplant device "Metra", from the British company OrganOx as an example, Raumedic will put its expertise in accessories for transplant medicine to the test. Visitors to the booth will be able to see firsthand how the device interacts with the complex tubing system from Raumedic.

Raumedic at Medica

The Helmbrechts-based company will also be represented at the medical fair Medica, taking place parallel to Compamed. At booth G42 in hall 11, the Clinic Business Team will present a range of products including the Neurovent measuring catheter, a device that can simultaneously measure intracranial pressure, the temperature and oxygen partial pressure inside the brain.

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Oct 7, 2019

Raumedic advances the development of PVC-free plastic solutions

Helmbrechts – Medical technology manufacturer Raumedic is intensifying its focus on PVC-free plastic solutions. The company has developed a range of components made from alternative materials without plasticizers that can be used in transfusions, for pump applications or in gravity kits for parenteral infusion systems, for example. 

“More and more frequently, the market is demanding plasticizer-free PVC alternatives that should nevertheless have PVC-like properties,” Dr. Ralf Ziembinski, Head of the Tubing Business Unit at Raumedic, has observed. For medical and pharmaceutical tubing, the manufacturer can offer polypropylene and polyurethane, for example. Both materials are drug tolerable, although their use must be considered on a case-by-case basis before the products are developed. “As plastic specialists, we provide extensive guidance when selecting materials,” explains the chemist. 

When a more cost-efficient alternative to soft PP and PUR is needed, coextrusion could be a solution, suggests Ziembinski. For instance, Raumedic can offer a newly developed two-layer tubing made from EVA and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) as one alternative to PVC. While the material combination is about one-quarter more expensive than PVC, medical device manufacturers will benefit from one critical advantage: “The outer layer of the tubing made from SBR can be easily glued, which plays a key role during secondary processing,” says Ziembinski. 

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Sep 18, 2019

Raumedic helps implement the new Medical Device Regulation

Helmbrechts – The three-year transition period for the new European Medical Device Regulation is drawing to a close. Starting in May 2020, manufacturers of medical devices will face significant changes in approval processes. Both new and previously approved devices will be subject at this point to the EU-wide Medical Device Regulation (MDR). 

Raumedic is already well-versed in the tougher requirements of the new regulation. Reiner Thiem, the Head of the Regulatory Affairs Department at the Helmbrechts-based medical technology company, said: “We have intensively worked over the last three years to gain an understanding of the new regulatory landscape.” As part of this effort, Raumedic has constantly adapted its own processes and the materials it uses to the requirements of the new MDR as well as satisfactorily validated and qualified them. 

The company has also been providing targeted help to its customers so that they will also be able to operate in the new legal environment. “When a manufacturer orders components from us and wants to have the final product registered in accordance with the new regulations, we actively provide our help,” Thiem said. “We can make sure that the relevant information and documents for authorization, as regulated in our joint agreement, are provided.”   

About the new EU Medical Device Regulation
The European Parliament passed the new Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 in 2017. The regulation will take effect on May 26, 2020, following a three-year transition period. The new regulation, or MDR, will replace the current Directive on Medical Devices (93/42/EEC) from 1993 and the Directive on Active Implantable Medical Devices (90/385/EEC) from 1990.

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Jul 31, 2019

Raumedic improves the sliding properties of thermoplastic products

Helmbrechts – With a new biocompatible additive, Raumedic is working to further enhance the sliding properties of medical plastic components. The mechanical and chemical characteristics of the base material should be maintained in the process. The medical technology company, which is also a producer of medical-grade plastic compounds, has tested a new additive in combination with a base polymer for over six months.

The new material can be added to thermoplastic elastomers, polyamides, polystyrenes and polyolefins. This mix of materials significantly lowers the coefficient of friction, a step that improves sliding properties. Comparison studies of extrudates with and without a sliding additive found that the additive had no significant effect on such parameters as dimension stability, flow rate and tensile strength.

Radiopaque settings and customized color finishes should also be possible with the material. “We see tremendous improvement potential for our catheter products because they are easier to introduce into the body thanks to their reduced gliding force,” said Dr. Katharina Neumann, the Head of the Materials Chemistry department at Raumedic. “Existing guidewires can be removed more easily as well.”

With the help of the new material combination, syringe systems could be optimized, among other things. “The additive can be used for all applications in which plastic has to glide well on plastic,” Dr. Katharina Neumann said in explaining the usage areas. Potential application areas include regional anesthesia, drug delivery and minimally invasive surgery.

The new material combination also has the potential to significantly lower costs, Dr. Katharina Neumann said. “Thermoplastic PTFE is relatively expensive,” she said. “Our new compound could be a lower-cost alternative.” For this reason, companies should take a close look at the material before they begin their actual product-development work, Dr. Katharina Neumann added.

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Jul 3, 2019

Raumedic joins Medical Valley EMN e.V.

Helmbrechts/Erlangen – The medical technology company Raumedic has become a member of the northern Bavarian medical cluster Medical Valley EMN e.V. More than 200 key players in the Nuremberg metropolitan area have bundled their expertise in this Erlangen-based network. 

By closely linking academia, companies, hospitals and nursing facilities to the innovative power of small and medium-sized enterprises, the cluster is working to clear the way for needs-based medical and medical technology solutions. Jörg Trinkwalter, a member of the management team at Medical Valley, underscored this goal during a visit he made to the Raumedic headquarters in June. 

“Given the proximity to our locations in Feuchtwangen and Helmbrechts, joining Medical Valley was pretty much a no-brainer for us,” said Stefan Seuferling, the Chairman of the Executive Board at Raumedic AG. The medical technology company that manufactures polymer solutions for the international medical technology and pharmaceutical industry is primarily interested in conducting an active dialogue with other members of the network, the Chairman said in explaining why the company entered the new partnership. “It never hurts to look beyond the horizon,” Seuferling said. “Our customers will ultimately profit from our activities here.”

Dr. Thomas Ruhland, Raumedic Innovation Manager, added: “On the other hand, members of the network can benefit from our many years of experience as a development partner for the medical technology and pharmaceutical industry.” The Helmbrechts-based company is an expert in all key areas of product development: from material selection, product concept and prototype construction to series production.

About Medical Valley EMN e.V.

Medical Valley EMN e.V. was established in 2007 and maintains offices in Erlangen, Forchheim, Bamberg and Weiden. It is one of 15 excellence clusters in Germany that were selected by the German Ministry of Education and Research – and the only one in the area of medical technology. 

The network works in particular to help its member companies with innovation processes – from the product idea to market readiness. Medical Valley assists with funding acquisition and provides advisory services related to it. The association also helps identify and find clinical partners as well as answer questions related to product approval. In addition, the cluster supports efforts to gain access to international markets and offers a large range of events and professional training opportunities. 

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Human health is at the core of RAUMEDIC Group's business. The company specializes in processing medical-grade thermoplastic polymers and silicones at five production sites in Germany and the United States.

As a partner of the international medical technology and pharmaceutical industry, the polymer specialist develops and produces customized components for customers, including tubing, catheters and molded parts as well as complex groups of components and systems for diagnostic and therapeutic uses. For the clinical areas of neuro-monitoring and traumatology, RAUMEDIC produces high-precision pressure-measuring systems with microchip technology. In doing so, it plays a key role in safe patient care around the world.

With 70 years of experience in the areas of extrusion, injection molding and assembly, the company with a global workforce of 800 people turns customer ideas into mature products. The foundation of this work is formed by a quality management system based on ISO 13485 and clean room manufacturing on an area of 107,000 square feet (10,000 square meters) based on ISO 14644 (class 7).

Its global sales network and its own distribution companies in core markets ensure that medical and pharmaceutical customers as well as end users in hospitals and doctors’ offices have a high level of product availability at all times.

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