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25 Norman Way, Over, CB24 5QE Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Gambica Association Limited

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry testing, immunology testing
  • 03.02.01  Immuno assay testing

Our products

Product category: Immuno assay testing


Powered by Lightning-Link®
Immunoassays are the gold-standard method for the detection of proteins and biomarkers in discovery processes. However, ELISA development usually involves costly plate coating, antibody pair screening, long development and optimization times, and variable success rates. These limitations are now solved by CaptSure DIY ELISA.

CaptSure DIY ELISA is the latest cutting-edge ELISA kit with a built-in system for antibody labeling, enabling the rapid and easy development of in-house ELISAs using any antibody pair while eliminating the need to perform plate coating procedures.

Furthermore, the CaptSure DIY ELISA enables you to reduce the amount of capture antibody required, the ability to measure different targets on the same plate with different assay antibody pairs, and streamline your ELISA to a single-wash format if desired.

The CaptSure DIY ELISA optimized protocol results in faster ELISA development, reduced overall costs, and a greater assay flexibility to increase the research output with a reduced chance of error.

How does CaptSure DIY ELISA work?

CaptSure DIY ELISA is powered by the combination of Expedeon’s proprietary CaptSure and Lightning-Link technologies.

Unlike standard ELISA systems, the CaptSure DIY ELISA kit has a ready-to-go CaptSure assay plate, pre-coated with our CaptSure antibody, which is specific for the CaptSure peptide. The capture antibody is quickly and easily conjugated with the Lightning-Link CaptSure peptide supplied within the kit.  Once added to the plate, the interaction between the CaptSure antibody and the CaptSure peptide immobilizes the immuno-complex to the plate.

The detection antibody is similarly conjugated with HRP using the Lightning-Link HRP conjugation reagent, also supplied in the kit. Thus, with minimal hands-on time, you can set up both of your antibodies to ensure the best performance of your ELISA.

Lightning-Link is the world’s fastest conjugation technology to label antibodies and proteins by targeting free amine groups. As amine groups are ubiquitous and numerous in antibodies, any antibody can be labeled with the Lightning-Link CaptSure peptide and Lightning-Link HRP kits.

This labeling protocol is comprised of just a few simple steps:

Resuspend the lyophilized Lightning-Link CaptSure peptide and Lightning-Link HRP with the solution of capture and detection antibodies, respectively;
Incubate each at room temperature for the specified times;
Quench the reactions, and your labeled capture and detection antibodies are ready to use for the ELISA.

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles

Enhance the signal on your LFA with our Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles:
Expedeon colloidal gold is developed using specialized techniques that enable the production of extremely uniform spherical particles with a very narrow size distribution, minimizing variability within your assay.
Our colloidal gold is available in various sizes, concentrations, and volumes for maximum flexibility.

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Lightning-Link® Antibody, Protein & Peptide Labeling Kits

Lightning-Link® is an innovative technology that enables direct labeling of antibodies or proteins for use in R&D applications, drug discovery and the development of diagnostic kits.

The kits are the world’s fastest, easiest to use and most efficient method of labeling antibodies or proteins. The kits require only 30 seconds hands-on time and there are no separation steps involved, meaning you will retain 100% of your materials.

Benefits of Lightning-Link® Labeling Technology:
Features & Benefits
Quick and easy to use – Save time, no special knowledge required
No separation steps – 100% recovery, no antibody / protein loss
Can be used in a wide range of applications – Flexible
Freeze dried – Ships at ambient temperature, long shelf life
Fully scalable (10ug to 1g or more) – Easy transfer from R&D to manufacturing
Stringently QC tested – Consistent high quality, excellent batch to batch reproducibility
Large number of labels available – Experimental flexibility
Reliable: nearly 300 references – Successfully used in many fields of research.

How Does Lightning-Link® Work?
The researcher simply pipettes the antibody or other biomolecule into a vial of lyophilized mixture containing the label of interest and incubates for either three hours (Lightning-Link range) or only 15 min (Lightning-Link Rapid range).

Despite its apparent simplicity, the Lightning-Link® process is sophisticated and generates conjugates with performance characteristics identical to, or better than, those prepared with laborious multistep conjugation procedures.

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Thunder-Link® PLUS Oligo Conjugation System

Thunder-Link® PLUS enables simple and rapid conjugation of antibodies to oligonucleotides, with high recovery of materials and a superior clean up procedure. The kit is quick and simple to use, overcoming time consuming and lengthy protocols associated with standard conjugation methods.

Thunder-Link® PLUS Features and Benefits:
Quick and easy to use – Save time, no specialist knowledge required
High levels of antibody and oligo recovery – Save precious reagents
Use your own oligo and antibody, at your desired ratio – Flexible
Freeze dried – Ships at ambient temperature, long shelf life
Stringently QC tested – Consistent high quality, excellent batch to batch reproducibility
Unidirectional chemistry – No risk of crosslinking
Covalent bond – Highly stable conjugates
Suitable for single stranded oligos of 10–120 bases, double stranded oligos up to 80 base pairs – Covers the majority of sequences
Linking chemistry works at both 5’ and 3’ end – Provides ability to combine with other modifications
Postconjugation clean up step – No interference from unbound oligo’s
Positive control antibody and oligo included – Enables confirmation of protocol success
A wide range of target proteins – Also applicable to antibody fragments and small proteins.

Advantages of Thunder-Link® PLUS:
Only 30 minutes antibody and oligo activation
Fast oligo conjugation – Now only one hour!
High antibody and oligo recovery
Robust and flexible clean up procedure (now works with antibody fragments and other proteins).

Main applications: immunoPCR, Proximity Ligation Assay, Electrochemical Proximity Assay, CITEseq and REAPseq.

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About us

Company details

What we do
Expedeon is a UK-based company specializing in development of next-generation tools for biological research, diagnostics, and drug discovery.

Our hallmark is to provide technologies that speed up our clients’ research. Expedeon has a breadth of products, including phosphoprotein ELISAs, rapid antibody labeling kits for HRP, biotin and other detection molecules, as well as precast electrophoresis gels and associated equipment.

With offices, laboratories and manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, Australia, Spain and Singapore, we are always within reach for your scientific needs.

Why we stand out
Our stringent QC processes promise high-quality products with excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility
Our products are rated 4.9/5 by our customers
Our technical support is rated over 9/10 by customers
We also offer tailored products and services to meet your requirements
We are ISO accredited to ensure high quality products and support
We dispatch 90% of orders placed within 48 hours

Supporting our customers

Fast global shipping
Delivery to over 200 countries
Expert technical support – response within 24 hours
In-house expertise supporting you through your application
Tailored custom services
Easy ordering online or via phone, email or fax
Online technical documentation and protocols
Online educational resources

Find us
Expedeon provides product, services and technical support to researchers and manufacturers globally. Our internal manufacturing and logistics facilities in the UK and US and our vast distribution network enable us to deliver fast and efficient delivery to customers worldwide.

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