Zeta Corporation of Gunpo City, Gyeonggi-do at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair

Zeta Corporation

103-506 SK Ventium, 166 Gosan-ro, 435-776 Gunpo City, Gyeonggi-do
Korea, Republic

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 3

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry testing, immunology testing
  • 03.02.04  Other equipment for immunochemistry and immunology

Our products

Product category: Other equipment for immunochemistry and immunology


Clamshell Laminator is a simple manually-operated unit designed to laminate various types of test materials. 

The unit works by an operator manually placing the laminating materials onto the top and bottom vacuum jig platen and closing them together for easy yet accurate lamination.

2 versions are available:

  • LCC-100:   For Immunoassay materials (membrane, sample/conjugate/absorbent pads and etc. onto a backing card
  • LSC-100:   For Glucose Assay materials (spacer, double-side adhesive, and/or cover film onto a printed base sheet)

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Product category: Other equipment for immunochemistry and immunology


LCI series is a line of semi-automatic systems designed for low to mid volume production facilities. The units are designed for laminating single to multiple materials (membrane, conjugate / sample / absorbent pads, and cover tape in roll form) onto manually fed plastic backing card.

As the backing with adhesion is loaded, each material is automatically and precisely laminated to its adjusted position one after another. When lamination is finished, an integrated cutter cuts the card and stacks the master (finished) card into a tray to complete the process.

The simple and easy-to-use units increase productivity while reducing material waste and contamination factors compared to manual lamination process. Variety of standard and customized systems are available that can process single or multiple materials simultaneously to suit varying production needs.

Semi-automatic system for increased production efficiency.
Mechanical operation reduces labor and material loss in comparison to manual operation.

Touch screen panel for easy setup and operation.
Simple adjustment settings of cutting points between cards.
Quick & easy removal of blades allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.
Designed to handle various backing card size and material.

Exceptional lamination accuracy (tolerance ± 0.2mm) ensures quality.
Built-in micrometers for precise fine-tuning of lamination position.
Specially coated blades for improved lifespan.

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Product category: Other equipment for immunochemistry and immunology


DM(I/G) System with its XYZ motion is a sophisticated dispensing instrument that offers the most flexibility in reagent application for the production of Immunoassay (DMI-000) or Glucose (DMG-000) test products.

PC control (Laptop included) allows for the ease of set-up and operation in which numerous programs can be stored and accessed. This sophisticated and versatile system is ideal for those who require specific to complex dispensing needs.

While the XYZ types can be used for both the Immunoassay and Glucose sectors, it is more widely used in the glucose sector for dispensing onto base glucose sheet. 
For Immunoassay application; this unit is effective for coating conjugate pad, but for the general mass production of line dispensing needs only, our PRECISION DISPENSER line (DCI system) may be more efficient.

  • High speed dispensing allows for increased productivity.
  • Divided multiple shots (dot dispensing) for more firm positioning of reagent on material surface and precise control of dispensing volume (Solenoid-valve type)
  • Dispensing pattern is freely adjusted via high-resolution XYZ positioning system.
  • Easy programmable parameter for dispensing volume, speed, length, pattern, and modes.
  • Numerous programs can be memorized as preset file in the PC.

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Product category: Other equipment for immunochemistry and immunology


DAG-120 is an in-line system which is designed for automatic and continuous processing of reagent dispensing in line or dot. In addition to the dispensing module, the system is integrated with vision inspection (optional) and drying modules for the most optimized dispensing requirement in terms of production efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability.

The entire operation is automatic and hands-free for the maximum production benefit.

  • Non-stop continuous automatic process for the ultimate production benefits
  • Vision inspection and defect marking for absolute quality control (optional)
  • Precision temperature controller for dry oven
  • Built-in pump cleaning device
  • Easy dispensing control by the use of multi-channel pump
  • Accurate dispensing volume by the use of precision-grade pump
  • Convenient dispensing volume calibration by the use of conical tube

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Product category: Other equipment for immunochemistry and immunology


Rotary Slitter is a robust cutting instrument which is designed to slit a wide range of rapid test materials, typically of finished cards/uncut sheets/glucose rows into final strip forms. This powerful unit equipped with rotary blade type features an ultra-fast cutting operation that yields high throughput as well as production efficiency.

The simple yet highly efficient unit works by manually loading the card into the blades (card length and strip width determines blade count) for a swift slitting action. At less than a second, the cut strips are discharged onto a collection tray or down the chute (optional) for quick and convenient collection into a bottle. The blade head can be easily removed and *swapped for cutting different width size.

(*Does not apply to RCG-100)


  • Increased productivity: Entire card is cut into strips instantly in one pass.
  • Solid construction with top quality components for durability.
  • Specially developed blade types for optimized cutting of different materials.
  • Specially coated blades for improved lifespan.
  • Built-in anti-static Ionizer reduces strip sticking issue due to static cling.


  • Simple operation and low maintenance provides for hassle-free usage.
  • Easy removal of blade head for different cutting requirement (*RCG-100 excluded).
  • Convenient QC access: As the cut strips are uniformly spread out on the collection tray, defects in strips (improper dispense coating, gluing, length, etc.) can easily be identified for removal.

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Product category: Other equipment for immunochemistry and immunology


SAIA-210 semi-automatic system is comprised of several modules that automatically process and assemble multiple base test components to produce the final product of rapid test device.

The system automatically cuts card into strips, places them inside bottom devices (manually fed), places top devices onto the bottom piece, presses them together, and then are discharged to collection bin to complete the assembly process.

The integral inspection system make sure that only the “good” test devices pass through the assembly process while the “bad or NG” (substandard grade) are automatically discarded. This smart with its cutting-edge system ensures maximum production output and quality.

The system is essentially the same as AIB-300 (fully-automatic) except for the Bowl Feeder module that automatically feeds devices (Cassettes). Therefore, for this model, 2 persons are required to manually feed the devices to the machine.

*For customers requiring fewer workers, Auto-Feeding magazine can be added as an option.

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Product category: Other equipment for immunochemistry and immunology


Dip & Dry System is a fully-automatic roll to roll system developed for reagent treatment of membrane or other test materials (conjugate/sample pad). The system’s integral un-winder, dip tank, dry chambers, re-winder, and splitter (OAU-300 excluded) works continuously in unison to fulfill the entire dip & dry process.

The system works by dipping the *wide roll material into a dip tank where the material gets immersed in reagent. The now wet material travels through a series of individually temperature regulated drying chambers for effective drying process. Continuously, the dried material of the wide roll is cut and split into multiple narrow strips in which then gets re-wound onto individual reels to complete the process.

The finished treated roll is now ready for the next mfg. phase of lamination process. The entire process is done automatically and mechanically for maximum production efficiency and product quality.

*The standard OASI-300 is designed to process the full wide roll of 300mm width for maximum production output. For customers requiring less production output, the Dip & Dry system can be downsized (OASI-300M) to suit different production volume needs.

1) Automatic temperature control of reagent by built-in heater/cooler.
2) Automatic level control of reagent by pump and timer (or level sensor).
3) Automatic tension control for uniform payout tension of pad material.

1) Drying chamber(s) with individual temperature controls.
2) Adjustable temp. control with auto shut-off to prevent overheating.
3) Built-in dehumidifier (Desiccant Rotor) for humidity reduction.
4) Optimized air-flow control design for drying efficiency.
5) Rust-resistant stainless steel for all contact points of rollers, hangers, chamber interior.
6) Quick & Easy detaching roller housing via provided hand cart allows for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

1) Motor: Servo Motor – Adjustable speed control
2) Exchangeable Blade Head for different cut width and material type.
3) EPC (Edge Position Controller) automatically prevents uneven edge cuts.
4) Powder Clutch for continual tension of split material.
5) Blade Type: Rotary Ring Knife (Tempered steel w. Special coating, Rockwell Hardness: HRC59~60)

1) Slip type winder ensures even roll-ups for all individual reels.
2) Pitch-divide guide roller for correct alignment during wind-up.
3) Tension controller for uniform tension during wind-up.

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Product category: Other equipment for immunochemistry and immunology


• For drying pad material, device, and etc.
• Superior uniformity and stability
• Easy and convenient operation
• High quality door sealing
• Highly safe viewing window
• Overrun temperature & current protection and sensor error detection

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About us

Company details

Zeta Corporation is one of the leading manufacturer of equipment for the production of diagnostic test strips, biosensors, and biochips. We offer a broad range of machines for various applications and requirements, from standardized and affordable units for R&D institutions to highly sophisticated and fully-customized automated systems for mass-production facilities and those in between.

Using our core technologies and through constant innovation, our machines have been engineered and developed to meet the highest demands of our international customers in delivering exceptional performance and reliability with special emphasis on making our systems as simple as possible for user-friendly operations and for the ease of maintenance.

Our commitment to provide cost-effective and value-added machines with sound business practice, grounded in trust and integrity, have allowed us a reputable standing in the global market. Today, our line of laminators, dispensers, cutters, bottling systems, and automatic assemblers are being used by more than 230 satisfied customers in 38 countries worldwide.

Under the slogan of “Maximizing customer’s growth”, Zeta will continually devote itself to develop effective and differentiated systems for the benefit of our customers to realize their production objectives.

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