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Ginolis Ltd.

Automaatiotie 1, 90460 Oulunsalo

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Timo Jauhiainen

Sales Director Europe

+358 50 386 5525


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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Lateral Flow Device Assembly

Ginolis Lateral Flow Device Assembly (LFDA) is a standard system for the fully automated assembly and packaging of rapid tests.

Standard LFDA solution is capable of assembling different test variants and products on the same line.

Vision guided robot operation, and quality inspection provides high-quality assurance.

Additional cells for multiple test strips, RFID tags, printing, labelling, ultrasonic welding, cap assembly and pouching.

Main Features
  • High quality assurance
  • Compact size
  • Easy integration of additional modules

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB) Pump

High precision non-contact dispensing pump kit suitable for dispensing volumes as low as 1 nL

The Ginolis Piezo Motor Bellows (PMB) pump starter kit is suitable for high precision non-contact dispensing of volumes as low as 1 nL. Ideal for both introductory and advanced applications, the kit includes everything you need to get started: pump, degasser, tubing, valves, and ceramic dispensing tips.

Dispense down to single nanoliters with solenoid dispensing valve and ceramic tip.

  • Extremely long lifetime due to no friction parts. No need to replacement seals and other wear materials.
  • Integrated sensor for clog and leak detection, air in fluid line detection, pump pre-pressurizing, and automated monitoring of pressure stabilization during pre-dispensing.
  • Programable Ginger software is equipped with automated priming function and real-time status monitoring. Operate in bulk and aspiration modes.

<1% CV (>50 nl)
<3% CV (@50 nl)
<8% (@2,5nl)

(Precision is dependent on the conditions and the liquid in use)

Starter kit includes:

  • PMB Pump: PMB150Se or PMB1500Se
  • Degasser
  • FEP tubing (two 40 cm lengths + connectors)
  • Valves (x2)
  • Ceramic tips (x2)
  • Optional upgrade: drop verification camera, backlight and mount

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Cecilia Dispenser

Extremely accurate non-contact dispensing and aspirating platform 

Cecilia can be configured with up to four Ginolis PMB pumps and dispensing tips. The platform offers smooth and consistent dispensing of reagents and fluids on a compact scale.

Integrated PMB pump technology provides dispensing volumes from 1000µl down to single nanoliters.

Customizable jig for wide variety of applications including lateral flow membrane striping, microfluidic chip/cartridge printing and micro titer plate liquid handling.

  • Applications
  • On-the-fly spotting
  • Array printing
  • Lateral flow membrane striping
  • Microfluidic chip printing
  • Microtiter plate liquid handling

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Fastlap Quality Inspection

Fastlap is a fast, accurate and fully automated inspection unit for syringes, pipette tips and vials

The Fastlap inspection unit can process up to 12 000 units per hour and can be used for multiple applications, such as inspecting syringes, pipette tips, vials or tubes.

Machine vision-based inspection enables contamination detection down to 0.1 mm2. Fastlap’s configurations meet a cleanroom Class 5 requirement.

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Pixie Quality Inspection Platform

3-D Metrology for automation. Pixie is a standard system for automated optical quality inspection.

Pixie can be configured with 2 to 5 servo driven axis movement and the high-speed measurement capabilities make it suitable for inline and stand-alone solutions.

Ginolis provides a unique combination of flexibility and competence in automation and metrology. Tailor-made software and hardware solutions to meet customer specifications.

Speed and Accuracy
Production speed measurement and analysis for inline quality inspection. Surface topography and intensity can be sampled up to 2.5 kHz at sub-micro level.  

Customized automated solutions to meet customer-specific needs. Combine with an additional motorized stage, pick and place robot or integrated statistical process control (SPC).

Surface Types
Measure all materials and colours; Glossy, matte, mirror-like finishes and curved and multi-layered transparent surfaces.

Applications Possibilities
Dimension measurements for thickness, step height, diameter, positioning, flatness, profile, gap, contour comparison and roughness. Visual defects such as spots, impurities, scratches, air bubbles, voids and foil continuity.

  • Standard Configurations
  • Optical sensor
  • Servo controlled XY table
  • Focal height adjustment
  • Software
Sensors: FocalSpec Optical Sensors

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Delilah Automation Platform

Delilah is a multi-functional automation platform for diagnostic test manufacturing and laboratory processes.

Ginolis Delilah increases process productivity by introducing multi-functional high accuracy operation within a compact footprint. The desktop size gives its users significant cost saving in cleanroom operation.

To ensure flawless and high-quality operation, versatile machine vision systems are available for accurate positioning and quality control.

Ginger Software Platform
Delilah is operated and controlled with Ginger software. Centralized machine vision and an intuitive user interface provide operators with process guidance, critical alerts and real-time status information.

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Xanthia Automation Platform

Xanthia is a modular automation platform for production and processing of micro components, diagnostics and medical device products.

Xanthia platform offers fast, accurate and precise operation on a compact scale. The platform utilizes Ginolis’ Intelligent Transfer Unit system. The multi-functional transfer system uses magnetized carriers to move components along a glass platform.

The easy to clean and maintain system promotes a clean environment critical for medical device and diagnostics assembly.

Xanthia is operated and controlled with Ginger software. Centralized machine vision and an intuitive user interface provide operators with process guidance, critical alerts and real-time status information.

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Product category: Diagnostic rapid tests

Ginger Software

Higher level object-oriented script language with real-time engine (PLC) and editor (IDE)

Ginolis’ automated solutions are operated and controlled with our Ginger software platform.

Hardware Independent 
  • Accessible from any web browser.
  • Equipped with centralized machine vision and RFID capability.
  • The graphical user interface is easy-to-use and provides operators process guidance, critical alerts, notifications and real-time status information.
Main specifications
  • Embedded industrial PC (Win 7 Pro, Windows 10 IoT)
  • Wirleless tablet based User Interface
  • Machine vision system
  • Supports multiple languages

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About us

Company details

From standard products to customized systems, Ginolis offers an extensive range of solutions based on its modular automation platforms. The company boasts patents in dispensing, micro fabrication and precision robotics.

Established in 2010, Ginolis privately owned and headquartered in Oulu, Finland. The company is privileged to work in co-operation with many of the world’s leading diagnostic companies.

We are constantly looking for partners from all around the world: integrators, dealers/distributors, and representatives.

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