TRIDENT Srl. of Castenedolo at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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Via Artigiani 4, 25014 Castenedolo
Telephone +39 03 02732485
Fax +39 03 02731647

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 10): stand C78

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 10

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical Equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.02  Imaging supplies
  • 01.02.03  X-ray devices and accessories

Our products

Product category: X-ray devices and accessories


The X-View family begins with the entry-level model X-VIEW 2D PAN. This unit uses a very small dose of radiation to capture the entire mouth in one image including the teeth, upper and lower jaws, surrounding structures and tissues. Is ideal for dentists and oral surgeons in everyday practice and may be used to plan treatment for dentures, braces, extractions and implants.
X-View 2D PAN is available in two versions, Only PAN and Upgradable PAN.
Sensor TDI CCD
DC high-frequency generator
151 x 6, 9 mm sensor active area
0.5 mm focal spot

Standard Panoramic
  • Adult Standard Panoramic
  • Child Standard Panoramic
  • Adult Right/Left Hemi Panoramic
  • Child Right/Left Hemi Panoramic
  • Adult/Child Frontal dentition
  • Adult/Child TMJ open/close mouth
  • Reduced dose Panoramic
  • Improved Orthogonality
  • Right/Left Bitewing
  • Right to left bitewing
  • Exposure time of 14.8 s for children and 15.5 s for adult
  • 15 x 30 cm 2D Panoramic

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories


This  is a 2D PAN unit fitted with an arm and a second image detector for the Ceph function.

Two detectors for improved reliability
Convenient patient positioning for better treatment
Single shot cephalometric technology

Standard Panoramic
  • Adult/Child Standard Panoramic
  • Adult/Child Right/Left Hemi Panoramic
  • Adult/Child Frontal Dentition
  • Adult/ChildTMJ open/close mouth
Optional Panoramic
  • Reduced dose Panoramic
  • Improved Orthogonality
  • Right or Left Bitewing
  • Bitewing right to left

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories


Trident introduces the most advanced CBCT- Cone Beam Computed Tomography- technology for the acquisition of volumetric images of the dental arch.
Along with its exceptional 3D imaging capabilities, X-View 3DPAN also features 2D digital panoramic imaging and can be upgraded to include one-shot cephalometric system.

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories


The exclusive CBCT three-in-one system enables to perform every kind of exam. Featuring both, 2D panoramic modality and exceptional detail 3D images, also offers an optimal single shot cephalometric unit.

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

READER Phosphor Plate Scanner

Connect Reader directly to your computer and start scanning; once you insert the plate into the slot, Reader automatically recognizes the plate’s size and HD images will be in your computer in few seconds. Three LED lights will indicate the status of the process.
Reader has an inner power supply adaptor to work from 100 to 220 V.
Sensor TDI CCD
Reader does not need big spaces for installation. The whole system is wonderfully compact, measuring 17 x 19 x 30 cms only.

Reader delivers highly precise digital images to any PC in less than 20 seconds: Only ten seconds to scan and five seconds to clean the plates for a new image.
Reader is a cost-effective option for any practice. It perfectly works with your traditional AC or DC X-Ray generator, providing high quality images for accurate diagnosis.
Reader enables getting clear HD images repeatedly using the same plate, with no film processing extra cost: No chemicals, film processor or dark room needed.

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Product category: X-ray devices and accessories

SOLE Class B Autoclave 17 and 22 litres

Because sterilization is not an option, Trident offers you the new SOLE, the class B autoclave developed for your safety.

SOLE is a Class B autoclave with a simple and elegant design. Easy to operate and highly efficient, with a modern automatic opening door system and adaptable software® exclusively designed for Trident.

Depending on the characteristics of the load to be sterilised, SOLE offers 12 different sterilisation cycles to choose from, including the class B cycles and two programmable, customisable cycles compliant with the minimum regulatory standards in force in terms of the type of vacuum, exposure time and drying time.
SOLE has 3 testing and validation cycles: vacuum test, helix test and B&D test.
The rapid cycle sterilises appropriately packed hollow and porous materials in just 28 minutes

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About us

Company details

Welcome to Trident
I have devoted my life to develop a wide range of ideas and projects in the dental industry; over the years I witnessed technological innovations that lead the way to create stunning products which changed the dental practice.

My career boasts a series of successful names in the areas of sterilisation, radiology and dental units. And now I would like to present my latest project, Trident, the result of my experience and enthusiasm for working with a young, dynamic and highly qualified team.

Together, we have developed a series of products compliant with the very highest standards in terms of design and functionality, which we would like to share with you all.

Welcome to the future, today.

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