Ratiolab GmbH of Dreieich at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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Ratiolab GmbH

Am Siebenstein 12, 63303 Dreieich
Telephone +49 6103 30025-0
Fax +49 6103 30025-66

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 1): stand A15

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 1

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Laboratory Technology
  • 02.07  Glass, plastic, metal laboratory items

Our products

Product category: Glass, plastic, metal laboratory items

Slamed Pipets

Pipetting is one of the most frequently used applications in laboratories. This is not only where precision and reliability are important, users also need products that are ergonomic, light and convenient.

Pipette L / Pipette OLV / Pipette OL: The volume range from 0.1µl up to 10 ml is covered by respectively 10 models of the variable pipettes.

Pipette CP: The volume range from 2µl up to 1000µl is covered by 33 models of the fixed volume pipette.

Pipette ME/MT: The volume range from 1µl up to 300µl is covered by respectively 4 models of the multichannel pipettes.

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Product category: Glass, plastic, metal laboratory items

Micro Centrifuge

Space- and energy-saving micro centrifuge with adequate power for routine centrifugations.

• speed 7000 /min, max RCF 2680 x g
• lid must be closed for operation mode
• safety: the lid can only be opened when the rotor is not rotating
• rapid start and stop within seconds
• power supply AC100-240V/50Hz/60Hz
• diameter 150 mm, height 117 mm, weight 0.5 kg
• 1 year guarantee
• supplied complete with two rotors:
rotor 1 for: 8 microcentrifuge tubes 0.5 ml till 2.0ml
rotor 2 for: 16 microcentrifuge tubes 0.2 ml or two pcr strips of 8 tubes 0.2 ml

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Product category: Glass, plastic, metal laboratory items


Coagulometer K-3003 Chrom
3-Channel Coagulometer K-3003 Chrom suitable for the complete coagulation diagnostic. The processing of tests for example PT, TT and APTT is rapid and safe.

Coagulometer CC-4000
We present 5 channels coagulometer CC-4000, which executes all basic coagulational determination by chronometrical method, method of the usage of chrom substrate and immunochemical method (D-dimer).

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Product category: Glass, plastic, metal laboratory items


Digital Burette DB
A Digital Burette, which meets the demands of fast and sensitive titration.

Bottle-top Dispenser
Bottle-Top Dispenser for accurate and rapid dispensing of small and large volumes directly from any original reagent bottle.

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Product category: Glass, plastic, metal laboratory items

Pipetting reservoirs

ratiolab® pipet reservoirs made of white polystyrene (PS) und polypropylene (PP) are ideal for the repetitive filling of single and multi-channel pipets.
Compact in design, these disposable items are both space-saving and stackable. Their broad edges give them a firm and safe stand. They are thus an un complicated and clean alternative to reusable reservoirs.

The ratiolab ® pipet reservoirs are produced in Germany and the material is recyclable.

This new product line is available in four application-oriented versions:


Version -Figure- 1 
  • single reservoir with max. volume = 50 ml
  • angled bottom for practically complete withdrawal of sample and hence economical in use
  • groove graduations at 10, 15, 20 and 25 ml
  • labeling area
 Version -Figure- 2 
  • extra large single reservoir with max. volume 100 ml
  • graduations at 50 and 100 ml
  • conical bottom for economy due to minimum loss of medium
Version -Figure- 3
  • specially designed for use with 8-channel pipets
  • 8 separate channels of 6 ml volume (= 48 ml total)
Version -Figure- 4
  • polypropylene (PP)
  • max. volume = 50 m
  • autoclavable
Versions 1– 3 are available gamma-sterilized or non-sterile. 

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Product category: Glass, plastic, metal laboratory items


Disposable cuvets have long replaced cuvets once normally made of glass. New plastics coupled with modern methods of production allow photometric measurement well into the UV range.

Ultra-precision molds with several cavities – one per cuvet – are used for producing ratiolab® Q-VETTES and ratiolab® CUVETTES under controlled room conditions. Thus, in any one injection molding run several cuvets are produced simultaneously. In order to prevent deviations in extinction coefficient values from occurring in any one run due to increased stray light, the cuvets are automatically sorted according to their numbered cavities of origin.

Each package shows the corresponding local production number of the cuvetts position in the net. So all cuvetts inside one styrofoam box are technical wise indentical. Any measurement done with those identical cuvetts insures a high accurancy.

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Product category: Glass, plastic, metal laboratory items

Micro Test Plates

Microplates in SBS standard. Made of Polystyrene (PS) or polypropylene (PP), with U-, F- or V-bottom. They are stackable and thus saving space. With one corner cut away for definite orientation.

• with U-, F-, or V-bottom
• SBS standard micro test plate format
• 8 x 12 wells alphanumerically coded
• wells with raised rims for reduced cross-contamination and effective sealing with Ratiolab cover films
• precise design, perfectly shaped for use with automatic systems
• optimum space for precise positioning
• space-saving and stackable
• polypropylene plates may be sealed with heat-sealing films without deformation

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Product category: Glass, plastic, metal laboratory items


With the ratiolab® Multistand you have the opportunity to use it with several microcentrifuge tubes, cryo tubes and test tubes with different diameters through the patented holder to fix safely. 

Rack for Microcentrifuge Tubes
Ideal for the secure handling of reaction vessels. Space-saving on the laboratory bench due to its narrow form. Practical side grips.

Rack for Microcentrifuge Tubes
Suitable for 15 ml and 50 ml tubes. Holes are keyed with molded in numbers and letters for easy identification.

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About us

Company details

ratiolab® was established in 1975 in Dreieich-Buchschlag nearby Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Since then, ratiolab® develops and produces high-quality plastic products for laboratories and medicine. Users from research, medical, science and industry appreciate and trust our products worldwide. Beside standardized consumables made from plastic, which you can find in our catalogues, ratiolab develops high quality and individual plastic products together with our clients. Therefore our entire know-how, years of experience and state-of-the-art technologies are available to you.

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