TOKUSEN KOGYO CO., LTD. of Ono City, Hyogo at COMPAMED 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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1081 Minamiyama, Sumiyoshi-cho, 675-1361 Ono City, Hyogo
Telephone +81 794 631050
Fax +81 794 632153

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COMPAMED 2019 hall map (Hall 8b): stand C10

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COMPAMED 2019 fairground map: Hall 8b


Saki Hirose

Our products

Product category: Metals

Round Wire

TOKUSEN's knowhow combine the world's highest level of thinness and strength. Especially our stainless steel wire has a strength 30% higher than general stainless steel 304.

Material: Stainless steel, Nitinol, Titanium, MP35N, Platinum and Magnesium etc.
Application: Braided wire for catheter

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Product category: Metals

Shaped Wire

TOKUSEN's shaped wire has unique shapes not available from other suppliers. Our wire is custom made to meet strict customer specifications. Please contact us for details.

Shape: Flat, Beans, Oval, Half oval, Square and Triangle
Application: Braided wire for catheter, Catheter Lumen

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Product category: Metals

Straight / Tapered Wire

TOKUSEN's straight/ tapered wire has high strength, stiffness and straightness. We can add functions according to product application with a consistent process starting from the material.

Material: Stainless steel, Nitinol
Application: Core for guidewire, Control wire for endoscopic accessory

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Product category: Metals

Torque Rope, Cable

TOKUSEN's torque rope has better rotation transmission than general rope. In addition, even when the number of strands is changed, the rotation transmission doesn't change, keeping a high level of performance.

Structurer: 1x3, 1x7, 3+9, 1x19
Application: Control cable for endoscopic accessory

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Product category: Assembly

Cable Assemblies (New)

TOKUSEN offers cable assemblies. Tip treatment such as ball, R shape, etc. are available to be added to the cable.

Application: Stylet, Control cable

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Product category: Assembly

Coil, Spring

TOKUSEN knowhow allows us to produce coils which length is short to long.

Application: (Micro) Marker, Anchor
                          (Long) Reinforcement for tube, embolic coil

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Product category: Assembly

Forming Products

TOKUSEN offers wireforms such as snare tip. For Nitinol, we can add a superelasticity to the wireforms.

Application: Tip of snare for endoscopy

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Product category: Assembly


TOKUSEN offer swaging and welding applications.

Application: metal parts of snare for endoscopy

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Product category: Metals

Compressed Cord

TOKUSEN offers a smooth surface, compressed cable. In addition, we can change material of the core / sheath or eliminate the core completely leaving a hollow compressed cord.

Structure: 1x3, 1x5, 1x7
Application: Orthodontic wire

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Product category: Assembly, Metals

Recruitment of Sales Representative

We are seeking a Sales Representative in EU and Middle East. If you are interested, please contact Tokusen.
Contact: Saki Hirose (Ms.)

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About us

Company details

TOKUSEN KOGYO CO., LTD. is a metallic wire manufacturer in Japan. Our knowhow is to produce thin, strong wires. We offer filament and rope from stainless steel, nitinol, titanium and so on. Other processes include coiling, wire forming and cutting.

Please stop by our booth 8b C10!

ISO 13485, 9001 certificated.

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Area of business
  • Components, parts, modules, Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Raw materials and adhesives
  • Manufacturing Services