Kommanditgesellschaft Behnk Elektronik GmbH & Co of Norderstedt at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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Kommanditgesellschaft Behnk Elektronik GmbH & Co

Hans-Böckler-Ring 27, 22851 Norderstedt
Telephone +49 40 529861-0
Fax +49 40 529861-99

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 1): stand A02

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 1

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.03  Haematology / histology / cytology testing
  • 03.03.01  Haematology analyzers

Our products

Product category: Haematology analyzers

Thrombolyzer Compact X

The success story around the Thrombolyzer Compact started back in 1993 – as one of the first fully automatic coagulation analyzers on the market.
Today, the Compact X, thanks to state of the art analysis techniques, is as current as ever. It is widely accepted throughout the world and appreciated as a dependable partner.

The Compact X measuring system works with all standard reagents. It processes both classic clotting tests and chromogenic tests such as AT III and D-Dimer.

Working with the Compact X is extremely effective due to the sample and reagent areas, which can be accessed at any time. The user-friendly software offers all the functions which are expected from a modern laboratory device. One example of this is the display of reaction curves in real-time. Another example is the intelligent liquid level detection system which lets you have your eye on the reagent levels at all times. All relevant test parameters such as reactions, reagent data and QC-results are stored in a data base for later processing.

The Thrombolyzer Compact X is the perfect partner for the small lab. It is compact, dependable and effective.

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Product category: Haematology analyzers


Our specialist for whole blood

- easy to use
- designed for the laboratory
- can determine all coagulation parameters
- maintenance-free

When switched on, the Thrombotimer automatically checks all important functions.

The measuring cuvette, with the sample or reagent, is placed into one of the incubation positions.

Upon completion of incubation, the cuvette is placed in the measuring channel. The measurement is then started by using either a special Start-pipette or by using the countdown timer in connection with any commercial pipette. Upon completion of the measurement, the results are automatically calculated and displayed.

The mechanical measuring system
A sensor monitors the ball rotating on the bottom of the cuvette.

Three parameters lead to the positive detection of a developing coagulum:

- A large coagulum is created which stops the ball on the wall of the cuvette.
- A softer, slower coagulum build-up directs the ball towards the centre
of the cuvette.
- A change in the sample’s viscosity causes a delay in the ball’s movement.

The flexibility
-The Thrombostat can be used almost anywhere. It works with all standard reagents and sample types.

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Product category: Haematology analyzers


Our specialists for blood plasma

- Can be used with all reagents
- Automatic start upon dispensing reagent
- Employs an opto-mechanical measuring system
- Maintenance-free

When switched on, the Thrombotimer automatically checks all important functions.

Inserting a cuvette with a sample into the incubation position will automatically start the timed incubation process.

Upon completion of incubation, the cuvette is placed in the measuring channel. The reagent is then added with any commercial pipette. The system starts upon reagent addition and stops with the coagulation of the sample. All results are automatically calculated and then displayed.

The opto-mechanical measuring system
A circulating magnet underneath the cuvette causes a steel ball to rotate. This ball optimises the gentle mixing of the sample which results in uniform coagulation. The light source is adjusted according to the sample’s turbidity making it possible to measure even difficult samples reliably. All sensors in the measuring system are protected from becoming soiled.

The incubation
A timer determines the period of incubation. Shortly before the completion of incubation, a red LED flashes. When incubation is complete, the Thrombotimer emits an acoustic signal. The timer can be programmed as needed for each test.

The evaluation
The measuring results are displayed %, INR, Ratio, mg/ dl, g/ l or seconds. A PC or printer may also be connected to the Thrombotimer.

The service
Since its introduction, the Thrombotimer has proved to be a maintenance-free instrument. Transmission of measuring data to an external system is made possible with the integrated interface.

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About us

Company details

Behnk Elektronik – consistently innovative
The name, Behnk Elektronik, is well known within the worldwide business area of medical technology; it stands for quality in laboratory diagnostics. Founded more than 30 years ago, this family-owned business has been successfully specialising in the development of automated solutions for the analysis of blood coagulation values.
Precision and reliability are traits, as are speed and flexibility, which are required in today’s laboratories. A medical team must be able to make decisions in an emergency in next to no time. Exact and quick analysis results are a must. Behnk Elektronik develops automated and semi-automated instruments for exactly this purpose.

“Simple in principle – innovative in detail”

Lead by this motto, our engineers create new devices and further develop other time-tested systems. These details are the features which ease working with the systems and which guarantee high reliability during the laboratory routine. They are also the features which, if it should become necessary, allow a service technician to quickly and effectively offer assistance. All of these qualities save immense amounts of time and money; they make working with our systems so effective.
We mean “Made in Germany” literally. Many of the components used in our instruments are supplied by local manufacturers.

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Area of business
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Diagnostics