Absolute Antibody Ltd. of Redcar, Cleveland at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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Absolute Antibody Ltd.

Wilton Centre, TS10 4RF Redcar, Cleveland
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Gambica Association Limited

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 1): stand G03-8

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Diagnostic Tests
  • 03.02  Immunochemistry testing, immunology testing
  • 03.02.01  Immuno assay testing

Our products

Product category: Immuno assay testing

Immunoglobulin Fc domains (Ig Fc domains)

We offer a range of isotype and species specific Ig Fc domains.

Recombinant Ig Fc domains are recommended as:

- Assay standards or controls (see IgG Fc-Fusion Proteins)
- Immunogens to generate antibodies against the immunoglobulin Fc domains and other Ig Fc domain applications

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Recombinant Antibodies for Immunotherapy Research

Antibodies against proteins involved in co-stimulation and other aspects of immune cell regulation are of particular interest to therapeutics developers. Some have already entered the clinic, with more in the development pipeline. However, many aspects of immune cell signalling are still unknown, and researchers require ever more advanced tools to tap into this potential. Absolute Antibody has developed a collection of recombinant engineered antibodies against clinically relevant proteins, including mouse homologues of current therapeutic targets.

- Your favourite research tools, now updated through antibody engineering for improved performance in vivo
- Reduce immunogenicity by matching antibody species to your host organism
- Tailor effector function by choosing from our range of antibody isotypes and subtypes
- Explore new possibilities by combining two of these antibodies into a custom bispecific reagent

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Product category: Immuno assay testing

Research Grade Biosimilars

Our research grade biosimilars are research tools for the study and evaluation of biological processes without the need to source and purchase costly therapeutic grade biologics. Free of excipients and/or additives found in the therapeutic formulations, our biosimilars require fewer extra controls in an experimental setting. In addition to the original human format, our biosimilars are available with mouse, rabbit, rhesus monkey and cynomolgus monkey constant domains.

Absolute Antibody research grade biosimilars can be used as controls:

- To benchmark novel biotherapeutics (biologics) for pre-clinical lead identification.
- For the development of potency assays.

The growing range of research grade biosimilars available from Absolute Antibody includes Trastuzumab, Muromonab, Campath-1H, Rituximab, Infliximab, Daclizumab, Basiliximab, Cetuximab, Satumomab, Acritumomab, Abaciximab, Eculizumab, Efalizumab, Clenoliximab, Ruplizumab, Matuzumab, Humicade, Volociximab and our most recent addition Oxelumab.

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About us

Company details

“All antibodies should be manufactured recombinantly – not just therapeutic antibodies”

Antibodies are outstanding tools for biomedical research and essential components of a myriad of diagnostic tests. They are also the largest and fastest growing source of new drugs. The vast majority of therapeutic antibodies are made using recombinant DNA technology, which has enabled the engineering of specific functions and the reduction or elimination of undesirable side-effects. However, protein engineering has largely been ignored during the development of antibodies for diagnostics and research, where most are still made by immunising goats or rabbits (“polyclonal” antibodies) or using hybridoma cells (“monoclonal” antibodies).

Absolute Antibody Ltd was founded in Oxford, UK, in August 2012, with the vision that all antibody users should be able to use recombinant antibodies, which are absolutely defined by their amino acid sequence. This view gained support in 2015 with a Comment in Nature magazine by Bradbury and Pluckthun (+110 co-signatories) – “Reproducibility: Standardize antibodies used in research“. Rather than creating entirely new antibodies (or antibody-like molecules), we are building a catalog by taking existing antibodies (often from hybridomas) then manufacturing them in a superior way and improving their usefulness by engineering. For more information, check out our introductory video.

The company achieves this through the use of proprietary vectors (pUV™), transient transfection of a high-yielding mammalian cell line (HEXpress™) and a universal purification platform. In this way 100s of mgs can be produced within two weeks and it allows Antibody Engineering, e.g. rapid reformatting or generation of unusual formats like Fc Silent™, bi-specific antibodies, recombinant Fab and Fab2 (AbFab2™) fragments.

Antibody sequencing, manufacturing and engineering services are offered to all antibody users and the ever-growing antibody catalog already includes 30 research-grade biosimilars, as well as recombinant versions of “classics” (e.g. anti-F4/80 [Cl:3A-1], anti-phosphotyrosine [PY20] and anti-c-myc [9E10]).

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