Apex-Desco Machine Company Corp. of Fort Lauderdale, FL at COMPAMED 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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Apex-Desco Machine Company Corp.

3000 NE 12 Terrace, 33334 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Telephone +1 954 566-1572
Fax +1 954 563-2844

This company is co-exhibitor of
Messe Düsseldorf North America

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COMPAMED 2019 hall map (Hall 8b): stand G20-1

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COMPAMED 2019 fairground map: Hall 8b

Our products

Product category: Labeling

Automotive Products Printers

The range of Apex Oil and Fuel Filter printers has been especially developed in consultation with customers from around the world to provide the highest quality print capabilities, combined with speed and ease of operation to handle short run production efficiently and economically.

There are different types of printer available to suit most types of filter, from the very smallest, right up to lengths of 12" (304mm), and diameters up to 6" (152mm).

Apex have solutions offering a variety of production speeds and print methods to suit most applications. Machines typically operate in speed ranges up to 200 parts per minute.

Developments in UV ink technology, combined with the new Flexapex printing system developed by Apex, now enable printing through a modified offset process to give near silkscreen density and quality at offset printing speeds. This new system provides potential for substantial cost savings, compared to silkscreen or gravure (pad printing) systems, through lower origination costs, faster changeovers, and higher running speeds. Further benefits include the use of inks that do not contain volatile solvents of the type used in air dry inks in gravure and pad printing processes - an increasingly important consideration in in the light of current trends in ecological and Health & Safety legislation - and the capability to print multi-color images in perfect register.

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Product category: Labeling

Cork Printers

Apex C-series printers for synthetic and natural corks are the industry first choice with large numbers in production around the world. The range has been developed to keep pace with our customers production requirements and now comprises six different models.

With a choice of 1 to 4 colour printing, single or double lane feed, pre-treaters, bowl feeds, silicone applicators, and speeds ranging from 75 to 300 parts per minute, there is sure to be machine to meet every requirement.

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Product category: Labeling

C-506 Cylindrical Parts Printers

A 6 color high speed system designed to enhance the aesthetic value of your product - discover the world of unparalleled print quality.

The C-506 utilizes mandrels to support flexible or rigid parts to allow printing on their full length, and 360 degrees around. Parts commonly printed on the C-506 include:

• Cans • Bottles • Cartridges • Containers • Cups • Tubes

Whether you are looking for high quality printing on metal or plastic; cups, cans, containers or tubes, the Apex C-506 consistently delivers the solution. Capable of printing both rigid and flexible cylindrical parts with a copy length of up to 12 inches.

The C-506 can incorporate a range of feeders, pre-treaters, cleaning systems, decoration units, dryers, coaters and unloading systems. Moreover, the system can also integrate automatic capping stations, side seam detectors as well as our revolutionary and recently developed Quick Change features.

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Product category: Labeling

C-500 Printers

The C-500 utilizes mandrels to support flexible or rigid parts to allow printing on their full length, and 360 degrees around.

Parts commonly printed on the C-500 include:

• Barrels • Bottles • Cartridges • Containers • Cups • Syringes • Tubes • Oil Filters

Be it a disposable syringe, a marker pen barrel, or a squeeze tube, the C-500 is one of the most flexible and versatile decoration systems on the market today.

The heart of the machine is a 6, 12, or 16 station servo driven index table with quick change horizontal or vertical mandrels mounted at centers around the machine.

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Product category: Labeling

S-40 Multi-lane Cap Top Printers

Pictured below is a derivation of the well proven Apex S-40 type machine which has been specifically designed for printing onto the tops of the aluminum closures commonly used in the wine and spirits industry. The machine is available to handle a variety of cap sizes, depending on customer requirements.

Typically the system will be designed to print the caps after the first draw stage, as this allows color to be wrapped around the cap top on the subsequent second and third draw stages of the cap formation. It is, however, possible to print at any stage in the manufacturing process as may be required for specific production needs.

The operation involves feeding and orientation of the caps from bulk, transport into the system, scrubbing with alkaline to remove drawing lubricant contamination, pre-treating with flame, tape cleaning, base coating with primer, UV drying, top printing in up to 4 colors, UV Drying, Clear Coating, UV drying, and exit into a bin or to a bulk loader.

The complete system has an approximate production rate of 550 to 600 parts per minute, with the actual speeds being dictated by the feeder and the quality, consistency and size of the caps.

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Product category: Labeling

CP-2000 Cap Top Printer

The CP-2000 is a purpose designed, high speed rotary printer, for imprinting in up to four colors on the tops of metal and/or plastic bottle closures. The machine configuration can be readily adapted for varying product diameters and lengths, and offers solutions for other hollow tubular shaped products requiring end cap printing.

The CP-2000 can be provided with pre-heating or other pre-print treaters, Ultraviolet dryers and clear coat stations in addition to the 4 color dry offset printing.

The CP-2000 can be interfaced with appropriate pre and post print handling equipment to meet many automation requirements.

Depending upon product size and shape, production speeds of up to 2000 parts per minute are achievable.

Detailed machine information, specifications and, in many cases, videos are available on request once we have the basic details of your application and requirements to enable us to select and supply the most relevant information and recommendations. Please click below to submit a request for additional information. We will be very pleased to provide you further information and assistance.

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About us

Company details

Apex Machine Company, a fourth generation family driven business, has been established since 1906. The company specializes in the engineering of parts handling, printing and decorating machinery for three dimensional products of all types. The company is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, about 30 miles north of Miami.
We have built our reputation as a results-oriented company by saying "yes" to the most difficult projects, by continually allowing for continued new developments, and by living on the cutting edge of  technology. Apex printing machinery is used all over the world by major manufacturers in medical parts, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and many other industries.

Problem solving and cost cutting are what we do best! We work closely with our customers on new product developments requiring printing, utilising all current print technologies as appropriate. We can also review your current labeling or printing processes and make recommendations leading to cost reductions, increased quality, speed, and product efficiency.

Apex has designed machines for many different industry sectors, and for specific product decoration or marking requirements. Our wide range of 'standard' machines can all be engineered to accept different products, sizes and shapes. Solutions are available for many common product styles and, when no solution yet exists, we can usually design a new system to suit specific requirements.

We would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your next printing application. We are committed to "state of the art" technology and our customer's printing needs. Please feel free to contact us without obligation to discuss your requirements.

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