Baltimore Innovations Limited of Bourne End at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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Baltimore Innovations Limited

Jacksons Business Park Wessex Road, SL8 5DT Bourne End
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 1628 531900
Fax +44 1628 531100

This company is co-exhibitor of
Gambica Association Limited

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 1): stand F11-5

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 1

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 05  Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • 05.17  Other commodities and consumer goods

Our products

Product category: Other commodities and consumer goods

Silica Gel Bags

SuperDryPak™ silica gel bags effectively absorb humidity, and thus prevent moisture-damage and corrosion.

These sachets have a US-FDA Type III Drug Master file, contain British Standard (BS:7554) beaded silica gel (for low dust emission), and are wrapped in pharmaceutical grade Tyvek® (for high burst-resistance).

SuperDryPak™ silica gel bags come in a range of sizes from 0.25g to 500g and we can also supply them as individual sachets, or as continuous-strip sachets on a reel.

Above all, our continuous strip sachets particularly suit high-speed medical packaging lines, and are compatible with our own PRONTOPACKER™ Dispenser Machine, or any other manufacturer’s dispenser.

Note: In addition to these standard (non-indicating) bags, we also offer a range of colour-change SuperDryPak™ bags.

Benefits of SuperDryPak™ Silica Gel Bags:

…we are an ISO:9001 accredited company, so you are assured of world-class products
…because many word-class medical companies already uses us
Turn-key Solution
…because our team can help you install the complete high-speed desiccant packing line
…if you have high speed dispensers already, we can also make sachets to suit them.
…because all of our SuperDryPak™ sachets are printed with our contact details

For help with your silica gel bags requirements or any other problems that you have, please give us a call on +44 (0)1628 531900.
If you prefer email, then send your question to and we will be very happy to help you…

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Product category: Other commodities and consumer goods

Desiccant Calculator – SuperDrySim™

Our Desiccant Calculator, SuperDrySim™ is a new form of high-tech modelling software. Most noteworthy, it is available exclusively to Baltimore Innovations customers.

We designed it to help our customer reduce the time spent assessing product’s shelf-life via old-fashioned and time-consuming stability trials. Therefore, it reduces your costs of laboratory facilities and staff.

Our R&D Team developed this software after many years of experience advising customers with similar problems. Above all, it is applicable to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Defence sectors. We have innovated and launched this disruptive technology into the marketplace, because we are convinced that there is a quicker and more intelligent way to get moisture sensitive products to market.

Many industries nowadays uses Computational fluid dynamics (CFD). However, the application of these techniques to desiccant and packaging systems has been neglected. Therefore, Baltimore Innovations introduced a model which can be applied to any desiccant-based packaging system.

Companies might often lack in-house packaging expertise. As a result, they might need our support to lower packaging costs by eliminating excess desiccant usage. Furthermore, they can improve shelf-life and performance regardless of the environment and climatic conditions by better desiccant/pouch selection and placement.
Also, companies can reduce packaging bulk volume and weight to lower packing and transport costs.

We live in the 21st Century, so let’s use 21st Century Technology to solve stubborn age-old problems…

Desiccant Calculator SuperDrySim™ allows customers to

Reduce the number of stability trials required
…therefore decrease the costs of laboratory facilities and staff

Shorten the time for shelf-life assessment
…therefore speed-up the time to get your product to market

Optimise your current packaging
… for cost savings

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Product category: Other commodities and consumer goods

Barrier Foil Rolls & Pouches

Protect your pharmaceutical formulas and diagnostic devices from moisture damage, gas ingress and UV degradation, with our B-SURE™ range of Barrier Foil Rolls & Pouches.

Choose from a variety of roll-stock laminates, if you’re currently running a high-speed line, or opt for one of our pre-made pouches, if you’re only running small-scale production. We have a solution for whichever end of the production-scale you are at – and everything in between !

All of our B-SURE™ Foils can be printed with 11 separate colours, as per your requirements, and our pre-made foil pouches are available in all standard formats including: Stand-up, Lay Flat, Zip-Lock, Spouted and Tear-Notch.

B-SURE™ Foils are safe and conform to FDA and EU food contact legislation.

Come and speak to us in Hall 1 (on Stand F11-5), and we will be very happy to help you further…

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About us

Company details

Baltimore Innovations is a world-class specialist in the prevention and removal of moisture damage problems in areas such as: aerospace systems, medical packaging, food processing and energy transmission networks.

We offer world-class consultation services, via the use of highly-sophisticated and unique computer modelling systems, that can help clients save millions each year in R&D costs. We also offer a range of high quality silica gel, molecular sieve, activated alumina and desiccant plastic film solutions depend on your needs and available budget.

Hand in hand, with the moisture removal we also supply a wide range of moisture proof packaging solutions; such as barrier foil laminates, pre-formed foil bags, VCI papers and blister packaging.

In addition to moisture removal, and moisture proof packaging, we also offer advice and guidance on how to extend the shelf life of fresh produce via the use of our patented food-safe adsorbents (see: Fresh-R-Pax® and Ice Wrap® ).

As an ISO 9001 company, we pride ourselves on our customer service and product quality. All our desiccant products conform to British Standards, and all of our silica gels and molecular sieves come in a range of physical forms such as powder, beads, crystals and pellets. These can be supplied in sachet form, or as sacks of loose-fill media. We pride ourselves on being a high quality and low-cost supplier of a broad range of products, and we are always keen to prove the point – so feel free to put us to the test.

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