Dencore ApS of Jyllinge at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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Dencore ApS

Moellehaven 8, 4040 Jyllinge
Telephone +45 40826800
Fax +45 35126800

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

MTF50 Filling and Capping of Pre-Capped Micro Tubes

MTF50 is an aseptic table top filling and capping systems designed for opening, filling and closing of pre-capped micro tubes. It is an ultra compact industrial machine offering all the benefits of a fully automated production inside the space of a standard Laminar Flow Unit, Biohazard Cabinet or Isolator.

Most diagnostic companies achieve very significant benefits from the consistency of process in filling and capping increasing production yields, optimized sales revenue and reduced error costs.

In the MTF50 the tubes comes precapped and sterilized. Depending on the filling layout the unit handles fill volumes from 5µl to 2ml at speeds up to 600 units per hour. Euronews recently published a video about one of our clients where the MTF50 Filling and Capping of Pre-capped Micro Tubes is shown being used on site (from 2.15-2.26).

Using precapped sterile tubes offer three distinct advantages that cannot be meet with systems that handle tubes and caps separately.

Maintaining Sterility – The tubes are only open from the uncapping through the fill and the capping process, which takes 2-3 seconds. Aside from this the internal part of the tubes and caps are not exposed to any risk of contamination from the time the tubes are packed at the manufacturer’s site till those 2-3 seconds before they are closed again.
Even if the sealed bags of tubes are compromised, the internal of the tube stays sterile and protected.

Calibration – Calibration is very challenging with ultra small volumes. Evaporation is a factor, and using the precapped tubes means that it is always the same tube and cap that you tare and weigh. This means that the tube is not open, no evaporation, no risk of contamination and easy SOP’s regarding calibration.
Cost – Since the MTF50 does not contain a cap sorting mechanism the base cost is very attractive, and it is the most inexpensive way to implement an industrial production unit in a standard laboratory space.
Diagnostic companies tend to produce a large amount of reagents in differing volumes and technical composition. This puts significant demands on the filling system as not one single system is ideal for all.

We offer a range of solutions
Peristaltic Filling offers the most gentle filling and the optimal system for rapid batch changes, ceramic piston filler for accuracy on small volumes, micro gear for accuracy and fill range flexibility. We can supply the machine with multiple filling systems, pipetting options to optimize production yield etc.

MTF50 can be delivered with an integrated labelling and collection unit

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

MTF-L50/MTFS-L50 Filling, Capping & Labelling of Microtubes

The MTF-L50/MTFS-L50 are special versions of the MTF50/MTFS50 designed with on-board labelling and collections of tubes – a design that makes this one of the most compact filling, capping, labelling and accumulation systems in the world.

The labelling system is for pre-printed labels as any printing process in a cleanroom space will compromise the exposed product.

The optional collection unit maintains the tubes in upright position, and in connection with our unique capping system it allows micro tubes to be used for freeze drying.

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Product category: Laboratory equipment

Microcapper MCD-13

The Microcapper MCD-13 is designed to automate the capping or uncapping of 13×6 mm caps on standard micro-tubes, used in life science laboratories. A key quality issue in the lab is that an perator cannot tighten caps consistently by hand, leading to potential quality issues with products you sell, or evaporation of expensive reagents in your stock.

  • It increases capping consistency and reduces operator’s hand fatigue and potential repetitive strain injuries resulting from repeated manual capping.
  • The bench top device is compact, a footprint of less than half A4, and portable. It is powered from the power socket, user selectable 115V/230V.
  • The product is user friendly and does not need to be operated by a trained technician. Caps for the micro-tubes placed by hand and the cap torque applied automatically.
Functional Description
  • Automated tightening of 13×6 mm caps on standard micro-tubes typically used in laboratories.
  • Handling of the tubes for capping is in a “freehand” fashion:
- the operator inserts the tube into a sled/clamping bracket and the cap is automatically attached, or removed depending on the setting.
- the sled facilitates alignment of the tube with the cap so consistently that the task can be performed by an untrained operator.

  • The caps are placed by hand, yet tightened automatically.
  • Compact bench top unit with a small footprint. It is portable and powered from AC mains.
  • The device is operated by a simple ON/OFF power switch: a display shows the number of tubes capped, resettable by a reset button.
  • Capping operation is automatic when the power switch is ON.
  • Continous capping can be done with the time interval between capping operation. Capping speed is approximately 3 second, limited by the operator.
  • The noise level is less than 70 db at 1 meter.
  • The device requires little to no maintenance.
Micro-tube cap size of 13×6 mm (others on request).
Size: 210mm (L) x 175mm (W) x 400mm (H).
Weight: 8 kg.
Power supply: User selectable 115V or 230V.
Power rating: 405W max.

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Dencore ApS manufacture semi and fully automatic filling, capping and labelling machines for screw cap microtubes, and custom diagnostic kit manufacturing solutions.

We make the world’s only filling system with a disposable fluid path and able to accurately fill from 10µl and up. 

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