Dae Yang Mechanics Co., Ltd. of Seoul at MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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Dae Yang Mechanics Co., Ltd.

32 Muhak-ro 35gil Dongdaemun-gu, 02583 Seoul
Korea, Republic
Telephone +8 2 29292222
Fax +82 2 9284411

This company is co-exhibitor of
Korea Medical Devices Industrial Coop. Association (KMDICA)

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MEDICA 2019 hall map (Hall 16): stand C65

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MEDICA 2019 fairground map: Hall 16

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology
  • 04.12  Rehabilitation equipment and devices

Our products

Product category: Rehabilitation equipment and devices

HubEX technology solutions are based on human anatomy and dynamic kinematic theorems.

The iliopsoas muscles, which span from legs to pelvis and the lumbar area, are the most important key parts of orthograde, which supports our body walking upright and keeps balancing the whole body.
As described in many studies, the modern life habits with less body exercise and many sitting hours result in more and more shortening of the iliopsoas muscles. So modern people with insufficient leg exercises are prone to get degenerative diseases or impaired mobility.

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Product category: Rehabilitation equipment and devices

Lumbar Extension Flexion Exercise(LEX)

Hip Joint Extension Exercise :
The system directly trains gluteus muscles and hamstring muscles which expects correct arrangement of pelvis organs and improvement of walking ability.walking ability.

Hip Joint Flection Exercise :
Through direct strengthening of rectus femoris muscles, iliopsoas muscles and contracted psoas major muscles, it helps resolve problems of body balance and contractions on pelvis and lumbar area.

Lumbus Joint Extension Exercise :
The extension exercise system strengthens quadratus lumborum muscles and erector spinae muscles and patients with lumbar spine problems can use it after fully strengthening the muscular strength of lumbar area in the 1st and 2nd stage.

Lumbus Joint Fraction Exercise :
Strengthening abdominal muscles and psoas major muscles without strain will let you experience the very desirable improvement in good posture, endurance, and physical strength.

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Product category: Rehabilitation equipment and devices

Hip Extension Flexion Exercise(HFX)

Strain on back and shoulder muscles due to antagonism was eliminated and dispersion of power during exercise was basically prevented.

Imagine you are pulling a tire by a string fastened on your ankle.
It is impossible but possible with HubEX.
Impossible things become possible by HubEX solutions.

Since the exercise is very simple and easy, you may do it excessively. It is necessary to follow a program to have ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue get used and carry out cooling down by BST after exercise.

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About us

Company details

Thank you for visiting Dae Yang Mechanics Co., Ltd.

HubEX provides rehabilitation exercise solutions for pelvis and lumbar spine area, which are regarded to be difficult to rehabilitate, in a safe and easy way.

Its distinctive technology, compared to existing ones, enables rehabilitation of the flectional muscles of the front side of pelvis and lumbar area as well as on the back side.

We created a complex system that is able to rehabilitate gradually from all directions of the pelvis and waist area to the back and shoulder without going too far to the surrounding muscles because the spine moves not the joints independently but several joints mutually

Since modern humans use their body less than in the past, their supporting muscles for posturing and balancing are very weak.

These weak supporting muscles account for the increasing number of patients with chronic and recurring problems in their musculoskeletal system.

HubEX drives a change of body rehabilitation by reinforcing the supporting muscles for holding the posture and it leads to short steps and a desirable result to a healthier waist and back.

Daeyang Mechanics has developed a remedial solution for musculoskeletal disorders after a long research to verify the origin of musculoskeletal retrogression. In twenty years it has finished a system that helps elderly andinfirmed patients to rehabilitate safely and easily.

We will keep working towards healthier life and better life quality for all humans.

Thank you.

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