schwa-medico GmbH of Ehringshausen at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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schwa-medico GmbH

Wetzlarer Str. 41-43, 35630 Ehringshausen
Telephone +49 6443 8333113
Fax +49 6443 8333119

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Export Manager

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Assistentin und Auftragsbearbeitung

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.03  Surgery devices, endoscopy devices
  • 01.03.09  Electrosurgical instruments (HF)
  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.04  Therapy and physical medicine
  • 01.04.06  Laser therapy equipment
  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.04  Therapy and physical medicine
  • 01.04.08  Ultrasonic therapy equipment
  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.10  Hygiene / sterilisation / disinfection
  • 01.10.06  Air processing systems, air purification systems, disinfection systems

Air processing systems, air purification systems, disinfection systems

  • 05  Commodities and consumer goods
  • 05.02  Acupuncture equipment and accessories

Our products

Product category: Air processing systems, air purification systems, disinfection systems

AernoviR - High-performance air cleaner with plasma technology for the safe indoor use

The outbreak and global spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the findings relating to transmission paths have caused us to pay more attention to the topic of ambient air and keeping it clean. It was initially assumed that Covid-19 was transmitted in the same way as the common cold, through contact infections. But as the epidemic has progressed, it has become clear that the disease is mainly transmitted through airborne aerosols. And this virus continues moving through the ambient air even hours later, and high viral loads could lead to serious infections.

The greater the concentration of viruses and germs in the air, the higher the viral and bacterial load on surfaces. A comprehensive approach to hygiene should therefore always include air disinfection. The innovative AernoviR high-performance air purifier could provide relief in this respect. The German-made Class I medical device developed by schwa-medico provides clean air in enclosed spaces.

AernoviR air purifiers have a comprehensive mechanism of action. This results from the use of proven high-quality filter systems and an optimally coordinated use of three technologies used in series: First of all a high-performance HEPA filter cleans the air of solids, micro-particles and grease or lubricants. Subsequently, plasma air disinfection is used to effectively kill germs and deactivate viruses. Finally, the activated carbon filter retains non-oxidised molecules and converts ozone into oxygen.

The AernoviR product series currently comprises four different air purification devices. Decisive for the cleaning power of plasma air disinfection are

1. the amount of plasma produced,
2. the exact dosage of the absorbed air volume for the available plasma output and
3. the flow velocity at which the air flows through the plasma field.

All devices of the AernoviR product series are classified as Class I medical devices according to 93/42 EEC certified. Depending on the area of application and room size, the following devices are applicable: AernoviR Premium, AernoviR Basic Plus, AernoviR Mobile, AernoviR Basic.

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Product category: Electro-therapy equipment

StimaWELL® 120 MTRS - Dynamic Deep Stimulation

The patented StimaWell System is a kind of revolution in electrostimulation.

The system integrates 12 channels, which are operated sequentially (meaning one after the other), administering a dynamic, wavelike stimulation. This kind of stimulation opens new therapeutic ways to the back stimulation. StimaWELL is a multidimensional electro-stimulation which barely differs from traditional manual massage: the feeling of a manual massage in the deep musculature is achieved in a way which has not been implemented in another traditional electro-stimulator on the market so far.

Different massage effects can be achieved by the diversity of the administered wavelike frequency ranges: tapping massage thanks to low frequency stimulation, kneading and stroking massage thanks to midfrequency stimulation or a combination of both types.

StimaWELL further integrates a heat therapy which strengthens the depth effects of the massage. The stimulation mattress heats up to approximately 40°C offering an exceptional sense of well-being.

The mattress with the integrated electrodes is a real innovation offering a quick and very comfortable stimulation. Time-consuming electrode positioning as known from multi-channels stimulators is omitted. The pre-set programs are operated via a touch screen display. Each of them can be modified individually giving the operator the possibility of own programming.

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Product category: Electro-therapy equipment

TENS eco 2 - Pain Management in High-Class Design

The TENS eco 2 is the latest schwa-medico development in the field of TENS units. The great diversity of programs offers easy selection of the treatment parameters. The TENS eco 2 includes 12 pre-set programs such as burst, frequency modulation, muscle stimulation, dynamic stimulation, HAN stimulation. It also offers 12 free programs possibilities for own settings. The TENS eco 2 combines high quality pain relief with modern and friendly design.

The TENS eco 2 works with an integrated rechargeable battery which reduces the long time cost for batteries for both patients and therapists.

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Product category: Electro-therapy equipment

TENStem eco basic - Pain Management in Home Treatment

The TENStem eco basic is the most popular TENS unit in the schwa-medico range for price sensitive markets. The great diversity of programs offers an easy selection of the treatment parameters. The TENStem eco basic includes 12 pre-set programs such as burst, frequency modulation, muscle stimulation, dynamic stimulation, HAN stimulation.

4 Free Programs
The TENStem eco basic also offers 4 free programs for own settings. The latest program P16 now offers the possibility of stimulating with monophasie current. P16 is suitable for iontophoresis treatment. TENStem eco basic is ideal for home treatment pain management. It is a valuable TENS unit which offers many features at a very reasonable price.

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Product category: Electro-therapy equipment, Training equipment

EMP 2 PRO - 21 Stimulation Programs for Pain Therapy and Muscle Stimulation

The EMP 2 PRO is a proved and tested stimulator in the schwa-medico range. The unit has a new case since 2012 and now works with an integrated rechargeable battery. With its new design and the latest treatment techniques you can treat pain and do muscle stimulation. The EMP 2 PRO belongs to the highest standard of portable electrotherapy devices. The EMP 2 PRO has an edit mode to make 21 of your own programs.

  • Pain Treatment
  • Muscle Stimulation
  • Incontinence Therapy
  • Wellness
  • Sports
The EMP 2 PRO offers the following extra features
  • TENS low frequency
  • TENS high frequency
  • TENS burst
  • TENS modulation
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Sequential programs
  • Integrated AKS (skin protection circuit control)

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Product category: Electro-therapy equipment

AmpliMove medical - Amplitude Modulated Mid-Frequency Electro-Therapy

The AmpliMove medical operates with rectangular impulses between 2000 and 10000 Hz. A significant characteristic is the pleasing aspect of stimulation in the mid-frequency range. Higher frequencies overcome the resistance of the skin, in particular that of the poorly conducting epidermis, much more efficiently and enable an effective current flow at reduced sensitivity unpleasantness. Powerful muscular contractions can be triggered and a greater treatment area realized. Particularly electrical
current muscular stimulation profits from this effect. These advantages have an effect in pain therapy with the AmpliMove medical. There arises an analgetic effect which is attained via a low frequency modulation of the carrier frequency. The positive characteristics of the mid-frequency electrostimulation remain thereby preserved.

The AmpliMove medical operates with amplitude modulation within the device (not like interference current).The mid-frequency alternating current serves as a carrier from two possible modulations which are independent of each other: A low frequency modulation with a frequency range of 1 - 100 Hz. The effect of these frequencies differs in respect to those generated by TENS without the mid-frequency carrier wave. But general experience gained from low frequency effects can be transferred in respect of their analgetic and muscular stimulating effects.

An overlapping envelope curve modulation, by which in addition, the ramp, working and pause phases are specified. This modulation prevents premature fatigue, especially of the striated musculature.

Filed of application
Treatment or prevention of inactivity atrophy (painful, pain-related, posttraumatic and post-operative immobility, patients subjects to low level physical exertion), muscular training in general.

Therapy programs
The 30 programs are indication related. The parameters can be changed according to requirements and own programs can also be written. Most programs are divided into several sequences. The programs are divided in the following categories:
  • Muscle Stimulation
  • Pain Management
  • Incontinence Programs
  • Tissue Nutrition
  • Dynamic Stimulation
  • Battery or mains circuit operation
  • 2 channel unit
  • Color display
  • Programs defined for each indication
  • Free programming possibility
  • Display of electrodes positions
  • Software in English, French and German (state 2013)

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Product category: Acupuncture equipment and accessories

AS SUPER 4 digital - Needle Stimulation

The AS SUPER 4 digital is a small and handy 4-channel needle stimulator which offers modern electronics at an affordable price. The constant current feature also used in acupuncture and analgesic provides patient-friendly, convenient and pain-free stimulation.

The AS SUPER 4 digital offers 30 pre-set programs and 7 free programs. The stimulator can work on either battery or mains circuit.

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Product category: Ultrasonic therapy equipment

SONIC VITAL XTcoloR - Ultrasound Therapy Unit with Dual Frequency Transducer

Optimal and quick utilization in the practice 
SONIC vital XTcoloR is the newest development of the schwa-medico product range. The ultrasound therapy unit combines modern design and innovative technology such as a dual frequency transducer available in 2 sizes and a favorite list in order to rapidly select the most frequently used programs. This made in Germany unit offers a various list of treatment protocols developed with European physiotherapists. The 60 programs are listed in two different ways for an easier selection:
  • a global overview
  • classified by degrees: acute, sub-acute and chronic.
  • 6 Inches TFT color display
  • Integrated clinical guidelines presenting 61 pre-set and 10 user protocols
  • List of favorites to be selected within the numerous pre-set programs
  • Convenient dual-frequency treatment heads (1 & 3 MHz) with 2 different sizes (1 & 4 cm²) to be connected simultaneously. No need to unplug and plug the different heads: 2 connectors for a user-friendly appliance
  • Water-resistant transducers for underwater treatment
  • Contact control function for enhanced safety
  • Ergonomically designed with a single pressure rotating button for the selection of all parameters
  • Integration of the power supply in the case to avoid sensitive transformers to lay around
  • Made in Germany: developed and manufactured in Germany

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Product category: Laser therapy equipment

MODULAS TOUCH - Our Newest Generation of Infrared Lasers for Pain Management and Auriculo Therapists

The new infrared laser of schwa-medico´s proven Modulas laser family meets the challenges of the digital age and the associated requirements of the users of technology and appearance.

The MODULAS TOUCH combines technological expertise with an appealing and timeless design that will fascinate you . No useless or awkward mechanical switch operating units disrupt usability and appearance. His clear and attractive line will persuade you from the first sight and makes you curiously on more.

The functionality of the MODULAS TOUCH associated with the intuitive controls on touch screen technology. It will support and enrich your daily practice in various application areas, such as in the treatment of pain therapy or trigger points and acupuncture treatments. To enable as many doctors and therapists the treatment with the laser we offer the MODULAS TOUCH in 2 device versions:

The laser device for pain therapy with pre-installed (expandable) therapy library and the possibility of individually free adjustable frequencies from 1-99999 Hz. 
In the version for the auriculo therapist additional with the integrated frequencies of Prof. Bahr, Dr. Nogier and Dr. Reininger to the diagnostic and therapy of interfering fields.

In both versions you also have the option to create your own favorites - for example to start diagnostic or therapeutic procedure faster, especially for frequently recurring treatments.
The laser devices are delivered with a hand probe ( e.g. for trigger and acupuncture points ) and a capacity of max. 150 mW as well as with the ergonomically designed area laser probe (e.g. treatments for arthritis of the knee and elbow or back pain treatment ) with 16 integrated diodes and a total capacity of max. delivered 960 mW and allow the simultaneous operation of both probes.

We look forward to presenting you the MODULAS TOUCH and hope that he will be an essential therapeutic agent in the treatment of your patients for you.

NOTE: The low level laser therapy (LLLT), especially their therapeutic effects,is on scientific discussion and
will not be generally medically recognized. It belongs to complementary therapeutic methods.

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Product category: Electro-therapy equipment, Training equipment

SPORÉCUP XTR 2 - Muscle Stimulator for Sports and Fitness

The XTR2 is a TENS/EMS combination unit specially designed for atheletes. It includes 30 programs divided in the following categories:
  • Recovery
  • Relaxation
  • Pain therapy
  • Sport
  • Rehabilitation
  • Capillarisation
  • Fitness
  • Aesthetics
The XTR2 combines high quality stimulation with modern and friendly design.

Integrated rechargable battery
The XTR2 works with an integrated rechargeable battery which reduces the long time cost for batteries for both patients and therapists.

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Product category: Acupuncture equipment and accessories

Pointoselect digital DT - Point detector

Acupuncture point detector with automatic and manual detection. The Pointoselect digital DT is a differential point detector which means the measurement is carried out by two measuring probes, an internal and an external probe. The device shows the measured potential difference between the two probes. Thereby an automatic detection of gold and silver points is possible. Measurement sensitivity can be regulated automatically or manually. The measurement is indicated by a visual and/or acoustic
signal. Pointoselect digital DT includes a stimulation function to stimulate the acupuncture points.

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Product category: Training equipment

StimaWELL® EMS - The Original Medium-Frequency Training Device

The new StimaWELL® EMS joins the opportunities presented by a high-tech mid-frequency training device with the aspects of performance and quality seen in medical products. As a leading manufacturer of medical devices for medication-free therapies, we have already put our effectiveness in the fitness industry as a developer and manufacturer of the AmpliTrain Pro® to the test.

We have utilized this experience together with all of our expertise from over 40 years of doing business to develop our new StimaWELL® EMS – taking mid-frequency training to the next level, especially in regards to reaction speed, price, and services. Just give it a try.

StimaWELL® EMS is the original – developed for originals. Only available here – exclusively from the manufacturer. Become a brand ambassador and open up a whole world of professional opportunities. Organize your training simply and efficiently. Simultaneously working all muscle groups while also implementing individual training stimuli is scientifically proven to contribute to muscle building and regeneration.

Promote fitness and well-being – StimaWELL® EMS.

  • Easy and efficient training thanks to individual training stimuli
  • Quick familiarization
  • Innovative programme design and intuitive user guidance
  • Scientifically proven muscle development

Get your clients in top shape in no time at all. With the durable, high quality and low-priced StimaWELL® EMS training device – directly from the manufacturer and with the quality of tried-and-tested medical products. The 12-channel medium-frequency training device features state-of-the-art technology. Just ten minutes are all it takes for scientifically proven and effective high-intensity training.

  • 50 programmes at no extra cost
  • Remote-control function allows your clients to increase the intensity themselves
  • Individual training control means less work for the trainer
  • Compatible with accessories from the manufacturers Miha-Bodytec®, AmpliTrain® or XBody®

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Product category: Electrosurgical instruments (HF)

TherMedico NK1 - The Lesion Generation for Successful Radiofrequency Pain Management

The TherMedico NK1 has been developed for the routine treatment of chronic pain. Its easy handling and ergonomic design makes it an easy-touse and safe radiofrequency system.

  • Selective facette denervation
  • Thermo-coagulation of the ganglion gasseri
  • Pain therapy on the spinal cord
  • Pain therapy on the peripheral nerves
  • Sympathetic nerve block
  • Ergonomic design and handling
  • 2 stimulation modes
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Automatic lesion via start button (up to 25 W)
  • Manual lesion with direct temperature pre-selection
  • Pulsed radiofrequency mode (up to 50 V)
  • Protective circuit for maximum safety
  • Individual user modes for own settings

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About us

Company portrait

For over forty years the aim of schwa-medico has been to develop products designed to enhance the quality of life for people of all ages with the focus on non-medicinal pain relief therapy and rehabilitation.

Reacting to the latest technological advances the product range has broadened to encompass additional areas such as laser therapy, ultrasonic therapy and radio frequency lesion.

The latest developments are the medium frequency devices of the StimaWELL® Family: The patented StimaWELL® 120MTRS, an innovative therapy system for the treatment of back complaints which combines modulated medium frequency impulses with warmth to generate a unique therapeutic concept: Its dynamic deep waves technique enables a multi-dimensional application for back pain treatments.

The StimaWELL® EMS is the culmination of expertise gained by schwa-medico over 40 years of in-depth research in the provision of a professional medium frequency EMS device which represents the quality benchmark for cutting edge medical products.


- Electro-Stimulation Devices (TENS, EMS, Incontinence)
- Electro-Stimulation Accessories (Electrodes and Sensors)
- StimaWELL® 120MTRS
- Midfrequency EMS Training (StimaWELL® EMS)
- Laser Therapy Devices
- Ultra-Sound Therapy Devices
- Acupuncture Needles and Accessories
- Radio Frequency Lesion Devices
- AernoviR - The high performance air cleaner with plasma technology

Company data

Foundation 1975
Area of business
  • Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment & devices
  • Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology

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