VectraCor Inc. of Totowa, NJ at MEDICA 2020 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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VectraCor Inc.

785, Totowa Road Suite 100, 07512 Totowa, NJ
Telephone +1 973 9040444
Fax +1 973 9040411

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Brad Schreck

CEO - President




Maximillian Chu

Director of Business Development




Mike Van Laar

Product Manager




Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / medical technology
  • 01.01  Diagnostics
  • 01.01.14  Heart circulation diagnostics equipment

Our products

Product category: Heart circulation diagnostics equipment

ECG/EKG - VectraplexECG System

VectraplexECG provides a  CEB® (Cardiac Electrical Biomarker),  our patented technology to detect ECG changes suggestive of an ischemic injury. Providing a powerful diagnostic test right in your ECG machine. 

VectraplexECG can derive a 15 to 22-lead ECG report with just 5-electrodes.

The Cardiac Electrical Biomarker
The CEB® is our smartest ECG technology! It can detect ECG changes suggestive of a heart attack. Simply, it is a color coded index number that measures the degree of di-polarity of the cardiac electrical field. The cardiac electrical field of a healthy patient is primarily di-polar1, while occurrence of myocardial injury leads to the appearance of a multi polar cardiac electrical field2. A CEB® greater than 94 indicates an abnormal condition and further clinical assessment is necessary.

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Product category: Heart circulation diagnostics equipment

Orbit Spirometer

Orbit Spirometer
The Orbit is a full-function portable spirometer which connects directly to your Personal Computer (PC), laptop or tablet
The Orbit simplifies spirometry testing by eliminating calibration and sterilization with our pre-calibrated mouthpieces and disposable nose-clips.  This portable spirometer integrates with EMR Systems and uses the Office Medic software which enables both the use of ECG and Spirometry on one software platform. Partner with the American Lung Association (Device is used to train physicians) please take a look at this link:

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Product category: Heart circulation diagnostics equipment

ECG/EKG - Universal SmartECG

Real Time Results

The Universal SmartECG turns an off-the-shelf computer into a full-functioning ECG machine. Connect the Universal SmartECG to a Personal Computer, laptop or tablet to acquire, store and analyze up to 12-channels of high-resolution ECG data. Perform resting ECG anytime, anywhere, with unparalleled ease-of-use.

Features & Benifits

Ready & Easy to Use: The Universal SmartECG Office Medic software, electrodes, electrode adapters, and a lead placement guide prepares you to begin testing immediately.

Draws its power from the PC: No batteries are required with the Universal SmartECG – the power is drawn from the PC or tablet it is connected to by the USB port.

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Product category: Heart circulation diagnostics equipment

OEM and Licensing opportunities for our patented ECG/EKG VectraplexECG software, device, boards, and Orbit Spirometer

Licensing Opportunity
  • Our patented ECG/EKG VectraplexECG Software technology
  • Take advantage of our 5 electrode placement to obtain a 22-Lead ECG Report
  • Our CEB, helps detect an ischemic injury or a potential heart attack
  • We have multiple possibilities for integration via a board or cloud version
OEM Opportunities
  • We can OEM our Universal SmartECG or Orbit Spirometer device
  • Create the EKG/ECG board or Spirometer board
Have a request, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Company news




Jul 14, 2020

GmbH (corpuls) and VectraCor Form Licensing Agreement to Incorporate VectraCor’s 22-Lead ECG and CEB® (Cardiac Electrical Biomarker) Technology in corpuls Defibrillators

Both Companies Committed to Bringing the Best Cardiac Care to the Healthcare Workers and Patients that Need It 

KAUFERING, Germany & TOTOWA, New Jersey USA -GS Elektromedizinische Geraete G. Stemple GmbH, marketing defibrillators under the corpuls brand, and VectraCor Inc., 
announced today that they have concluded a licensing agreement allowing corpuls to incorporate VectraCor’s cloud-based version of  VectraCor’s derived 22-Lead ECG and CEB® (Cardiac Electrical Biomarker) technology into corpuls devices. 

This will help corpuls’ customers obtain a faster ECG and even more clinically important cardiac data while helping their
patients in the most urgent medical situations. VectraCor currently has this technology integrated into their 
VectraplexECG System, used mainly in Emergency Departments, Urgent Cares and Doctor’s Offices. The VectraplexECG 
System has approval in the United States (FDA), Europe (CE Mark), Taiwan and Australia and is patented worldwide. 

Dr. Christian Klimmer, CEO of corpuls said, “In 1991 corpuls was the first medical device company in the field of 
multi-parameter  / defibrillators introducing the 12-lead ECG to the market. A little revolution back then, standard  worldwide as of today.  With the introduction of the 22-lead ECG and the CEB® together with VectraCor  we  will  again  set the new standard in diagnosing cardiovascular disease, in particular in EMS. We deeply believe  that our customers  are very interested in more advanced diagnostics regarding acute coronary syndromes especially if this doesn 't come  with the price of  more time on scene.  This will  hopefully enable a higher diagnostic  accuracy, earlier treatment  and an easier choice of the most appropriate hospital where the  patient is transported to. For the  receiving hospital to  know exactly what to expect we have created the possibility to send all 22-Leads as well as the CEB®  ahead as  a  pdf or, in even more detail as part of our  corpuls.misson Telemedicine solution.” 

Brad S. Schreck, President & CEO of VectraCor Inc. said, “We are very excited about this partnership with corpuls and  to begin to license our patented technology so it can get into the hands of more of the brave life- saving medical  professionals that need it. The corpuls product line is used widely and highly respected throughout the world,  so  naturally we feel like they are an ideal partner to showcase our technology. We are also very pleased that  corpuls  sees the important clinical benefit of deriving a full 22-lead ECG which gives the  provider more clinically  relevant views of the heart, right-sided,  posterior,  and vectorcardiogram  which can have isolated issues when the 12-Lead  ECG looks ‘normal’. The reduced electrode placement also saves  money and  patient prep-time along with helping  avoiding potential electrode misplacement.” 

Schreck continued, “Our ECG technology may now help healthcare workers more quickly detect cardiac disease  in real-time  and  non-invasively, in the form of VectraCor’s easy-to-read, color-coded, CEB® number.  This could lead to a potentially faster treatment  to save heart muscle and lives. After many years of published  studies and presentations  from prestigious  institutions and at medical congresses around the world such as ESC, ACC, ACEP etc.,  which validated the clinical effectiveness  of our technology, we are ready to take the company and healthcare to the next level. This will include licensing the  CEB® and derivation  technology and putting it into various multi parameter monitors and other cardiac  devices like stress  tests, Holter/event  monitors, mobile consumer devices and telemedicine platforms.”  

On the strategic aspect of the partnership Schreck said, “The defibrillator and EMS market has always been of major interest 
to us after VectraCor won the Top EMS Innovation Award at EMS World Expo a few years back. So partnering with corpuls, a 
major player in that market, fits right into our strategy and vision”. He added, “This is only the beginning in our fight against  the number one disease state, and killer, in the world, cardiovascular disease.”  

About GS Elektromedizinische Geraete G. Stemple GmbH 
For close to 40 years, GS Elektromedizinische Geraete G. Stemple GmbH, a successful international family business, has  been developing innovative medical devices for the emergency and intensive care medicine and manufacturers. Worldwide  professional  emergency services rely on the corpuls’ brand of robust and reliable medical products. 
For more information, visit   +49 8191 657220 

About VectraCor Inc. 
VectraCor is a medical device company based in Totowa, NJ focused in the cardio-pulmonary space. Their  patented  technologies, the CEB®(Cardiac Electrical Biomarker), and a derived 22-lead ECG technology using  only 5 electrodes  (V2 & limbs), has the potential to be the new standard of care in ECGs and cardiac monitoring worldwide.  VectraCor also  produces a portable Orbit™ spirometer (lung function test) that is used widely by everyone from General Practitioners
to Respiratory Therapists worldwide.  
For more information please visit VectraCor at   1.973.904.0444 ext. 2 

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About us

Company details

VectraCor, Inc. is a cardio-pulmonary medical device company with products that are PC-Based in order to improve patient outcomes with innovative ECG and Spirometry products. In December of 2014, VectraCor acquired the assets of QRS Diagnostics which enabled VectraCor to provide products to cover the 1st and 3rd disease states globally, Cardiovascular and Lung Disease respectively. VectraCor’s products are FDA cleared, CE marked and ISO 13485. Our newest ECG technology, VectraplexECG System, is patented worldwide and has over 40 published papers or abstracts from prestigious institutions that have presented at the European Society Cardiology (ESC), American College of Cardiology (ACC), Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) and American College of Emergency Physicians. In June 2018, VectraCor, Inc. announced its VectraplexECG System with CEB® (Cardiac Electrical Biomarker) has received an Innovative Technology contract from Vizient, Inc., the largest member-driven health care performance improvement company in the country. The contract was based on a recommendation of VectraCor’s VectraplexECG System with CEB® technology by industry experts who serve on Vizient’s Innovation Council. Innovative Technology contracts are reserved for technologies that demonstrate an ability to enhance clinical care or patient safety, and those that improve an organization’s care delivery and business model.

VectraCor's Orbit Spirometry is partnered with the American Lung Association (ALA) in educational workshops throughout the United States, teaching health care providers on the advantages of using spirometry for early detection of lung disease.

VectraCor, is expanding globally and looking for international distributor partners to exclusively distribute its products. We also provide OEM manufacturing for ECG and Spirometry Modules. 

For additional information visit our website Our products are manufactured in the United States.

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Company data



Area of business

Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology