Health Portugal of Moreira da Maia at MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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Health Portugal

Rua Eng° Federico Ulrich, 2650, 4470-605 Moreira da Maia

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MEDICA 2021 hall map (Hall 15): stand K27

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MEDICA 2021 fairground map: Hall 15


PhD Joana Feijó

Business Development Director



Patrícia Patricio

Joaquim Cunha

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Hall 15 / K27

15 Nov 2021



Chronic Diseases Management Platform Demonstration

HEALTH PORTUGAL will be presenting a platform that addresses the need to monitor remotely chronic diseases, like DPOC, Alzheimer, Diabetes and Cardiovascular failure. Come and visit us!

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16 Nov 2021



Chronic Diseases Management Platform Demonstration

HEALTH PORTUGAL will be presenting a platform that addresses the need to monitor remotely chronic diseases, like DPOC, Alzheimer, Diabetes and Cardiovascular failure. Come and visit us!

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Our products

Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

Chronic Diseases Management Platform

A platform for continuous chronic disease management for more quality of care with less effort and costs and the ability to generate alerts for clinicians, patients and informal caregivers.


Real-time monitoring of disease specific physical and neurologic parameters.
Medication management and compliance
Eating management and diet compliance
Neurologic stimulation and evaluation
Patient educational materials and tools
Data integration with a 360º patient View
Data dashboard per patient
Customizable alerts for clinicians
Customizable analytics by patient and by population

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

HLTSYS - HealthySystems

HealthySystems (HLTSYS) founded in 2013 has grown by supporting its customers to achieve "Healthy" Information Systems.
Focused on cybersecurity systems optimization and development of security and integrations technologies, as well as dedicates to
Information Systems consultancy and audit services, including pseudonymisation and data protection laws.

HS.REGISTER central logs repository for any institution where all the important events for the proper functioning of the Information Systems are recorded and audited. Allows users to validate the development of the new privacy risk mitigation measures to monitor information traceability, reinforcing the value of this solution for the alignment with GDPR.

Interoperability BUS HS.HELIOS (HL7/FHIR)
Lack of interoperability between HIS and dependence on external providers are the main barriers within health institutions, which have been feeling great difficulties in planning and implementing measures that allow them to demonstrate compliance with legal obligations arising from the GDPR, namely measures related to traceability of information within the institution and its relationship with external entities. HS.HELIOS Integration Bus enables the interoperability and centralization of integrations between hospitals' Information Systems (SI). The perfect solution in the fields of interoperability, management of external access to patient data, information traceability, process management and monitoring, data quality and support to the operation of the computer service.

Single Sign-On Access Control HS.TOTHEM
Innovative and secure reference technology for Web applications for single sign on and complex access control policies including user's settings of the level and type of authentication to access critical resources. This digital signature and authentication system can be very easily incorporated into existing solutions, allowing to maintain existing implementations of the various Information Systems installed at institutions.

Pseudonymization HS.ULISYS
HLTSYS' proposal is a service platform to perform data analysis and explore the best techniques of de-identification applicable to that data, under the context of is intended application. Our main goal is to make it possible for an organization to leverage the market value of large volumes of data in compliance with data privacy laws. We also intend to promote privacy by design to customers who want to fully explore the research and market potential of large volumes of data, facilitating access to the latest techniques in the de-identification field.

Margarida Pinho
Mobile: +351 965 150 036

Office: + 351 220 731 335
Rua Alfredo Allen, n.º 455/461 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)


We create innovative products, for OEMs, Industry & Researchers Advanced biosignals monitoring platforms that integrate wearable body sensors combined with wireless connectivity, algorithms & software applications.

Product & Services Description
Our goal is to cover all the life cycles of the biosignals experience, starting at the first contact with biosignals in the classroom and prototyping contexts with our BITalino product line, up to high-end medical research & biofeedback applications with our biosignalsplux and physioplux product lines.
In addition, we offer a variety of R&D and Engineering Services for medical product development. Benefit from over a decade of PLUX's biosignals experience to create custom hardware and software solutions for your medical product.

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

Wisify Tech Solutions – We developed the most innovative Skinfold callipers and Frailty Syndrome assessment tools in the market

Wisify is a Technological Startup that is introducing to market two of the most innovating products in it’s segments:
1 - The most advanced Skinfold Caliper for body composition assessment – Lipowise;
2 – The most disruptive connected handgrip – Gripwise.
Nowadays, the assessment of body composition by estimating the percentage of body fat, has a great impact in many disciplines such as nutrition, health, sports and chronic diseases. The percentage of body fat is an important parameter in assessing the nutritional status of an individual, in the evaluation of growth and in analyzing of the impact of various diseases.
The measurement of skinfold thickness using a skinfold caliper is a simple, non-invasive and cost-effective method for assessing body composition. It is particularly adequate for individuals with metallic prostheses, joints, stents or pacemakers, as well as amputees and pregnant women, where other methods are inappropriate.
We developed the most innovative Skinfold caliper in the market – LIPOWISE.

LIPOWISE provides more effective assessment with greater accuracy, allowing automatic data processing and recording in an APP. This device offers the user easy handling, not requiring technicians with high level of expertise and providing better technical characteristics than those currently available in the market.
Lipowise is a highly awarded technology, and have already been named in more than 20 academic papers. (Please see more information in:
On the other hand, WHO (2016), defines that “(…)In recent years, the identification of older individuals who are frail or at risk of becoming frail and who need appropriate evaluation and intervention(s) has become a cornerstone of geriatric care.(…)”

We consider GRIPWISE in the most advanced solution to assess the Frailty Syndrome in the elder person, using it’s connected capability to sync with an proprietary app to diagnose Frailty through “Fried model of the frailty phenotype”.
GRIPWISE is the only handgrip in the market capable of 3 characteristics, at the same time:
1 – Not only the assessment of the maximum force, but also the assessment of force profile;
2 – With it’s connectivity capabilities, it collects and gathers data in real time;
3 – With the use of the iOS and Android Proprietary App, it’s possible to diagnose the complete Frailty Syndrome Phenotype, using the Fried Model.
Both technologies are integrated in the same software ecosystem, providing simple and effective data gathering and analysis.

Distributors and investors.

Ricardo Moura
Mobile PT: +35196259119
Skype ID: jrmoura1

UPTEC Mar - sala S1 Avenida da Liberdade
4450-718 Leça da Palmeira Portugal

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

Sensing Future Technologies

Sensing Future Technologies (SFT) designs, develops and implements medical devices. SFT is certified under the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for medical devices.
Main areas of expertise:
- Stabilometry/Baropodometry: physical/vestibular rehabilitation, sports medicine, audiology, vertigo. PhysioSensing (;
- Robotics, haptic devices and telemedicine: UR, Kinova, ROSE (

SFT has high-level knowledge in automation, biofeedback systems, robotics, hardware and software development, databases and data acquisition/processing. Other relevant experience:
- Product and UI development;
- Clinical tests for product validation;
- Medical certification (ISO 13485);
- Dissemination in national/international fairs

PhysioSensing is a balance and pressure platform with visual biofeedback technology. It is part of a new generation of products for physical rehabilitation, podometry and audiology. With PhysioSensing you will be able to evaluate the balance in several planes, promote load transfer exercises, evaluate the natural load distribution and perform a high number of therapeutic exercises. In addition to all these features you can also evaluate plantar pressure distribution thanks to its 1600 sensors distributed in a 40 x 40 cm area. As a motivated patient recovers better, you can use 2D or 3D therapeutic games based on balance and load transfer properly customized. Using equipment from this new generation of products allows you to evaluate your clinical practice and make it objective and quantified in a clinical report.

PhysioSensing is indicated to assist physiotherapy activities, physical and vestibular rehabilitation and neurorehabilitation, especially in the early rehabilitation of stroke and neuromusculoskeletal conditions associated to lower limbs and gait rehabilitation. PhysioSensing helps to establish objective baselines that are reproducible so that progress can be monitored as well as rehab sessions documented.

Rui Pinho
Skype: ruimpinho
LinkedIn: rmapinho
T +351 239 404 234

Instituto Pedro Nunes - Bloco E
Rua Pedro Nunes
3030-199 Coimbra

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

Neutroplast Innovation

Neutroplast, “The Pill Bottle Company & More”, is a leading company that offers packaging solutions within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and Healthcare sectors.
With a consolidated experience of more than 25 years, we are already known for our constant pursuit of innovation and new techniques that guarantee the improvement on our solutions of packaging. It was this knowledge that ensured the growth of the international network of partners and customers in more than 30 countries.

SmartCover is an electronic monitoring system to be used with a pill container (bottle, flask) that compiles the dosing histories of patients prescribed with oral medications. It is the best solution to increase the success in monitoring medication adherence by the patients. The addition of an electronic validation, and the integrated visual alerts, facilitates the monitoring and helps patients to remember to take their medicine. The SmartCover can measure the time at which the package was open, registering the information online for easy access and processing of the information. It can then be reported to the caregiver or company conducting medical studies for further analysis.
SmarLabels - DOSEA
As part of DOSEA project, Neutroplast, in partnership with CeNTI, is developing a thin and flexible SmartLabel, that can be attached to medical packages and provide alerts to the users that is time to take the medication. This will lead to higher adherence to the medication, increasing the treatment efficiency, and reducing the wastes associated with the non-adhesion to treatments. The SmartTag is autonomous, reusable and fully configurable, as for the duration of the treatment and intervals at which the medication should be taken. The SmartTag is then a highly attractive product at the pharmaceutical and hospital level, not only for clinical trial cases but also for private users.
R&D projects – Automatic Dispenser and Masks4Safety
To contribute to the mitigation of the COVID effects, Neutroplast is developing two new products. One of them is an automatic dispenser, that can be easily fitted to the existing alcohol-gel bottles and dispensers. The integration of this device in the alcohol gel bottles eliminates the need for physical contact for dispensing, which reduces the risk of contamination. It can also be connected by Bluetooth to an external network and is energy-autonomous, increasing the potential applications of the device.
The second project, Masks4Safety developed in partnership with CENTI, Valmet, and 2CA-BRAGA, aims the development of a mask with improved properties and integrating sensing capabilities. Besides the protection that the mask already provides it will have an improved design, to increase the comfort of the mask, will be able to monitor different parameters of the user and to determine if the mask is still in good condition to be used. The project is focused on the development of a new exhalation valve that will integrate the sensors and can be reusable to minimize wastes and the validation in real environment.

José Grilo
Marketing & Sales
Zona Industrial Casal Espinheira, Lote 10 2590-057 Sobral Monte Agraço

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)


ObsCare WCR - Worldwide Maternal and Child Care Patient Record and Research

Clinical records contain information on a patient's health and illness after having sought medical help. Usually the data are collected by doctors, nurses and other health professionals, and can also be extended to the patients themselves. These records aim to: (1) record observations, (2) inform other professionals, (3) instruct students, (4) provide data to acquire new medical knowledge through research, valuing current data collection effort , (5) monitoring the performance of institutions, and (6) legally justifying clinical interventions in line with the new data protection regulation. Meeting these 6 objectives puts great pressure on the quality of clinical records, and examples of systems that promote these strands are rare.

With the project "ObsCare WCR - Worldwide Maternal and Child Care Patient Record and Research" we aim to develop and install a new version of ObsCare - Obstetrics Clinical Record that integrates new components that are currently under development in the following lines:

  • Primary care - we intend to explore the communication between primary and hospital care, extend the follow-up period to the first months of life, and promote the use of personal devices by pregnant women in data collection and communication with health professionals.
  • Preparation for the international market - it is intended to qualify ObsCare with a multilingual version (with Portuguese versions of Portugal, English of the United Kingdom, Portuguese of Brazil, Spanish of Spain) and include the ability to benchmark institutions and practices (eg EBCOG, ICHOM, FIGO, OSCE).
  • Support for decision optimization and management - this line aims to make available to health professionals tools to support clinical decision-making, as well as tools to facilitate the management of departmental resources (human and physical).
  • Ensure alignment with GDPR - the new European data protection regulation is a challenge in the production of health informatics applications to be marketed in Europe as well as a competitive advantage for those who demonstrate their compliance. In this line, we also intended to promote the use of mobile devices for the efficient management of informed consent for data treatments by pregnant women.
  • Modernization of the technology of the current version - technologies have recently emerged that are capable of accelerating the production of software, creating dynamic and adjustable graphical interfaces for each client, effectively managing non-relational databases, and describing in a complex health concept in a semantically correct manner.

In particular, the project aims to demonstrate that the implementation of the ObsCare WCR solution in a real context in a healthcare institution allows addressing the following application domains:

  • Information collection that promotes data quality
  • Clinical research support
  • Support for hospital obstetrics resource management with indicators and needs forecast
  • Adaptive future-proof systems
  • Data traceability and confidentiality
  • Portability and authorized data synchronization between systems.

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

PROMPTLY Follow-up the outcomes of your medical treatments

Track your treatment over time and get to know how your condition is progressing. Share your outcomes with your doctors.

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Product category: mHealth, mobile IT, wireless technologies (Bluetooth, WI-FI)

INESC TEC Digital Health Solutions

INESC TEC is a private, non-profit association dedicated to scientific research and technological development, technology transfer advanced consulting and training, and pre-incubation of new technology-based companies. Located mainly at Porto, Portugal, hosts 720 integrated researchers (329 PhDs). INESC TEC already has several examples of research, development and technology transfer of health technologies, in clinically relevant areas such as cancer, neuroscience or disease screening systems, being specialist in 3 core competences: artificial intelligence, biomedical instrumentation, information systems, health management and medical robotcs. In the past four years, INESC TEC's innovation track record has led to the launch of 3 WeSenss spin-offs (heart patch to monitor vital and environment signals), InSignals Neurotech (estimation of wrist stiffness in patients with Parkinson's disease), iLof (artificial intelligence and photonics to serve the "fingerprints" of various neurodegenerative diseases) and 13 patents and software registrations (mainly in methods to support imaging diagnosis).

Carlos Alexandre Ferreira
TL +351220413350
TM +351911877827

Campus da FEUP
Rua Dr Roberto Frias
4200-465 Porto

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About us

Company portrait

HEALTH PORTUGAL integrates, in a cross-cutting and aggregating way, the national health offer in its various verticals. It includes the organizations operating in the sector, their products and services, representing the actors and promoters: from universities, to care providers, through R&D institutes and companies.
Grounded on a culture of quality, expertise and innovation, Health Portugal brings together the Health value chain in all its dimensions!
Our ambition? To support the international projection and dissemination of Health made in Portugal, as an invisible “bond” that unites us all in the strategic mission of boosting its visibility - from Portugal to the World!

HEALTH PORTUGAL is powered by Health Cluster Portugal.

Health Cluster Portugal (HCP) is a private non-profit association, founded in 2008, that currently brings together over 180 members, including R&D institutions, universities, hospitals, organisations from civil society, and companies in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technologies, and services.

Company data

Number of employees 1-19
Foundation 2008
Area of business
  • Imaging and diagnostics / medical equipment and devices
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology
  • Disposables and consumables
  • IT systems and IT solutions
  • Medical services and publications