CeramTec GmbH of Plochingen at COMPAMED 2021 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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CeramTec GmbH

CeramTec-Platz 1-9, 73207 Plochingen

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Hall map

COMPAMED 2021 hall map (Hall 14): stand E29

Fairground map

COMPAMED 2021 fairground map: Hall 14

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Manufacturing of finished products
  • 02.07  Implants (passive)
  • 06  Electrical components, electronical components
  • 06.01  Sensors
  • 06.01.05  Flow sensors
  • 06  Electrical components, electronical components
  • 06.05  Circuit boards

Our products

Product category: Implants (passive), Flow sensors, Circuit boards, Ceramics



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Product category: Ceramics

Advanced ceramics for medical devices

The continuously increasing demands on quality and functional safety of medical products in the various global healthcare systems require reliable materials, components and solutions. These must be able to withstand the high demands of everyday clinical practice and meet strict standards. CeramTec advanced ceramics with their unique material properties offer enormous performance for many applications in medical technology.

Our ceramic components are used in

  • Ultrasonic sensors for air bubble detection in dialysis and other intravenous applications
  • Ultrasonic high power transducers for mechanical cell lysis and homogenization within molecular diagnostics or in ultrasonic high frequency therapy
  • Pump components, valves and seals for fluid transfer applications
  • Ultrasonic transducers for surgical precision scalpels (tissue aspiration and fragmentation)
  • Ultrasound sensors for imaging and Doppler fetal monitoring applications
  • Ultrasonic tooth cleaning systems
  • and in many other areas

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Product category: Circuit boards

Printed circuit boards

Non-oxide ceramics - aluminium nitride (AlN)
Ceramic material with very high thermal conductivity

As a technical ceramics material, aluminium nitride (AlN) has the extremely interesting combination of very high thermal conductivity and very good electrical insulation properties.
Aluminium nitride is therefore predestined for use in power and microelectronics and is used, for example, as a circuit carrier (substrate) for semiconductor construction or as a heat sink in LED lighting technology or high-performance electronics.

Aluminium Nitride (AlN) Properties
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High electrical insulation capacity
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Good metallizability

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Product category: Flow sensors, Ceramics

Flow sensors

In ultrasonic flow measurement, a distinction is made between two measuring principles: the Doppler and the entrainment principle. In both cases, a piezoceramic transducer positioned on the pipe wall generates ultrasonic waves that are coupled into the liquid at an angle to the direction of flow. In the Doppler effect, the frequency shift of the ultrasonic waves is evaluated, which are reflected by scattering particles located in the liquid. The greater the flow velocity of the liquid, the greater the frequency shift between the emitted and reflected wave fronts. This measurement method requires only one piezo transducer, which transmits and receives with a time delay. In the tracking principle, two piezoceramic transducers are always used, positioned offset to the direction of flow. These transmit and receive alternately pulsed ultrasonic wave packets against the flow and with the flow. This results in a corresponding superposition of sound propagation velocity and flow velocity. The flow velocity is then proportional to the reciprocal of the transit time difference with and against the flow. The advantage of this measuring method is that the measurement is independent of the sound propagation velocity and thus of the medium. This means that not only liquids but also gases can be measured.

Design: Round disc
Materials: SONOX® P 5, SONOX® P 502, SONOX® P 508

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Product category: Implants (passive), Ceramics


At CeramTec, we can proudly look back on more than 45 years of experience in the development and manufacture of innovative ceramic solutions for medical applications. Our material has evolved from BIOLOX® (1974), to BIOLOX®delta (2003). The excellent biological behavior of the ceramic has been clinically proven.

More than 20 million BIOLOX® components sold since 1974
More than 15 years of clinical experience with BIOLOX®delta advanced ceramics

The conventional BIOLOX®delta and BIOLOX®forte femoral heads and inserts as well as BIOLOX®OPTION are approved by CeramTec customers. BIOLOX CONTOURA® is approved by CeramTec customers in the USA. BIOLOX®delta bicondylar knee implants are approved in the EU by CeramTec customers. BIOLOX®DUO is only approved in Japan by CeramTec customers. The products are not approved / available in all countries.

Please note: All other implants shown (e.g. shoulder, spine, H1 hip resurfacing, direct-to-bone or ceramic foam products) are under development and not approved by any regulatory authority.

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Product category: Implants (passive), Ceramics


Aesthetic restorations with biologically safe implant materials are becoming increasingly important. Accordingly, the demand for suitable alternatives to titanium alloys is increasing. Thanks to their excellent biocompatibility and improved esthetic results, more and more implantologists and patients prefer ceramic implants.
As one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced ceramics, CeramTec can help you find the right solution to differentiate your portfolio. Our services are based on more than 30 years of experience in dental applications and proven expertise in ceramic materials.

  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Certified according to ISO 13485
  • Expertise in the development and manufacture of advanced ceramics
  • Extensive manufacturing know-how, including ceramic injection moulding
  • Production capacities for large series
  • Our production facilities in Germany are certified by the CleanImplant Foundation
  • Customer proximity and after-sales services - we support you on your road to success

DENSILOX® implants are approved by CeramTec's customers in the EU and Switzerland. ZERAMEX® dental implants are approved by Dentalpoint AG. The ceramic foam used for dental components is under development and has not been approved by any authority or notified body.

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About us

Company portrait

CeramTec - The Ceramics Experts

With over 100 years of development and production experience, CeramTec is a global leader in the manufacture of advanced ceramics and uses these materials in a wide range of applications. Today, the product range includes well over 10,000 different products, components and parts made of technical ceramics and a variety of ceramic materials. More than 3,400 employees work for the ceramics experts worldwide.

The basis for this variety of applications is high-performance ceramics, which are also referred to as technical ceramics, engineering ceramics or industrial ceramics. These terms cover a wide range of different, sometimes highly specialized ceramic materials with unique mechanical, electrical, thermal and biochemical properties and combinations of properties.

Advanced ceramics from CeramTec as a manufacturer and supplier are used in mobility & e-mobility, electrical engineering & electronics, energy & environmental technology, apparatus, mechanical & plant engineering, medical technology and many other applications. The necessary, correct selection of the ceramic material, the adjustment and adaptation of the advanced ceramics to the respective requirements in the field of application and the ceramic-compatible, optimal design and manufacture of parts and components are core competencies of the ceramic experts and specialists at CeramTec.

With over 3,400 employees worldwide and production facilities and subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia, CeramTec has an international presence as a manufacturer and supplier.