Wintecare SA of Chiasso at MEDICA 2021 in Düsseldorf -- COMPAMED Trade Fair
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Wintecare SA

Via G. Motta 10, 6830 Chiasso
Telephone +41 91 2255229

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MEDICA 2021 hall map (Hall 4): stand C05

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MEDICA 2021 fairground map: Hall 4

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Physiotherapy / orthopaedic technology
  • 04.08  Physiotherapy equipment

Our products

Product category: Physiotherapy equipment


T~Plus is a class IIB medical device, with medical CE certificate, KFDA and FDA approval, belonging to the capacitive and resistive energy transfer category, which can be synthesized with different acronyms, including C.R.E.T. T-Plus therefore responds to all the characteristics necessary to the areas of application of the so-called Tecartherapy, but at the same time it is much more than this. Unlike other equipment in the same category, T-Plus gives the specialist the possibility of transferring extremely modulable quantities of energy in a measurable, precise and safe way. It is therefore the ideal tool for many fields of physiotherapy, sport and body conditioning.

In addition to the included accessories, is possible to have special accessories, which are:
- High performance electrodes without cream
The new cream-free resistive electrodes complete the range associated with the T-Plus device for those who do not want to give up manual sensitivity during the application of energy transfer to the body. They are able to transfer large amounts of energy in all conditions. Ideal for applications that need to combine temperature increases with the mobilization of the joint districts.
Energy transfer is a powerful tool capable of generating useful reactions (blood perfusion, vasodilation, temperature increase, cell proliferation) for therapeutic purposes. This reactions are even more effective when combined with a manual action. Over the years we have become accustomed to the idea that it was always necessary to apply a conductive cream before applying any type of energy transfer.

- Diathermic fibrolysers
Available in both capacitive and resistive modes, diathermic fibrolysers have the shape and materials suitable for exploiting the potential of energy transfer while maintaining patient safety. The ergonomic handles guarantee an optimal grip both for precision applications and for applications where more pressure is required. Diathermic fibrolysers are therefore an indispensable tool for therapists who wish to include fibrolysis in their baggage of application skills.

- Cables for fixed plates mode:
The special WINTECARE cables compatible with the T-Plus device are developed to allow the use of “fixed” plates guaranteeing firm positioning throughout the treatment and thus preventing the energy transfer to be influenced by position variations of the electrodes. The special cables check the current flow does not exceed the safety threshold for fixed applications ensuring a safe and pleasant treatment.
This mode can be applied similarly to combine energy transfer with an active movement of the patient controlled by the therapist, for example simulating a gesture that replicates the biomechanical conditions typical of an amateur athlete or worker with specific environmental conditions.


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Product category: Physiotherapy equipment


V~Plus is a class IIA medical device, with medical CE certificate, that transforms energy electromagnetic in high focal vibration efficiency. It's an indispensable tool for those who want fast results on pain and motor control. In addition, V~Plus is equipped with a control and generation system of the patented mechanical vibration and combines an extremely light generator with a strength and versatility of the vibratory signal incomparable.
6 independent channels and 9 Newton of force guaranteed on the entire frequency scale modulable (30-300 Hz) make this unique instrument of its kind.

The accessories are:
- Transducers:
Each actuator is equipped with a magnetic coupling that enables the operator to interchange different sized and shaped transducers. This allows to adapt each treatment to the specific case, becoming more targeted when treating trigger points or covering a larger area in case of stimuli to the locomotor system. Deeper when treating patients with abundant fat located in the areas to be treated. More comfortable when dealing with variable surfaces. The instrument comes with 3 sizes for each actuator: flat 50 mm, flat 30 mm, hemispherical 16 mm.

- Smart Bands:
To guarantee the possibility of using all available actuators at the same time, WINTECARE associates T-Plus with specially developed bands that allow the actuators to be fastened, easily and firmly to the body.
The combined Velcro fastening system with elastic material makes the application of the bands adaptable to any body type and allows you to keep them firmly anchored to the body. The rotating coupling mechanism placed on the rigid part of the bands makes the application of the actuators easy and quick.
The result is full adherence of the transducers to the skin even when combined treatments are performed with exercises outside the treatment table. The differential adjustment system also enables you to change the length of the spindle, thus allowing you to adapt each actuator to the part of the body or to the type of patient being treated.


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Product category: Physiotherapy equipment


Muscle stiffness, vasoconstriction, overload of the lymphatic ganglia, hypoxic tissues are obstacles between the therapist and his therapeutic goals. We have developed a full range of tools designed specifically to encourage body responses that a therapist needs to stimulate to accelerate results. All our products have passed allergy tests and are “paraben free”.

- Warmup Oil 50 ml
Brings body extremities temperature back to a condition of normalcy and homogeneity favoring a regular microcirculatory activity in the affected area.

- Myofascial Oil 50 ml
Reduces the mechanical resistance of the muscles and joints. Gives a feeling of relaxation useful both before a treatment and to facilitate rest.

- Energy Oil 50 ml
Guarantees a feeling of energy after resting or following a specific treatment to help the return to motor activities more easily.

- Energy A+ Spray 150 ml
Get a feeling of muscle readiness and lightness. Ideal both before and after exercise. Light and easy to apply even at home.

- Energy A+ Cream 200 ml
Get a feeling of muscle readiness and lightness. Ideal both before and after exercise. Focused and designed to complete professional treatments.

- Drainage A + Solution 500 ml
Supports the lymphatic system in order to quickly drain lactic acid, catabolites, water retention and swelling.

- Dermoclean Solution 500 ml
Removes resistive substances deposited on the skin to facilitate better skin conductivity. For optimal tecar treatment.

- Conductive Cream 1000 ml
Improves skin conductivity and accelerates deep electrolytic mobilization for a more efficient tecar treatment.

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Product category: Physiotherapy equipment


Sharing of technical content and professional experience through training is a fundamental value for Wintecare SA.
For this reason, Wintecare, in collaboration with universities in Switzerland and Spain and an international network consisting of over 40 specialists, continuously produces content relating to the rehabilitation, performance and body conditioning environment.
Wintecare is structured to share this knowledge with its customers and business partners through face-to-face training courses and online platforms.

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About us

Company portrait

Wintecare is a swiss company founded by a team of professionals which has been collaborating for almost a decade with solid experience in the sector of instrumental physical therapy. The group consists of two companies which respectively cover the technical area production (WHTcare SA) and the area of international development (WINTECARE SA). Wintecare technologies are born therefore from a consolidated experience as a certified manufacturer of electro-medical equipment associated with an oriented soul to the research and development that comes carried out in collaboration with international universities and laboratories certificates. This complementarity it is enriched by the contribution of a team intercontinental of specialists in coordinated rehabilitation and performance from our CONTENT MANAGEMENT department who collaborate for the creation of new know-how.