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Foto: Processing

Manufacturing of components

EMS, plastics processing, mold making, metal machining processing, surface treatment, laser procesing, additive manufacturing / 3D printing, rapid prototyping
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Foto: Implant

Manufacturing of finished products

Catheters, cannula, stents, needles, implants, surgical instruments, endoscopes, wearables, IVD, laboratory technologies, biomedical products
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Foto: Services


Financing, funding, consulting, research, product design, assembly, contract packaging, labeling, sterilization, testing services
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Foto: Production cell

Manufacturing equipment

Machines for injection molding & laser processing, extruders, 3D printers, robotics, assembly systemes, dosing, cleanroom technology, quality insurance, packaging & labeling machines
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Foto: Components

Components, modules, OEM equipment

Electrical motors, pneumatic actuators, pumps, valves, filters, optical & IV components, guide wires, tubings
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Foto: Electronic plate

Electr. & electron. components

Sensors, electromechanical & optical components, semiconductors, IC, cicuit boards, embedded systems, power supply, lamps, LED, displays
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Foto: Microsystem


Mechatronics, micromechanics, microaktors, microsensors, microelectronics, microoptics, microfluidics, microprocessing, nanotechnology
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Foto: Material

Raw materials, materials, adhesives

Plastics, metals, ceramics, composites, semifinised products, glass, packaging materials, adhedives
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Foto: Monitoring, Software

Software, IT

Imaging, AR, VR, software development, eHealth, medical apps, data & cyber security, WiFi, radio transmission, maintanance
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COMPAMED Innovation Forum 2022

Industry meeting point

Seizure detection devices for epilepsy

Medical wire-based components

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LED wound dressings for chronic wounds: Better wound care with light and sensors

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Fractal Drive – A Lack of Bulk Gives Photons an Edge
Researchers from the University of Rostock have developed a novel type of micro-structured material that enhances the speed of light signals while keeping them protected from scattering.
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Nanomagnetic computing can provide low-energy AI
Researchers have shown it is possible to perform artificial intelligence using tiny nanomagnets that interact like neurons in the brain.
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More efficiency for optical quantum gates
Future quantum computers are expected not only to solve particularly tricky computing tasks, but also to be connected to a network for the secure exchange of data. In principle, quantum gates could be used for these purposes.
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Quantum one-way street in topological insulator nanowires
An international group of scientists have demonstrated that nanowires can act like a quantum one-way street for electrons when made of material known as a topological insulator. The discovery opens the pathway for new technological applications of devices and demonstrates a significant step on the road to achieving qubits, which can robustly encode information for a quantum computer.
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In balance: Quantum computing needs the right combination of order and disorder
Research conducted within the Cluster of Excellence "Matter and Light for Quantum Computing" (ML4Q) has analysed cutting-edge device structures of quantum computers to demonstrate that some of them are indeed operating dangerously close to a threshold of chaotic meltdown.
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Wearable, inexpensive robotic sleeve for lymphedema treatment
Lymphedema often occurs in survivors of breast cancer, because they are at high risk for lymph node damage or removal during surgical procedures. The locations of these nodes often make fluid and proteins collect in the arm, so treatment consists of compression sleeves that seek to restore normal flow. However, current techniques are expensive and inconvenient.
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AI framework discovered new shape memory alloy
Researchers from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University used an Artificial Intelligence Materials Selection framework (AIMS) to discover a new shape memory alloy. The shape memory alloy showed the highest efficiency during operation achieved thus far for nickel-titanium-based materials.
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Rice "metalens" could disrupt vacuum UV market
Rice University photonics researchers have created a potentially disruptive technology for the ultraviolet optics market.
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ACTIVE SITES research building: New methods for different disciplines
Milestone decision for basic research at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE): The Science Council has classified the planned ACTIVE SITES research building as worthy of funding. With ACTIVE SITES, the UDE will have a centre of international acclaim at which so-called active sites will be researched.
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Cognitive T-slot sensor concept
Forming presses are widely used as key elements of industrial production processes. The purchasing costs of these machines can reach double-digit millions, and it takes a great deal of time to set up and adjust precisely as needed. Fraunhofer CCIT knows how cognitive transformation of industrial processes can improve the efficiency of forming machines.
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A sharper image for proteins
To fully understand proteins and their myriad functions, researchers have developed various means to see and study them through advanced microscopy, improving light detection, imaging software, and the integration of advanced hardware systems. In a new study researchers describe a new technique that promises to revolutionize the imaging of proteins and other vital biomolecules.
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Plug-and-play: Organ-on-a-chip can be customized to the patient
Major advance from Columbia Engineering team demonstrates first multi-organ chip made of engineered human tissues linked by vascular flow for improved modeling of systemic diseases like cancer
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Want to 3D print a kidney? Start by thinking small
Human organ transplants offer a crucial lifeline to people with serious illnesses, but there are too few organs to go around: in the U.S. alone, there are more than 112,000 people currently waiting for transplants.
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Addition to the microdisplay family
In addition to an energy-saving design, microdisplays for wearables must also display information in a way that they are sufficiently bright under daylight conditions, at best in colored versions and recognizable with the naked eye. The OLED microdisplay family of the Fraunhofer Institute FEP has now been extended: Microdisplays for ultra-high brightness.
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Microrobot collectives display versatile movement patterns
Collective behavior and swarm patterns are found everywhere in nature. Robots can also be programmed to act in swarms. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS), Cornell University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University have developed collectives of microrobots, which they can move in every formation they wish. The research project was published in Nature Communications.
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Alternative process for converting white phosphorus promises more sustainability in the chemical industry
Chemists at the Technische Universität Dresden (Germany) have developed a new, more sustainable process for synthesizing numerous important everyday chemicals from white phosphorus. The new process has the potential to establish innovative, more resource-efficient processes in the chemical industry.
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3D printing with glass: new process enables small and complex components
Because of its outstanding transparency as well as its stability in contact with heat or chemicals, glass is relevant for many high-tech applications. However, conventional processes for shaping glass are often tedious, energy-intensive and quickly reach their limits for small and complicated components.
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Wireless, high-speed, low-power: communications for implantable devices
Implantable bioelectronics are often key in assisting or monitoring the heart, brain, and other vital organs, but they often lack a safe, reliable way of transmitting their data. Now researchers at Columbia Engineering have invented a way to augment implantable bioelectronics with simple, high-speed, low-power wireless data links using ions.
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Blood vessels are guides for stimulating implants
An implant little bigger than a grain of rice, put gently in place alongside a strategically placed blood vessel, could replace much bulkier devices that stimulate nerves.
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Revolutionary tool will meet future pandemics with accelerated response
A new tool speeds up development of vaccines and other pharmaceutical products by more than one million times while minimizing costs.
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X-rays help scientists uncover new forms of material using designer DNA
The new method of synthesizing crystals leads researchers to a brand new phase of metal, which may be useful for new technologies. Results were confirmed using the Advanced Photon Source.
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Graphene gets enhanced by flashing
Flashing graphene into existence from waste was merely a good start. Now Rice University researchers are customizing it.
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Nerve stimulation with the help of implantable mini solar cells
An international research team has successfully developed and tested a concept in which nerves are stimulated with light pulses. The method provides considerable advantages for medicine and opens up a wide range of possible applications.
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Scientists bioprint tissue-like constructs capable of shape-shifting
Bioprinting 4D constructs provides opportunities for scientists to better mimic the shape changes that occur during the development, healing and normal function of real tissues and fabricate complex structures.
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Using hydrogel to remove kidney stone fragments
Kidney stones are often removed via an endoscopic procedure. If a stone is too large, the urologists break it into pieces using a laser. The larger pieces can be removed with a grasping instrument, but this is not possible for the smaller fragments – instead, they remain in the kidney in the hope that they will leave the body naturally.
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biolitec® at Medica 2021 and online at – Major success for biolitec® in patent litigation before the German Federal Supreme Court on ELVeS® Radial®
Jena, November 12th, 2021 - Finally the time has come, Medica is taking place on site again! And of course, the laser pioneer biolitec® cannot miss it. In order to provide customers and interested...
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The relaunch of MEDICA/COMPAMED 2021 sees a sizeable WILD Group presence and a whole host of innovations.  How can you combine different ideas to create an innovative product? Moreover, what...
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Blister machine KBS-C medplus receives German Innovations Award 2021
Last year, special machine manufacturer KOCH Pac-Systeme in Germany, expanded its machine portfolio in the medical technology industry, with the blister machine KBS-C medplus. The machine has now been...
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Medten USA Inc. Opens Irvine, CA warehouse
For Immediate Release 10/27/2021 Medten USA Inc. 949-932-0386 Medten USA Inc. opens Irvine, CA warehouse New company opens warehouse with biomedical repair parts ready to ship.
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"Regulatory-Software/Software-Regulatory": Metecon-DigiLab interprets for RA digitization
Metecon's new DigiLab brings medical device manufacturers and RA software providers together: DigiLab translates manufacturers' regulatory requirements into vendors' technical solutions. Since 2019,...
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Bulbitech closes € 2 million grant with Norwegian Research Council
Bulbitech announces it has been granted 20.2 MNOK from the Norwegian Research Council for the further validation, commercialization and development of its technology. Funds will be used in a project...
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SYnAbs ink strategic agreement on epigenetics
SYnabs and Belgian Volition SRL are proud to announce the signature of a strategic collaborative agreement. As part of this ambitious 28-months project supported with funding from the Walloon Region,...
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Siemens Healthineers Honors Zollner with the Supplier Award
The renowned provider of medical technology awards Zollner Elektronik AG for its competitiveness and excellent collaboration. Dr. Stefan Vogeler, Head of Procurement at Siemens Healthineers Medical...
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Shell-Case and corpuls celebrate more than a decade of partnership
November 12, 2021, Düsseldorf, Germany Shell-Case Ltd, the leading global designer and manufacturer of unique, tailor-made professional carrying solutions for medical devices, is excited to continue...
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SCIENION and Pictor Limited collaborate on the commercialization of a high-throughput SARS-CoV-2 antibody testing system to support the ongoing fight against the pandemic
Under the partnership, SCIENION's CL2 sciREADER system will be integrated with the PictArray SARS-CoV-2 Serology Test, which will soon begin clinical testing for FDA EUA market clearance BERLIN,...
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For WILD, working under ultra-clean conditions is a wide-ranging activity. Because, as current examples prove, the technology partner has mastered the art of adapting precisely to the task at hand...
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MeKo is now called MeKo Manufacturing
Expert for laser material processing celebrates the 30th company anniversary  Dr. Clemens Meyer-Kobbe founded his laser-cutting company in 1991. This year, MeKo has its 30th company anniversary.
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More flexibility, an improved ability to focus on their own core business and the integration of complementary competencies are the decisive arguments why customers outsource their production...
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Bittium Expands Its Minority Holdings in Remote Cardiology Service Companies in Europe
Bittium to purchase a 25 percent stake in a British company Technomed Limited Oulu, Finland, September 1, 2021 – Bittium Biosignals Ltd, a subsidiary of Bittium Corporation, and British ECG...
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90 years of STÜKEN - 90 years of technology leadership and innovation
Deep drawing specialist STÜKEN celebrates 90th anniversary In 1931 Hubert Stüken founded the family business. Today, the world market leader employs 1250 people at five locations in Europe, Asia and...
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Velentium Ranks No. 1424 on the Inc. 5000 With Three-Year Revenue Growth of 333% Percent
Inc. Magazine Reveals Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—the Inc. 5000 HOUSTON, August 18, 2021 – Inc. magazine today revealed that Velentium – a professional engineering...
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Dan Purvis & Tim Carroll Are Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2021 Gulf Coast Area Winners
HOUSTON, August 6, 2021 – Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) today announced that Velentium Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dan Purvis, and President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), Tim Carroll, were...
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