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Overview on the leading international market place for the medical suppliers' industry and product development.

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New measure of insulin-making cells could gauge diabetes progression
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a new measurement for the volume and activity of beta cells, the source of the sugar-regulating hormone insulin.
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Test uses nanotechnology to quickly diagnose Zika virus
Washington University in St. Louis researchers have developed a test that quickly detects the presence of Zika virus in blood.
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Killing bacteria by hacking plastics with silver and electricity
Researchers at the Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center at Karolinska Institutet have developed an innovative way of hacking conducting plastics so as to prevent bacterial growth using silver nanoparticles and a small electrical current. The method, which could prove to be useful in preventing bacterial infections in hospitals, is presented in the scientific journal Advanced Healthcare Materials.
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Early diagnostic imaging to prevent kidney disease
Osaka University researchers, in collaboration with several Japanese companies, translate neuroimaging tools to study renal fibrosis in rat kidney. The technique is expected to replace the invasive biopsies currently used to identify patients at risk of developing chronic kidney disease.
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Electrical grounding technique may improve health outcomes of NICU babies
A technique called "electrical grounding" may moderate preterm infants' electromagnetic exposure in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and improve their health outcomes, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers.
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Cognitive hearing aid filters out the noise
Columbia Engineers make major advance in helping the hearing impaired follow a conversation in a noisy environment: new method brings cognitive hearing aids a step closer to reality.
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Researchers working on blood test to detect brain metastases while still treatable
Houston Methodist cancer researchers are now closer to creating a blood test that can identify breast cancer patients who are at increased risk for developing brain metastasis, and also monitor disease progression and response to therapy in real time.
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Bioprinted veins reveal new drug diffusion details
Artificially constructed human tissues and organs have been developed with a number of different purposes in mind, from advanced robotics and novel materials to drug screening. The precision demanded by drug screening applications puts especially large demands on how accurately biomimetic constructs replicate tissue characteristics and behaviors involved in drug absorption.
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Smaller, smarter, softer robotic arm for endoscopic surgery
Flexible endoscopes can snake through narrow passages to treat difficult to reach areas of the body. However, once they arrive at their target, these devices rely on rigid surgical tools to manipulate or remove tissue. These tools offer surgeons reduced dexterity and sensing, limiting the current therapeutic capabilities of the endoscope.
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New 3-D imaging reveals how human cell nucleus organizes DNA and chromatin of its genome
Structure determines function. Revealing the dynamic and structural interactions of DNA in the nucleus has been a critical missing link in genotype to phenotype.
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PhysioTools celebrating 30 years in 2017
Since 1987, PhysioTools has worked with physiotherapists and other professionals to help them achieve better results for their clients. In the beginning, handouts were printed in black and white and...
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Cyber Science 3D and Gale Partner to Create 3D Science Products for the Library Market
CORALVILLE, Iowa, Nov. 18, 2015 — The partnership will pair Gale’s content expertise with Cyber Science’s 2D and 3D interactive capabilities in multiple science subjects. “We have been...
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25 years BYTEC
This year BYTEC Medizintechnik GmbH celebrates her 25-year-old existence. President and CEO Paul W. Coenen: „We cover with the rising demands in the „medicine device world“ and are steadily growing...
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Go-live for the online shop of Dunkermotoren
Go-live for the online shop of Dunkermotoren  As of the beginning of 2016, Dunkermotoren is providing its customers the possibility to order Dunkermotoren products online. With the Dunkershop it...
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Flanders Investment & Trade agency
The Flanders Investment & Trade agency promotes sustainable international business, in the interest of both Flanders-based companies and overseas enterprises. Whatever sector you are involved in,...
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Voxtur Bio set to begin pan India operation by August with new product lineups Laxmi Yadav, Mumbai   Mumbai-based Voxtur Bio Ltd, equipped with world-class production facilities, is all set to...
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Hybrid inks: printed electronics without sintering

Printed electronics play an ever-increasing role, both in medical technology and other sectors: it is a flexible and space-saving solution and can be manufactured in large quantities at low cost. Right now, newly developed hybrid inks simplify the production of printed electronics and open up new applications thanks to their biocompatible properties.
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Active implants: tiny, but big comfort for patients

The trend towards miniaturization is progressing in medical technology. This in turn also means that electronics must be adapted to size relations, for example of implants. Smaller structures and components are in demand as never before. Thus, the demands on the technology and production simultaneously grow.
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